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7 Tips Bring Feminine Characteristics into Women Bedroom Decoration

There are so many kinds of bedroom decoration styles and the ones that can be perfect for women’s bedrooms are surely endless. It is not only about the look but also about how the decoration can bring the characteristics and taste of the owner. Just because you are a woman, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dark bedroom style or a cute one as if you are a teenager. Apart from that, this time we are going to talk about the feminine characteristics of the woman’s bedroom. It will be the most common one so that you might be familiar with the concept and won’t have any difficulties in copying the style.

For the women’s bedroom decoration, the most common concept that is applied is the romantic and cozy decoration concept. That will represent the feminine characteristic for sure. There will also be some natural elements applied to some items in the room to bring a calm and serene ambiance into the bedroom. To achieve that, you can apply the soft pastel colors. Then, provide the plush fabric material in a soft texture such as velvet. For the finishing, we recommend you to have the sleek and clean ones that will represent women’s characteristics.

As a whole, the main point of the feminine decoration besides all of the colors and detailed stuff we have mentioned above is that you should make sure to make the bedroom has the atmosphere of comfortable, calm, welcoming, and able to reflect the personality of the owner. Here are the tips that we’d love to share with you.


Candles will never fail to bring such a comfortable and serene atmosphere inside the room. That is why we recommend you to have candles inside your bedroom to bring a feminine atmosphere. It will be even better if you have the fragrance candles or the aromatherapy ones. You can even have colors for your candles.

The candles are in pink color which is great for the feminine decoration concept. Then, the candle holders are luxurious with the design to make the decoration style more authentic. Decorative Candles from @mylovleydogs_andme

Luxurious Impression

Women always love something luxurious. It will give a certain satisfying feeling when they can own something luxurious. And, the good thing is that you can present luxurious items in your bedroom decoration. Here is an example.

The luxurious impression comes from the velvet blanket and cushions. The velvet material can always bring a sumptuous atmosphere into the room as it will shine and feel smooth when you touch it. Luxurious Impression from @sacita.interiors

Soft Sweet Color Touch

For feminine room decoration, the soft sweet color is the best choice you can make. You can also have the pastel ones. In this case, the pink color will be the most popular one. The pink color can even be adjusted for the tones. You can have the bright pink color, the pastel pink color, the dark pink color, and many other different tones of pink color. Not only pink, you can also use gold color, red, or purple.

This bedroom has some sweet and luxurious color combinations. There are pink, gold, silver, and dark purple. It can be such a good example of the feminine bedroom decoration. Soft Sweet Color Touch from @interior_designer_hyderabad

Floral Theme

You will never go wrong with a floral theme for the feminine decoration concept. Flowers can always able to create a romantic impression in the room. Besides, it is also pretty and sweet at the same time. You can bring the floral theme to any part of the decoration such as the bedding, blankets, curtain, rug, and just anywhere!

This bedroom decoration is really pretty with a feminine impression. The floral theme is applied to the wallpaper, chair pad, and cushion. Floral Theme from @oomphhome

Pretty Curtain

Using the curtain to bring the feminine character can also be really possible. For this, you can play with the colors and patterns. For pattern, you can have a floral pattern. Then, for colors, you can have soft sweet colors and pastel colors.

Look at how pretty the curtain looks like. It has a white color for the background material then added with the floral pattern. There is also a foliage pattern for the fresh impression. Pretty Curtain from @alexandratolstoy


For women, vanity is really important because they like to spend their time there while looking at themselves in the mirror. So, for the feminine bedroom decoration, make sure to provide a vanity there.

Wow! This vanity design is really luxurious and looks expensive. You can see it from the gold color being used combined with the black color for a really elegant impression. Vanity from @rubyatelier.ra


There is another way to bring a luxurious impression into the room which is by providing the artwork. It is because artwork has a high value that will automatically increase the decoration value. Anyway, artwork can be in the form of anything such as painting, sculpture, knitwork, and more.

It is really adorable to have this kind of big macrame work on the window. You can function it as a curtain and decoration at once. The color choice of the macrame is also adorable. It is soft and sweet. Artwork from @lotem.shtark

Those 7 tips are the things that you can provide to your bedroom. You cab create a feminine women’s bedroom decoration authentically and easily. Trust me that it won’t be difficult. Just simply follow my tips!

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