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4 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Bathroom Tiles

Picking the appropriate bathroom tile can be a daunting task. The options for designs, materials, installation methods, and characteristics can be overwhelming. You desire a tile that not only looks visually pleasing but also caters to bathroom specifications and can be effortlessly maintained based on your available time and skills. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you information to consider before choosing bathroom tiles.

The task of selecting the right bathroom tile can be daunting due to the vast array of available bathroom designs. Your choice of tile can play a crucial role, hence before embarking on the search for the ideal tile for your bathroom, take some time to research and identify the type that best suits your needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can then proceed to explore various options and make an informed purchase.

Size of tile

Altering the size of the tiles used in various areas of your bathroom such as the shower or tub area, walls, backsplash, or floor can significantly transform its appearance. Opting for large tiles in a small bathroom can create an illusion of more space, as the fewer grout lines between the tiles make the room appear larger than it is.

For better grip, smaller tiles are typically preferred for shower floors, as the higher number of grout lines ensures better foot traction. However, larger tiles are typically utilized for bathroom flooring to achieve a cohesive look.

The grout lines used in this small tile floor design maximize the surface of your feet to be more textured and good for the health of your feet. When you choose a small white tile, there’s nothing wrong with adding a sleek line pattern that can enhance the final appearance to make it more eye-catching. This line pattern can be applied to the bathtub area used to make it more statement. Small Tile Floor with Line Pattern from @tilepatrolinc

Do you have floor tiles and wall patterns that both have small designs? There’s nothing wrong with applying it to small bathroom decorations too. This is one way you can do to give the illusion of a room that looks wider and more open. Now you can combine the hexagon tile floor with the mini brick mosaic wall which is dominated by neutral white touches. Hexagon Pattern Floor with Mini Brick Mosaic Walls from @ninostileandmarbleinc

To give the illusion that the room looks more spacious and modern, you can use marble walls in your bathroom decoration. Choosing a marble wall makes it easier for you to maintain, because you can clean it using cleaning fluid and a microfiber cloth. The average marble wall has a size that is quite large and of course it is enhanced with a thin grout. Marble Wall Bathroom Decor from @dreamprint_home_remodeling

This large-sized tile wall has the main ingredient granite which will minimize scratches. This wall tile has a neutral color that can be combined with a mosaic tile floor and built-in shelf which makes the room more perfect. The two tiles that are applied simultaneously in this bathroom will work well together. Big Wall Bathroom Design from @superior_remodeling_llc

Tile color

The world of tile is bursting with a vast array of colors and shades. From blues, greens, tans, whites, blacks, and many others, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming as you stroll through the aisles. Once you have decided on a color, narrow down your options by exploring the various shades available within that color palette.

Do you want a dramatic touch in your bathroom decor? If so, then you can start decorating the bathroom by using dark black tiles. This tile comes with a choice of small hexagon patterns so it can add to the texture of the room. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add wood materials to the vanity and walls. Black Matte Hexagone Tile from @kamann_home_living

White tiles are the best choice and never fail to decorate bathrooms and kitchens. Now you can apply it to the bathroom only with a subway pattern that seems simple but very eye-catching. The use of white bathroom tiles is suitable for decorating limited spaces to make it look more open, clean and shiny. Built-in shelves with different tile patterns are ready to be used as a room statement. White Subway Tile Bathroom from @thecrew_mvl

You can try the touch of feminine colors that are applied to the use of bathroom tiles right now. The pink color used is light pink which you can combine with some plain white wall paint so that they work well together in one room. So that it is not too plain, you can also hang a painting on the wall with a fairly large size. Pink Tile Bathroom from @mcmranchgville

The smart way you can do to get a more pleasant bathroom decoration is to use the right tile color. Now you can use colorful tiles that can be applied to dry or wet walls and floors. The use of colorful tiles can be started by using splashes of pink, orange, blue, white and lime green, all of these colors will work well together. Fun Colorful Tile from @atilestudio

Other bathroom tile color choices are those that are dominated by a touch of earth tone color. This bathroom wall tile has a beautiful pattern that is fun and vintage too. The use of patterned tiles is usually used in bathroom decorations in rustic, bohemian or Moroccan style. You can try it for a different look. Earth Tone Color Tile Bathroom from @omniplanjo

The tile pattern on the bathroom floor has a blend of blue and white that blends in perfectly. In this bathroom you can use a vanity with the same color, namely blue. Furthermore, to add a little contrast to different colors, you can use a classic bathtub design with splashes of bright pink. Tropical curtains are additional patterns that bring a natural feel. White and Blue Tile Bathroom from @thenordroom

Your bathroom decoration will look more fun when you use the right interior decoration. For example, you can use patterned and colored tiles in the shower room. For the shower design itself, you can choose it with a splash of rainbow colors which will produce a more pleasant touch of color to the room. Blue Tile with a Touch of Rainbow Color from @theelectricpenguin

Grout color and thickness

Once you have chosen the color of your bathroom tile, it is equally crucial to determine the color of the grout lines. Opting for a dark grout line between the tiles can highlight the pattern or color variations of the tile, while a thin white or lighter colored grout line between closely spaced tiles can blend seamlessly into the background.

The white subway tile walls combined with this deep black grout will look bolder and ready to be used as a room statement. Different color grout makes the perfect nook shower accent. Because in this shower room there are two tiles with different colors and types, so you can use different grout colors too. You can try it right now beautifully. Wall Nat in Two Different Colors from @msteinwebster

To bring a dramatic impression to your bathroom decoration, try using wall tiles and grout with a touch of deep black. The selection of tile and grout walls is a smart idea that can instantly present a monochromatic theme. In the same room you can combine it with the use of a plain white bathtub and vanity, green plants are an additional natural color that you can apply. Dramatic Color Wall Nat from @number____seven

Brown and white are a color combination that is quite contrasting and you can try it on the bathroom wall decor. For example, when you have used brown wall tiles, you can use white grout. These two colors are suitable for modern or contemporary bathroom themes. This tile wall can be maintained regularly to keep the surface clean and shiny. White Grout for Brown Wall Tile from @thebathroomdoctor

Black and white which is combined on the bathroom floor area can be applied to the use of floor tiles and the color of the grout used. This black matte herringbone tile floor is combined with white grout which makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Black and White Floor Area from @homesbyjuli


Decide whether you prefer a traditional and classic appearance or a more contemporary and bold look. White tiles are classic and never go out of style, while iridescent glass or brightly colored tiles add a touch of pizzazz and make a statement when you enter the bathroom.

Apart from adding various color injections, the use of terrazzo tiles in the wet bathroom area can also present an instant modern style. The use of this terrazzo tie will look more dramatic when you combine it with a touch of gold and a deep black wall paint color. Look at the use of an oval mirror with a fairly large size, can’t it be used as a room statement. Modern Terrazzo Tile Shower Room from

Contemporary, modern and luxurious can be obtained simultaneously when you dominate the bathroom with marble tile material which has a touch of neutral color. The use of this marble material can be applied to the use of bathroom walls which can be perfected with a hanging mirror and some touches of gold on the use of faucets and wall sconces which are the main lighting in this room. Marble Tile Bathroom Decor from @bathroom_decor

Look at the use of green subway tiles in this bathroom decoration, doesn’t it look simple and able to bring vintage vibes? If you want to present a vintage theme, then you can choose it in emerald green, then combine it with a layer of wallpaper that has the same color tone so that it can blend in the same room. For the wallpaper pattern, you can choose a blooming flower pattern. Vintage Style Tile Bathroom from @vintagebathroomlove

Take a look at this fish scale tile design with a bluish green color, doesn’t it look attractive? Now you can apply it to just some of the bathroom walls, and some of the other walls can be painted white as a color neutralizer for the room. An LED mirror can be hung on the wall as an accessory to check your appearance before leaving the bathroom area. Coastal Vibes Tile from @mediana_interiors

This classic modern bathroom decoration that is applied to the use of pastel colored tiles is a smart idea that you can try. Try to choose a tile design with splashes of pastel colors that add to the bathroom’s ambiance and feel calmer and don’t feature bold colors. The use of this tile can be applied to the backsplash and countertop vanity used. Classic Style Tile Bathroom from @u_nas_na_gorce

While shopping for tiles to revamp your bathroom, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the multitude of choices and prices. Stay focused and search for a tile that aligns with your taste, budget, complements the overall design of your home, and achieves the desired look for your bathroom. Consider asking yourself a few questions to aid in the decision-making process:

  • What Does the Rest of Your Home Look Like?

It is essential to consider the style and color palette of the rest of your home when selecting tiles for your bathroom renovation. To avoid a jarring contrast, aim to maintain a consistent style and tone throughout your home. Unless you plan to update your home’s style to align with your new bathroom design, stick with the same style as your home to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look. This approach can also enhance the resale value of your home if you choose to sell in the future.

  • How Long Do You Plan to Stay Where You Are?

Replacing tiles in a bathroom can be a costly undertaking. Consider the duration of your stay in the house as a deciding factor in how much you are willing to invest in upgrading the space. If you plan on living there for a short period, you may be less inclined to spend a significant amount on the renovation, whereas if you plan on long-term residency, you may be more willing to allocate a higher budget for the project.

Bathroom tiles are widely available from various retailers such as home improvement stores, tile manufacturers, flooring specialty stores, and online vendors. Selecting tiles is a personal choice, and it is beneficial to see the quality, color, and materials in person. Matching tiles with other bathroom features is also essential. Visiting showrooms can provide you with design ideas, and it’s a great opportunity to speak with a design specialist to ensure you make the best choice.

As you shop around, don’t forget to ask questions and compare prices from various stores and online retailers. Choosing the right bathroom tile can be a long-lasting investment that will provide years of enjoyment.

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