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Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Shabby Chic Furniture in Every Room

The vintage and romantic vibe of Shabby Chic style is gaining popularity among interior designers and young couples who are buying a house. The term ‘shabby’ refers to a look that is elegantly unkempt, with a focus on reviving forgotten objects and furniture pieces from the past. Shabby Chic is an interior design style that embraces the aged and worn-out look, where the more cracks and imperfections, the better it represents the soul of this style. Let’s now explore how to align each room of your home with the principles of the shabby chic style.


The key to achieving a perfect shabby chic bedroom lies in using carefully selected ingredients that range from vintage flavors to a healthy dose of romance. One of the essential elements of this style is its romantic aesthetic, reflected in interior design through ornate accessories featuring inlays, perforations, and deco profiles, as well as thematic elements like dreamy floral prints on wallpapers, curtains, or linens inspired by the Provencal style. Another must-have for a shabby chic bedroom is vintage or vintage-inspired furniture, ranging from authentic antique pieces to modern furniture with a retro look. The shabby chic style emphasizes the charm of the past, with a preference for imperfections that make old-style furniture unique.

To bring a shabby chic theme to your bedroom decor, start by using a table lamp with a spindle stand design that looks vintage and classic. This table lamp stand can be placed above the use of a nightstand so that it can be seen more clearly and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. It’s not enough to stop here, blooming flower arrangements are also an addition to natural colors that can be done easily. Get these blooms in the backyard garden area. Spindle Stand Table Lamp from @phillipsandcheers

Look at the use of wallpaper in this bedroom decor, doesn’t it look shabby chic and ready to be made as the focal point of the room? Yes, it’s not just wallpaper with floral patterns, but now you can also use striped patterns with customizable color choices. Just end this room with the use of a headboard design which is enhanced by the presence of a beautiful and elegant carved texture, this carving can add texture to the room instantly. Repaint if necessary. Shabby Chic Striped Wallpaper from @martina.borgia

White is one of the favorite color choices that can be used to decorate a shabby chic bedroom. This color can be applied to the wall paint and furniture used. Just combine this color with several vases of blooming flowers that can be placed at several different points so that they can be used as a natural addition to the color of the room. The white color theme can never fail to be used all year round. White Scheme Color Bedroom from @victoire38180

Living Room

When it comes to furnishing the living room in a shabby chic style, it’s recommended to use recycled wood for tables, sideboards, and shelves. Vintage furniture is ideal, regardless of its coloring, although natural wood is acceptable, white or a worn effect are more preferred. For the sofa, classic lines and white or floral upholstery are recommended. The primary color for a shabby chic living room is white, followed by pastel shades ranging from ivory, beige, pink, and gray. Combining different color variations is possible as long as the colors are natural, soft, and relaxing. In essence, it’s best to focus on simplicity with only a few pieces of furniture having a great visual impact. Bleached oak or light wood furniture is recommended, and it’s crucial to choose relaxing colors.

Interiors and furniture with pastel color choices are also one of the best ideas to apply to shabby chic living room decorations. The color combination that can be used is white, pastel blue and pastel pink. Look at the design of this chair with layers of pastel pink striped fabric, doesn’t it look vintage? Furthermore, for pastel blue, you can try it on a throw blanket and a wooden console table that is used as an additional closed storage. Pastel Touch Color from @elaines_shabbychic_home

Take advantage of the corner of your house as a mini living room decoration that can be perfected with a touch of simple shabby chic style. It doesn’t end here, you can also use a blooming flower pattern that can be applied to the ottoman and a chair which is completed with a faux fur throw blanket. Candle lanterns with a variety of different sizes are additional lighting that can make the room feel warmer throughout the day. Corner Shabby Chic Living Room from @kruszynka223

The floral pattern that is applied to the sofa, tablecloth and some throw pillows is an important part of the shabby chic living room decoration. Complete your coffee table with a vase filled with blooming roses that come in a variety of different pastel colors. Ceramic vases with flower patterns are also additional decorations that can give an instant vintage touch, some of the candles used are additional lighting for a warm room. Floral Themed Living Room from @enjoyeveryday79

Living room furniture which is dominated by plain white is suitable for the theme and style of your home room. For example, this plain white color is applied to the use of furniture. The pink sofa is an interior blend that can be combined well and will work well and optimally. Decorate the coffee table with a handle tray that can be filled with some of your chosen ornaments, arrange them neatly to make them look more attractive. White Paint Furniture Color from @shabby_et_cosy

A sofa used in this shabby chic living room has a striped pattern that has splashes of pink and white. Chairs and coffee tables made of reclaimed wood are additional furniture that you can use to the fullest. Some throw pillows with flower patterns are an additional shabby chic style that can be placed on the sofa in a neat arrangement, choose and use quite a variety and different flower patterns. Shabby Chic Fabric Sofa Lining from @athomewithmelmel


When you furnish your kitchen with Shabby Chic furniture, you’re giving it a charming and authentically rustic feel that exudes warmth and comfort. This style evokes a sense of family and creates a laid-back, vintage atmosphere.

In the Shabby Chic kitchen, white is the preferred color, in all its shades, paired with gentle pastels like gray, beige, light blue, and lavender. The furniture in this style should have visible signs of aging, adding a touch of glamour to its lived-in appearance. Additionally, a hint of country style is embraced, as Shabby Chic is seen as a natural evolution of that aesthetic.

The shabby chic theme in this kitchen decoration is marked by the use of textured sizes and lace fabric which is used as an additional ornament in the use of vases. The white color scheme that dominates this kitchen space is the right color idea that will never fail. Even though it has a simple appearance, this kitchen room can still be used comfortably and you can try it this year. A flower vase that is placed on the countertop surface becomes an additional natural decoration. Insert Carved Accents and Lace Fabric from @shabby_romanticwhitehome

The simple look in this shabby chic kitchen decor is dominated by white tones. You can apply this white color to the use of wall paint and a storage cabinet used. The additional wood material that is applied to the use of countertops and floating shelves adds a warm and inviting atmosphere. Green plants and flowers are additional natural decorations that can be placed at several different points. Simple Look Kitchen Decor from @ma_petite_vie_en_rose


Creating a shabby chic bathroom requires capturing the romantic and relaxing essence of this style, which shares elements with vintage design. However, achieving the perfect result requires a delicate balance of each element, while ensuring consistency with the overall style of the house.

When selecting surfaces and materials for the bathroom, wood is the top choice, preferably in its raw and natural form, with light and elegant tones such as durmast, birch, oak, or whitewashed. Complementing the wood, elements in white ceramic, metal, and wrought iron with a vintage feel can be added to complete the look.

To further enhance the environment, plaster, glass, and natural fibers can be used to add decorative details, accessories, or small complements. By incorporating these elements, a shabby chic bathroom can be transformed into a charming and relaxing space that embodies the unique style of this design aesthetic.

A bathtub with a clawfoot design is the best idea you can try on a shabby chic bathroom decor. A vintage mini chair and cabinet looks shabby and can be combined with floor tiles that have a farmhouse pattern which is quite eye-catching. Take advantage of the part of the wall that is still empty as a floating shelf area that can be used as open storage. Clawfoot Bathtub Design from @rachelbentley1983

This classic mirror frame combined with a carved wooden vanity is an important interior item that you can try to decorate a shabby chic bathroom. Just use a light color tone, like plain white. To add color to this room, you can use patterned tiles that are quite stylish, you can use black and white tones as the best complement that will work well together in the room. Classic Frame Mirror with Engraved Vanity from @rachelbentley1983

The dominance of reclaimed wood material that is applied to the use of this bathroom interior looks simple and more environmentally friendly. This reclaimed wood vanity without any paint finish will save you more on budget. Finish the room with the use of floral wallpaper with a choice of neutral colors that blend easily when you use other furniture around it with any color choice. Reclaimed Wood Domination from @aroundtheblockminis

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