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Reclaimed Wood Products: The Ability to Support the Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home

Considering the material quality and the capability to be made into varied products, wood material has become the most popular one to be used for many decoration products. It is true that wood is a sustainable material but it won’t be good if we keep taking it from nature. To deal with this problem, the solution is to use the reclaimed wood to be made into varied decoration products. With this, we can minimize the environmental harm and give our role to save the planet. To master reclaimed wood and to know the possible reclaimed wood products, let’s talk about it more below.

The Basic Understanding of Reclaimed Wood

Basically, reclaimed wood is using the wood (timber) that has been used for a certain function previously. The wood that can’t give its previous function but is still in good condition related to the material should not be thrown away and juggled into a new product with a new function. The reclaimed wood mostly comes from old structures which can be old industrial buildings, farm structures, wooden ship decking, and even from old furniture. Reusing the old wood is such a great one as you can do a sustainable practice. You should also notice that the old timber that is still in good condition after such a long time means that it has the best wood quality it will be a shame to throw it away. The conclusion is, that there is no reason not to do the reclaimed wood project!

The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

We won’t recommend you to use the reclaimed wood when it is not that great. Here are the benefits of reclaimed wood that will be beneficial for you and for the environment.

  1. Giving a character to any of your room decoration
  2. Getting the history of reclaimed wood where each timber has its own previous story from the texture, marks, and imperfection that bring us to the past life where the product ever be.
  3. Way much stronger and denser than wood from new trees today since it is cut from older wood.
  4. Way more resilient as it has already acclimated over centuries.
  5. Environmentally-friendly.

The Steps of Making Reclaimed Wood

1. Checking the Material Quality

You should make sure that the timber is in good condition and strong enough to be made into something new. It is okay if there are some flaws such as marks or unexpected texture but just make sure that it still has its strength.

2. Removing the Paint and Metal Attached 

What is meant by metal here are the nails, screws, and bolts that are often found in reclaimed wood especially if it comes from construction wood. Then, removing the paint will help you to check the quality of the wood.

3. Removing Moisture

This one is important so that you can stabilize the wood from cracking or warping. It will also help you remove any fungi or insects that hide in the wood.

4. Milling

It is the step to prepare the wood to be made into something new. The milling process will provide stripped-cut wood to remove roughly cut edges. Also, it will help you to get a standard wood thickness and length.

Possible Reclaimed Wood Products

It is clear that the reclaimed is such an interesting one to have to complete your home decoration. It is great how you can give your role to save the planet but also get the benefits of it. Now, you should see the following product references that come from the reclaimed wood.

The different wood colors used in this TV rack bring a certain beauty that looks really natural. You can use it for many functions where you can put your TV and some other items such as books, vases, candles, etc. TV Rack from

This sofa frame brings a farmhouse impression but gets a modern touch from the sofa pad. Such an incredible combination! Sofa Frame from

Such a simple but functional book rack you can have. The function of this rack will be varied as you can use it to put your collections, greenery, or even ornament. Book Rack from

This dining table is built in one set with two benches. There is metal material added to frame the wood for strength and aesthetic reasons. Dining Table Set from

The best bed frame ever! You can see how the illuminated light installed under the bed can give you such proper lighting without being dazzled by the light. Bed Frame from

Simple but functional is the impression of this product. You can have it to put your stuff and function it well with the sink. to make it more durable, you can burnish the wood. Vanity with Sink from

The bench has collaborated with the built-in planter on both sides to make look fresh. This trick also lets you give an environmentally-friendly decoration by providing greenery to filter the air. Bench from @tips.woodworking

The illuminating light added to the wood makes it pretty for your decoration needs but also functional for your lighting needs. Wall Lighted Ornament from @tips.woodworking


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