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Modern Meets Rustic: Tips for Achieving a Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern farmhouse style interiors are a highly sought-after home décor trend that draws inspiration from the simple and rustic country getaways of our rural daydreams. This trend reflects a yearning for a slower and more straightforward time. In the middle of looking for inspiration for your bathroom? Or decided to remodel it? Go for a modern farmhouse style!

Decorating a bathroom in farmhouse style can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that evokes a sense of simplicity and nostalgia. With its emphasis on natural materials, neutral colors, and vintage accents, a modern farmhouse bathroom can provide a relaxing and cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally, farmhouse style is a popular and enduring trend in home décor, so incorporating this style into a bathroom can increase its aesthetic appeal and potentially add value to a home. Overall, decorating a bathroom in farmhouse style can transform an ordinary space into a charming and stylish oasis. Still confuse on what to do? Here are some tips to achieve a modern farmhouse bathroom:

Use a neutral color palette

Stick to neutral colors like white, cream, beige, and gray to achieve the modern farmhouse look. These colors create a clean and fresh backdrop that can be accented with natural wood and metal finishes.

Farmhouse decoration cannot be separated from the use of earth tone colors, cream is one of the right color choices to apply to your bedroom. This color looks calm, warm and can be combined with other interior uses around it more easily. For example, you can combine it with a white bathtub and brown wooden floors. Cream Tone Color from @ourhomeonmanorlane

White is a go-to color and never fails for any stylish bathroom decor. Currently you can apply this color to the use of a farmhouse theme for an elegant appearance and of course make the room look more spacious and open. To emphasize the farmhouse theme in this room, you can use natural wood floors and add small green plants in the countertop area. White Themed Color from @emilyvdesrochers

Add natural wood accents

Incorporate natural wood finishes in your vanity, shelves, and mirror frames to add warmth and texture to the bathroom. Look for reclaimed or distressed wood to achieve a more rustic look. The use of natural materials in the bathroom can evoke a sense of connection to nature and the outdoors, providing a calming and refreshing feeling.

The shabby chic wood material that is applied to the design of this bathroom wall has a white color that is suitable when applied to a farmhouse style room. In the same room you can use tiles that have a farmhouse pattern as well to be applied to dry floor areas. Finish off the bathroom decor with a pampas grass arrangement for a natural touch. Shabby Chic Wood Wall Bathroom from @my_shabby_farmhaus

Shiplap wood is one of the hallmarks of the farmhouse theme throughout the year. Now you can try it in the bathroom decoration section which is dominated by white nuances. This shiplap wood material can be applied to the use of a portion of the bathroom wall which is arranged vertically so that it looks tidier and attracts attention. Wood Shiplap Wall Design from @_littlebitofgrace_

Incorporate natural elements into the decor of the farmhouse bathroom, as this is a special feature that will never fail. Now you can try using a textured reclaimed wood mirror frame without re-paint so it looks natural and environmentally friendly. A bath sign frame is also made of wood and can be hung right next to your mirror. Reclaimed Wood Frame Mirror from @iriska_home_

Mix modern and vintage elements

By blending modern and vintage elements, a unique and eclectic aesthetic can be achieved that adds character and charm to the bathroom. You can start by mixing modern elements like sleek faucets and geometric light fixtures with vintage elements like a clawfoot tub or an antique mirror to create an eclectic modern farmhouse style.

Check out the combination of clawfoot bathtubs with the use of this shiny looking stainless steel faucet. Wouldn’t it be the perfect design for a modern farmhouse look? Even though this bathtub design seems vintage, you can make improvements by repainting it so that it has a more shiny and clean surface. Clawfoot Bathtub with Stainless Steel Faucet from @613farmhouse

When you are going to mix modern and vintage themes in the same room, you can use contrasting interiors as well. For example, when you have used an antique carved mirror frame with a touch of gold, the wooden vanity can be repainted in a bright blue color for a modern look that you can do yourself to save more on your budget. Antique Frame Mirror with Repaint Vanity from @decorsteals

Use subway tile

Subway tile is a classic element that works well in modern farmhouse bathrooms. It’s simple and timeless and can be paired with various finishes and textures. Additionally, subway tiles are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for a bathroom.

Subway tile material can also be applied to your bathroom decoration. Now try to apply it to the shower room wall which can be perfected with layers of wood walls in the area around the bathtub you are using. These two materials look contrasting but can blend perfectly in the same room. Subway Tile Shower Room Decor from @modernfarmfam

There’s nothing wrong with using subway tile ceramic materials in modern farmhouse decorations. You can choose it with a splash of white only to match the theme used. The use of wall tiles is low maintenance, so it is highly recommended to try, ending the bathroom decoration with farmhouse floor tiles which are dominated by a combination of black and white. Ceramic Subway Tile Bathroom Decor from @flipping_sykesville

Choose matte black finishes

Choosing matte black finishes is a trendy and stylish way to add a modern touch to a farmhouse bathroom. Matte black finishes on faucets, showerheads, and hardware provide a striking contrast to light-colored walls, creating a bold and dramatic effect. These finishes are also versatile and can be paired with various textures and materials, such as natural wood or concrete, to create a modern farmhouse look.

Black nestled in this bathroom farmhouse decor can never fail. Just apply black to the use of faucets in the sink area, wooden vanity and a plant vase that is repainted in this dark color. You can try other interior nuances with a touch of bright colors such as light gray and plain white paint. Black Matte Vanity Ideas from @rusty_7s

Black and white is a color combination that you will never fail to try in the farmhouse bathroom. Just apply this color evenly to the interior that is used. For example, you can paint some of the shiplap walls in solid black and some of the other walls in plain white paint. Small snake plant is an additional color that you can try. Black Color Faucet and Shiplap Wall Design from @sweetwaterdecor

No need to worry when you have a bathroom decoration with limited space. Because now you can use floating shelves as an open storage area. When using a farmhouse style touch, you can use floating shelves with the main ingredient being wood and can be applied vertically. Vertical Shaped Floating Shelves from @designdazzle

Opt for open shelving

Open shelving adds a casual and functional element to a modern farmhouse bathroom. It’s a great place to display decorative items like plants, baskets, and towels. The open nature of the shelves also creates a sense of airiness and openness in the bathroom, making it feel more spacious and inviting.

But there’s nothing wrong with including glass material in the farmhouse decoration in the bathroom area. Try to use glass material that is thick enough so that it does not break easily when used for a long time. Now you can apply it to the subway wall tiles in the shower room area. Thick Transparent Glass Shelf from

Wood and rope are a combination of materials that you can try on the floating shelf in your bathroom. This shelf has several sections that can be used entirely to hold some clean towels and pretty ornaments like greenery. You can make it easily and make it yourself more on budget. Combination of Rope with Wood Shelves from @myessentialhome23

Incorporate natural elements

By incorporating natural elements, a farmhouse bathroom can provide a peaceful and refreshing escape from the stress of everyday life. Bring in natural elements like plants, woven baskets, and stone or wood accents to add a cozy and organic feel to the bathroom.

Basin sink with the main ingredient of this stone adds a natural touch to your farmhouse bathroom decor. Use more than one basin sink so that it can be used as a new focal point. The use of wood materials around it is an additional natural touch that you can apply right now. Natural Stone Basin Sink from @improboudoir

There’s nothing wrong with adding indoor green plants in your farmhouse bathroom decoration. It will be a natural decoration that can be had in the backyard garden without having to buy it. Now you can use this green plant pot made of woven rattan to reinforce the simple farmhouse theme. Indoor Greenery Decor from @sweetwaterdecor

There are many benefits that you can get from using woven baskets in your farmhouse bathroom decoration. One of them is to match the theme or style that is applied. Just put this basket right next to the vanity that you use to store all the dirty clothes or pile up the clean towels that will be used. Storage Woven Basket from @bellaviadesign

Use industrial-style lighting

Industrial-style lighting, like exposed bulb pendants or metal sconces, can add a rustic and modern touch to a farmhouse bathroom.

Wall sconces that are hung on this part of the wall are the main lighting for the bathroom in the vanity area. Just hang these lighting sconces symmetrically on both sides of the layered mirror placement that completes your vanity so you can check your appearance before leaving the bathroom. Use metal scones with a splash of jet black only. Wall Sconces Lighting from @simply2moms

When you need lighting in a farmhouse bathroom decoration, this metal pendant light which is arranged into three parts can be applied to your vanity area. Choose and use only white lighting to support your bathroom area so that it can be used optimally at night. Industrial Pendant Lighting from @parkandninth

Remember, achieving a modern farmhouse bathroom is all about mixing old and new elements, incorporating natural materials, and creating a warm and inviting space. Now take a look at these modern farmhouse inspired ideas for adding some rustic allure to your personal space for daily grooming and self-care below.






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