The Ins and Outs of Contemporary Farmhouse Design

With its charming and cozy appeal, the modern farmhouse aesthetic continues to be a popular choice that shows no signs of fading away. This style provides comfort and is increasingly embraced by people. The trend emerged as a counterpoint to the minimalist movement that gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. By incorporating contemporary elements into traditional design, modern farmhouse allows individuals to surround themselves with décor that evokes a sense of familiarity and warmth. To achieve the modern farmhouse look, here’s what you should keep in mind.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse aesthetic creates a sense of coziness and comfort. It embraces tradition while remaining unpretentious and classic without feeling like a museum exhibit. Instead, it encourages a relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to kick back and unwind.

Compared to the traditional farmhouse style that features vintage décor and traditional fabrics, modern farmhouse design incorporates more contemporary elements like a subdued color palette and sleek lines. It’s characterized by a blend of comfortable furnishings and salvaged materials like reclaimed wood.

Antique pieces are also welcome in modern farmhouse interiors, but they should be durable enough to be handled. Everything in this style should be tactile and have a tangible quality. Above all, modern farmhouse emphasizes a comfortable ambiance that is not cluttered.

Common Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style

Incorporated into every modern farmhouse residence are varying combinations of the following décor features:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Barn board accents
  • Spacious and cozy furniture
  • Architectural remnants
  • Pine furniture
  • Wrought iron embellishments
  • Wide plank flooring
  • Antique adornments

How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

To achieve the modern farmhouse style, the focus is on creating a comfortable atmosphere both inside and outside the home. Furniture should be inviting, and nothing should appear too fragile or delicate. This décor style aims to create a warm, welcoming environment that inspires a sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

Begin by selecting a color palette of warm or cool neutrals, such as cream, beige, silver, sage, or gray, and incorporate natural wood tones wherever possible. Look for salvaged woods that feature some wear and tear, such as scratches, knots, and nicks, as these imperfections add authenticity to the look. You can introduce accent colors that you love, but keeping the overall color scheme light and neutral is recommended. Contrasting black elements can provide a touch of edginess to the décor.

Avoid using flashy colors in farmhouse kitchen decorations to present a room that looks more neutral and natural, white is one of the best color choices that you can apply to your current kitchen decor. Save modern style wooden dining chairs and hardwood floors that blend effortlessly and perfectly. White Color Scheme Kitchen from

White with gray is the perfect color combination when decorating a modern farmhouse style room. You can try tuba gray on one of the walls of a modern farmhouse bedroom to create an interesting look and a different design. Dark Gray Color Scheme from @mohawk_home

The white color in this modern farmhouse dining room gives the impression of a spacious and warm room. Wood elements on the floor and this modern upholstered dining table and chairs add a touch of edginess to the decor. White Dining Room from @celadonart

This modern farmhouse living room features a white color scheme that will make your entire home look clean and warm. This touch of soft gray will also give the room a soft, warm design. Modern Farmhouse Living Room from @zbhomecompany

The next color choice that you can apply to a modern all-white farmhouse kitchen which has a softer color impression and of course is very suitable when combined with wood accents on the floor and dining chairs. To add another color to the farmhouse kitchen decor, place a small green plant placed near a glass window so that it can grow and develop properly and fertile. All White Modern Farmhouse from @abiinteriors_uk

Create visual interest and depth by using a variety of textures, mixing woods and metals, and combining fabrics like cotton, canvas, wool, and chenille. The neutral color scheme in modern farmhouse décor means that a mix of textures is needed to prevent the space from appearing flat. In a living room, for instance, you can add texture with upholstered furniture, pillows, curtains, and wall art made of wood or metal.

This metal accented console table adds visual flair to your entire home. Adding some cushions and this wood-framed wall art offers the perfect look for you to try. Metal Console Table from @rachaeltennelle

Wood beams on the ceiling and hardwood floors complete the modern farmhouse look of your living room. This sofa, which is equipped with several pillows, will also add comfort and texture to the whole room. Wooden Beam Accent from @homziedesigns

So that the modern famrhouse living room doesn’t look flat, you can add some pillows on the sofa which will provide extra comfort and warmth. Wooden floors and a white color scheme on the walls will also offer a spacious and warm room design. Add Pillow from @acornhillhome

The touches of metal and wood in this modern living room design add visual interest and depth. Apart from that, completing the look of the sofa with some pillows will also add extra texture and coziness to the whole room. Wooden and Metal Accent from @homziedesigns

The metal accents on this side table are able to add texture to your modern farmhouse design. The wooden floor combined with the white color scheme on the walls can make this living room decoration warmer and more spacious. Metal Side Table from @home_and_huffman

Introduce mixed metals through light fixtures, hardware, and architectural details such as railings. It’s best to limit the use of metals to three per room, with complementary metals on your appliances, cabinet hardware, and lighting in the kitchen.

Adding metallic accents to the metal lighting and chairs provides an interesting mix for you to try. Having this yellow lighting will also give a dramatic impression to your entire home. Metal Chandelier and Metal Chair from @yankeebarnhomes

Introducing mixed metal accents in this chandelier. These metal cabinet doors will also create a sophisticated space and provide architectural design to the rest of the house. Metal Pendant Light from @moderntwigla

Three pendant lights applied right above the kitchen island create a sophisticated look to your modern farmhouse kitchen design. This white color scheme and wood accents will also give the design a warm and spacious room. Metal Lighting from @horizoncustombuilders

This kitchen set with metal accents provides an architectural detail for this modern farmhouse kitchen. This black rattan pendant lamp will also create a contrasting look to the white color scheme in this kitchen. Metal Dining Chair from @mydiycasa

Use organic materials such as wood, stone, wicker, rattan, and sisal to maintain a connection with the outdoors. While wood floors and architectural details are best, other natural materials can also be incorporated where it makes sense.

This wooden accent on the ceiling is able to give a natural impression to all the rooms in this modern famrhouse. Meanwhile, wooden floors will also add a warm touch at night. Wooden Beam from @hayes.smith.haven

You can apply a brick wall painted white to produce an attractive home decoration with a natural touch. Combined with this white cabinet, it will also make a contrasting appearance to your modern farmhouse kitchen. White Brick Wall from @613farmhouse

This rattan vase adds an eye-catching look to your modern farmhouse kitchen counter. It has a natural touch and will give the best architectural details in decorating your modern farmhouse. Rattan Vases from @thosefarmhouseideas

The touch of natural materials in the form of brick floors is able to give a different look. Combine with wood accents on this bench and railling. Brick Floor from @thosehomeideas

The wood accents on the cabinets and cooker hood offer a natural feel to the whole room. It gives a natural touch to the modern farmhouse kitchen. This black rattan pendant lamp will also complement your home decor. Wooden Cabinet from @blackbirchhomes

In this farmhouse bathroom, you can use a white wooden pallet placed on the bathroom wall for a natural and stylish look. This sleek piece of furniture will also give you a great look for you to try on. White Wooden Bathroom from @habitationsconceptdub

This rattan chair applied to the kitchen island adds a natural touch to your home. Apart from this rattan chair, you can also combine it with wood accents on the cabinets and floors to balance the look of your family home. Rattan Dining Chair from @vivirdesign

Accessories play a crucial role, but it’s essential not to overdo it by trying to fit in too many. A few well-placed accessories that are given room to breathe are all you need to complete the look of a modern farmhouse interior and exterior.

This wall decoration in the form of signs and wreaths will add an attractive appearance to your modern farmhouse entryway. These accessories complete the look and can be the center of attention of many people. Accesories Wall from @chelsealizgreer

You can add accessories on top of your kitchen island with greenery in a vase which will be the perfect centerpiece. This design will complete the look of a modern farmhouse interior. Geenery Countertop from @alloftheabovebyem

The mirror accent placed on top of this mantle will make your living room look interesting. Apart from mirrors, you can add framed paintings to produce a beautiful and charming room design. Mirror Accent from @thefarmhouseinterior

You can add some accessories to your modern farmhouse design. Like the picture above, you can add rattan ribbons that are placed next to the sofa, which will complete the look of your interior. Rattan Chest from @the.old.barn

Green plants planted in large pots can provide an attractive appearance for you to try on your modern home exterior decoration. Placed on the right and left of the entrance and attached with wall lights, these lanterns can complete the look. Large Greenery from @gra.designstudio/

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