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Steps to Follow in Applying Textured Fabric to the Decoration

These days, the decoration and interior won’t be only about something that pleases the eyes with the visual look but also about something to feel with the sense of touch. The technique to get the sense of touch is by providing something textured where one of the is the use of the textured fabric material. Why fabric? Because it can be applied to many parts of home decoration. It has a high flexibility that makes the fabric proper for furniture material, home accessories, ornament, and even something to layer the wall. Another benefit of using the textured fabric is its ability to create a warm atmosphere in the room especially if you do the layer for this. It is really possible to do that since there are some different kinds of layers available these days. You can combine two or three different kinds of texture to get the impression and feeling that you want. Anyway, related to the benefits of textured fabric to your home decoration, you should be able to apply it in the most proper way so that you can get its maximum performance. Here are the steps that you can follow to apply the textured fabric to your home decoration.

1. Decide the Color scheme to Create Mood

Colors have an important role in creating the mood of a decoration. So, when you are going to start decorating your house including adding textured fabric there, then deciding on the color scheme will always be the first step that you should do. The impressions that the colors can bring will be cozy impressions, warm impressions, inviting, intimate, cheerful, peaceful, and many other color characteristics. Then, what is the relation with the texture? Each color will have its own need in texture. If you want a balanced one, you should be able to choose the right texture for your colored fabric. For example, a standing color won’t need too obtrusive texture, otherwise, the calm pale color will need a more obtrusive pattern.

This one is an example of how the color can bring the mood. Look at this beige color scheme that is applied to some items in the decoration which are the chairs, curtains, and cushions. All that you see is a calming, warm, and inviting room. Beige Color Scheme from @tonya_sparkman_sewn

2. Do the Material Layering

The different fabric materials will be able to create a more unique and textured look to the decoration. So, we recommend you do the material layering. It means that you should make different fabric materials with different kinds of textures to work together in one room or spot. For example, you can use the wool material to be layered with velvet, corduroy, microfiber, etc. With the variations of the materials, you will also get a varied sense of touch which is great.

The wool, furry, and corduroy are brought together in one room to create a dimension from the texture. This decoration is simple but enlivened with the existence of the texture. You can also see that the texture variation is not too much at all because it is balancing each other. Material Layering from @sarahvanrenen


3. Combining the Same Color but in Different Tones

Well, having some different textured fabric in the same room is overserving sometimes. If you are the kind of simple person who loves minimalism, then you can apply different textured fabrics in the same color. Not to make it look boring, you can apply the different tones of a color. This will help you to deal with the overwhelming decoration.

The pink color is the choice for the textured fabric being applied there. You can see that there are pink colors, dark pink, and light pink. The textures are different and the finish fabric type is also not the same. So, even when the color is the same, It still has varied dimensions not to make it boring. Different Tones Fabric Color from @wayfaircanada


4. Do the Pattern Layering

Patterns will be able to add dimension to the decoration. If you want to create a maximalist home decoration, then besides playing with the texture, you can also play with the pattern. Combining two or three different patterns in different textures and colors will be the key to the adorable sophisticated maximalist home. The dimension that gets will also be great.

There are some different patterns applied to this decoration but the theme is the same which is nature. You can see it from the floral pattern, foliage, and even sun pattern provided there. This decoration creates a perfect harmonize in the decoration. Pattern Layering from @decor__utopia


5. Combining the Fabric Finishing

If you look it carefully, you’ll find out that each patterned fabric material has its own finishing style. It can be fuzzy, shiny, matte, rough, or soft. Combining the different fabric finishing will make the decoration looks as if it is completing one to another. It will be a great harmonize deroration that you should have.

The blanket and pillow have a fuzzy finish that will be able to create a warm impression. Then, the velvet bed frame has a shiny finish to create a luxurious impression. For the rug, it has a rough yet soft finish to create warmth and comfort. different Fabric Finishing from @_amanda_west

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