This decoration is not as popular as the others. Even more, there are plenty of people who are afraid to use it for their home decoration. Anyway, it can be said that the maximalist decoration is the biggest and boldest design ever out there. To learn more about this decoration concept, let’s start by knowing about its history.

The History of Maximalist Design

Basically, the maximalist design comes from several centuries ago with the Victorian era style that was really booming at that time. Well, at that time, the decoration did not have its ‘maximalist’ decor yet. The decoration of maximalist design is all about showing off wealth by displaying treasures, luxurious textures, decors, and collections. It is copied by other interior design styles like English cottage and French country where they show off their beloved items in the decoration. The design types are then added with the layering accessories and other decoration aspects.

The Ways Maximalist Design Work Now

These days, the maximalist decor is all about embracing excess. There will be many colors combined, exuberant patterns, and plenty of textural elements. The layering technique will also be used for some parts of the decoration. This decoration will really let you express your characteristics and taste without worrying about being too much because maximalist decoration doesn’t equal mess. In this case, the principle is that ‘more is more’.

The Characteristics of Maximalist Design

Knowing the characteristics of the design is important so that you can master the decoration principle to get an authentic design for your house. Here are the basic characteristics you should know.

1. Reflecting the personality of the person behind the design

Maximalist decoration allows you to apply your expression whatever it is to the decoration. It could be from something you like or your collections. Let’s say that you can display your cup set collection or any other valuable items. If you have many things to show to the decoration that really reflects yourself, then just don’t be in doubt to do it because there is no limitation for this. That is why maximalist design is a really personal style.

The blue and white ceramics collection looks expensive and artistic which will be effective to show the wealth. Collection Display from @thejollytownhouse

2. Layer of Joy

The layer is a must for the maximalist decoration. You can do the layer on the colors, pattern, and even texture. The application can be on the rug, the wall, the bed, just whenever it is. You can create a layer of joy to make it really personal and characterize yourself in the decoration. Just bring your passion and interest while decorating it and make sure that everything you apply there is something that prioritizes your comfort and familiarity more than others.

You can see the layered blanket on the bed that characterizes the maximalist design. The blankets have different patterns and colors. Then, the rug is also layered which surely free you to express your personality. Layering from @colourfulleopard

3 The Use of Bold and Vibrant Colors

These two colors are the way to achieve the maximalist design style. Well, basically the decoration doesn’t have to be colorful but you can surely do it if you want, just without any doubt. The way to make your maximalist design doesn’t look overwhelming with the color mixing is to add dimension and intrigue through textures and natural materials. Let’s say that you can use wood material, metal, leather, velvet, etc. Also, you may find the main color as the scheme although you may use other many colors there. For example, to find a harmonious balance, you can focus on 2-3 colors and then use other colors as additional colors.

This room uses bright yet calm vibrant colors that are neutralized with black as a bold color on one side of the wall. The bold color wall is also being used to be the background for the wall painting. Vibrant and Bold Colors from @overatno18


4. The Use of Patterns

The pattern is a must! It can be applied anywhere from the furniture, interior parts, and even home accessories. There won’t be any limitation for the kinds of patterns which can be floral, geometric, lines, etc. You can apply some different patterns in one room but we recommend you choose the kinds of pattern that can be in harmony and won’t make the decoration look crowded.

This wall is really outstanding with a complete pattern use. It has geometric patterns, lines, figures, floral, and even figures. Adorable! Pattern Combination from @prettypocketprojects


5. Wall Gallery

Remember that maximalist design is all about showing wealth based on the Victorian era where the design begins. Everything about art is valuable and here you can create a wall gallery that can be used to display family portraits, paintings, wall art, and any other possible valuable products.

The wall gallery consists of different paintings and portraits in style and size. The frames that are used also become the point of interest of the wall gallery. Wall Gallery from @peter_kleijnenburg_interior


6. The Existence of Greenery

This is the interesting thing about maximalist design. It won’t be only about luxurious things, layers, patterns, and colors but also greenery. However, the greenery here won’t only be about the small greenery like succulents but the big plant or tree with the possible size to put inside the house. Commonly, the greenery will use valuable pots to add a luxury effect.

The main greenery here is the one that is placed in the corner. It is big enough and can create a stand-out impression. Then, the one on the table is only a complement. Greenery from @weeny_victorian_house_in_ware

Creating an Authentic Maximalist Decoration

After knowing the characteristics of maximalist design, you should know how to bring the characteristics inside your house to get an authentic maximalist home decoration. Here are the ideas.

Showing Your Collection or Favorite Items

The meaning of ‘wealth’ will be different from one to another. Since the maximalist decor is all about showing the wealth then you can start it by showing your collection or favorite items. Just don’t put something that will be valuable for other people because maximalist decor will be about you. Here, I do believe that your collection is something valuable and will become your wealth. So, just simply display your collection! Then, don’t forget your favorite items that will represent your personality to be the character of the maximalist home design.

The Existence of Art Work

It is a must! You can choose your favorite artwork. It can be painting, sculpture, craft, or just anything! Display the artwork on the wall for the wall gallery or put it on the special rack, on the coffee table, on the side table, etc. Choose the perfect spot based on your taste.

Comfortable Furnishing

With all of the things to show, you should remember to prioritize the comfort. Of course, it will be about your own comfort that will be the most important one above any other things. You can choose the furnishing based on your activity, your job, your hobby, and other factors that may affect your activity and the needs of a home.

More is More

The last one is about confidence in applying all of the textures, colors, layers, and patterns. Don’t be in doubt because remember that ‘more is more ‘. You can apply all of the ideas by considering the advice that we have mentioned above. So, are you ready to design your own maximalist home?