Perfect Combinations to Liven Up Your Workspace

Whether you work from home or in an office, your workspace needs to be functional and inspiring. If you find yourself dreading the same four walls day after day, it’s time to revamp your workspace. Personalize your workspace with items that inspire you, like photos of loved ones or inspirational quotes. These objects will help boost your motivation and keep you inspired throughout the day. But other than that, there are other perfect combination to liven up your workspace.

Natural Light. Natural light is a great way to liven up your workspace. It improves productivity, reduces stress levels, and makes the workplace feel more welcoming. Studies have shown that employees who work in offices with natural light tend to sleep better, get more vitamin D (a nutrient that helps maintain healthy bones and immune function), and experience reduced eye fatigue.

Plants. Adding plants to your workspace can have a number of positive effects on your mental health. They can improve air quality and lower fatigue. Moreover, they are also said to improve productivity and moods. In fact, a study has shown that adding plants to a workplace can improve employees’ attention levels and concentration.

Artwork. Adding art to your workspace is an excellent way to spruce up the look and feel of your office. Whether you choose to hang a painting, display a framed quote or add a piece of photography, it’s a great way to bring some creativity into your work space. A piece of art that evokes happiness or joy can help your space feel more welcoming and positive.

Accessories. Choosing the right accessories for your workspace can make a big difference. You can add accessories that reflect your personality can help to liven up your workspace and inspire you throughout the day. From pens and sticky notes to calendars and planners, there are many accessories available in different colors to fit your personal style.

Lighting idea. Lighting plays an important role in ensuring that you can work properly and energized. Poor lighting can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches, while good lighting can promote motivation, concentration, and productivity.

Storage. When planning to decorate your workspace, don’t forget about the storage. It is very useful to make your workspace more organized. You can use any organizer like, a pegboard, shelf, drawer, cabinet and more. An organized workspace look will boost your mood to work.

Below are some pictures and ideas to liven up your workspace.

Scandinavian Attire Workspace

The white nuance combined with the use of natural wood materials gives a touch of Scandinavian style to your workspace. You can place your work space in the attic decoration section to avoid noise pollution which is usually caused by the sound of children or passing vehicles, isn’t this a very smart idea. Scandinavian Attic Workspace from @marinacabero

Dramatic Lighting

When you want a more relaxed and calm atmosphere, you can try using dramatic lighting in your workspace decoration, which is usually used every day. This dramatic lighting can be applied to the bulb string lighting which is hung on an empty wall. Dramatic Lighting Workspace from @tatiana_home_decor

Standing Cubbies Organization

Convenience is obtained when you have a neat and orderly workspace. At this time, you can provide and use a standing cubbies made of wood as an open storage idea that can be used to organize all your important books and files so that they are more organized. Cubbies Organization from @juristaenproceso

Fun Look Wall Decoration

Don’t let the walls of your workspace look empty and boring. Right now you can hang some painting frames and two hanging floating shelves as an area to put some cute ornaments that you have. Green plants are an additional decoration that will bring elements of nature into the room. Fun Look Workspace Decoration from @jayjaysgrid

Nature Vibes Workspace Area

Bring several types of green plants into the room as a natural decoration that you can get easily in the backyard garden area. Place this green plant in several different areas and the amount used can be according to the area of the room you have. Perform routine maintenance by giving it enough fertilizer and water. Indoor Plants Decoration from @hunkerhome

Color Block Wall Paint Ideas

Wall paint affects the overall decoration of your workspace. Now you can combine white wall paint with light brown for a blend that blends perfectly. This color block wall paint is finished off with a tringale painting pattern that you can easily do yourself. Color Block Wall Paint Decoration from @itsorganized

Pegboard Wall Organization

An empty wall can be used as the best storage area that doesn’t take up any floor space at all. Currently you can install and hang a pegboard combined with floating shelves for maximum storage that can be used as a whole properly, also arrange items so that they are neatly arranged. Wall Pegboard Organization from @hunkerhome

Cozy Desk Ideas

The height of the desk can be adjusted according to your comfort when doing tasks. Combine it with a chair with the right height too, choose soft furniture materials to make it safer for your skin. A vase of green plants can be placed on the desk symmetrically for an added natural decoration that you can easily get in the backyard garden. Cozy Desk Ideas from @creativeworkspacesideas

Built-in Desk Storage

The wooden desk, which is equipped with a built-in deviation, is a multi-functional piece of furniture that you can use to the fullest. The wood material used has beautiful fibers that can be used as the focal point of the room, additional green plants and mini ornaments can be placed on this desk in a neat arrangement. Built-in Desk Storage from @workspaceideas

White Themed Workspace Decor

When you have a limited size workspace decoration, you can apply white nuances to the interior. This color can be applied to the wall paint and furniture used, a storage basket made of knitted fabric is a container that you can place under the desk. Neutral Colored Workspace Area from @nest_in_order

Minimalist Workspace Decor

The minimalist style that you apply to the work space certainly provides maximum comfort when in use. The color nuances that are applied can be adjusted to what you like, for example, if you prefer a dramatic touch, then you can try to dominate the room with dark black. Minimalist Workspace Ideas from @inspirationalworkspace

Colorful Corner Desk

Take advantage of the corner of the room in your home as a workspace decoration. A more pleasing final look can be achieved by incorporating various types of greenery and some wall decor paintings in different colors. All the decorations that are placed in this room can work together well and perfectly. Corner Desk with Colorful Decoration from @jicovery

Ergonomic Chair Ideas

Convenience is the main thing that you should apply to the task room decoration section. What you can do here is provide a comfortable sitting area to use all day long and of course be able to support your back so you don’t get tired easily, ergonomic chairs are a sitting area option that you can use right now. Cozy Ergonomic Chair from @creativeworkspacesideas

Natural Skylight with White Nuances

Maintaining the humidity of the work space can be done easily. For example, you can use skylights with transparent glass material which will allow a fair amount of sunlight into the room. The sunlight that enters this room also reduces the presence of pests around it. Natural Skylight with White Shades from @marselaglavina

Use Modern Furniture

When you use modern furniture in decorating your workspace, you minimize the occurrence of overhauls which will cost you a lot of money. Therefore you can choose modern furniture from the start, choose and use only furniture with white shades so that it is easier to combine with other interiors around it. Use Modern Furniture from @marselaglavina

Workspace with Outdoor View

There’s nothing wrong with placing a workspace right in front of your glass window. It will help you to work while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. The use of the right desk and chair ergonomics is the main thing to do, green plants are decorations that you can place around them. Workspace with Outdoor View from @tanamanhiaspalembangcity

Wood Desk with Symmetrical Drawer

The melamine wood desk design which is perfected with symmetrical storage drawers is a furniture idea that you can use in your workspace area. Apart from providing a comfortable workplace, it can also be used for closed storage. This will help the room look tidier, orderly and avoid clutter. Wood Desk with Symmetrical Drawer from @thecreativepad

Multifunction Rack with Hook

Floating shelves that are hung on the empty wall are combined with a hook that can be used simultaneously. Make it with selected wood materials to make it sturdier and not easily porous when used for a long period of time, this open storage makes it easier for you to reach the items you need. Multifunction Rack with Hook from @polinkowyzakatek

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