39 Accent Wall Ideas: Affordable Way To Upgrade Your Wall

An accent wall can add visual interest, define a space, and complement or contrast with the surrounding walls. It can also be used to make a bold statement, create a focal point, and add a pop of color to a room.

Paint it
Painting the wall is one easy way to create an accent wall to the space. All you need to do is choosing the right paint color, depends or your style. Paint it in one, two-tone, or more, as you wish. For a more minimalist vibe, go with neutral one. Or go bold especially if you have a theme in your room that supports it. Or play with pattern. Go with geometric shapes. The trend of painting geometric shapes on walls can be applied to any room.

This elegant bedroom has a navy color on one of the walls of your house. Combined with this white color, it will produce a spacious and airy home appearance.  Navy Paint Wall from @greenribbonconstruction

This living room has two beautiful and adorable colors. Choosing dark pink and pink colors makes a charming room decoration. Two Tone Color Wall from @desenio

The white wall color on the foyer of this house gives a spacious and clean room. Combine with wooden floors for maximum results. White Paint Color from @thesouthernlane

The pink and white colors in this dining room design are able to provide a feminine home decoration. Applying it on one wall has been able to create a perfect design. Pink and White Color from @shapemyspace_bykopal

Add curtain

A curtain accent wall can provide a soft and elegant touch to a room while also serving functional purposes such as light control and privacy. The curtain can be opened or closed to adjust the amount of natural light in the room, and it can be made of a decorative fabric to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

The tall curtains in this living room give the illusion of a tall space and are an attractive wall decoration. Choosing a gray color will also produce a beautiful room decoration.  High to Ceilling Curtain from @britishfirsthome

Sheer curtains all over the walls of this living room manage to give the room a beautiful and stylish look. This curtain is able to produce a comfortable and warm room decoration. Sherr Curtain from @asinteriorsalbury

Adding curtains to one of these walls will be the center of attention for many people. Using high curtains from floor to ceiling can make a perfect decoration. Add Curtain Wall from @salonzavjesagardina

Adding an ombre curtain to this wall produces an attractive home decoration and can be the center of attention. Choosing high curtains from floor to ceiling is able to give a high appearance.  Ombre Curtain from @wallshine_decor


Using wallpaper as an accent wall is a popular option as accent wall. It can add texture, pattern, and color to a room. It can serve as a focal point, create a dramatic backdrop, or complement the overall design scheme of the space. Wallpaper accent walls are also a great way to add visual interest to a room without having to paint all the walls, making it a budget-friendly option for home renovation temporarily.

Butterfly wallpaper in this child’s bedroom is able to give a beautiful appearance and can be the center of attention. Using this pastel color background can give a beautiful appearance. Butterfly Wallpaper from @wallureny

The choice of wallpaper with a tropical pattern will give a fresh and cool impression to your entire home. Choosing a white background can make a bright and bright home decoration. Tropical Wall Decor from @houseofikari

The rainbow wallpaper in this living room gives a cute and adorable look. Choosing to use this type of wallpaper can make your home more attractive and be able to decorate your walls so they are not boring. Rainbow Wallpaper Living Room from @wallency

This leaf wallpaper with pastel colors gives a beautiful and stylish look. Choosing a banana leaf pattern will also make your living room decoration more attractive. You can also add a soft sofa for a comfortable and warm impression. Leaf Wallpaper from @wallpaper3d_decor

This bright wallpaper with a floral pattern manages to be the center of attention in your minimalist kitchen. Pairing it with a navy cabinet with gold handles will also give it a bold look. Bright Flower Wallpaper from @wallpaper3d_decor


Add wood paneling

Adding wooden wall panels to this feminine dining room manages to steal everyone’s eyes. Clashing with white walls will also create a spacious and bright room. Wood Wall Panel Dining Room from @dianasterestudio

The wood panels in this living room are able to provide an attractive appearance for you to try. The picture behind the TV combined with these marble accents will also result in the perfect home decoration. Living Room Wall Panel from @cwwoodcraftusa

Room wall decoration with additional wood accents adds an aesthetic and stylish impression. Combined with concrete walls, it will also give an elegant and eye-catching look. Wood Wall Panel from @vala_decor

Adding a natural touch in the form of wood to this wall panel manages to provide the perfect focal point of the room. The pictures all over the bedroom wall manage to give it an eccentric look. Bedroom Wall Panel from @vala_decor

Use tile

Adding marble tile accents to this fireplace can give a beautiful and luxurious home decoration. You can apply it to your home fireplace for maximum results. Marble Tile Fireplace from @christian_custom_walls

This all-white kitchen is added with brown herringbone tiles which will give it a beautiful and different look. Patterned floors will also add patterns to the kitchen of this house. Herringbone Tile Backsplash from @keramosindia

This moroccan pattern tile accent wall manages to give it a beautiful and inviting look. This not-so-complicated pattern manages to give the bathroom a beautiful and stylish look. Morrocan Tile Wall Bathroom from @teampristineclean


Use mirror

Hanging several round mirrors in this entryway room can change the appearance of the walls of your home to be more attractive and stylish. Having a touch of gold will also make an elegant impression on your entire home. Mirror Ornament from @interiordesignbyjudith

The large semi-circular mirror that is placed in the corner of this room manages to give a meaningful look and make your walls not look empty. Using this mirror will also give the illusion of a large and bright space. Large Semicircular Mirror from @info_mi_mirror

In this dining room you can add accents of two mirrors with striped frames which will give the house a spacious and bright appearance. This white color scheme will also create the impression of a large space. Striped Frame Mirror from @cafelightingandliving

This round mirror manages to offer a spacious and bright room. Hanging on the living room wall will also beautify the appearance of your room walls. Round Mirror from @oh_my_greys_home

The idea of adding a mirror to the living room wall is able to provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. Placed against the wall above this sofa will be the perfect centerpiece. Sclupture Wall Mirror from @piamariaraeder


Paint a mural

This home decoration with a mural accent on the wall can steal the eyes of everyone who comes. Using black and white will also make a beautiful and more stylish look. Black and White Mural Wall from @law_illustrates

The accent mural in this bedroom can steal the eyes of everyone who sees it. Choosing a mural with a floral pattern in pastel colors will suit your feminine bedroom decor. Mural Wall Bedroom from @afabulousfinish

The forest mural applied to the living room manages to provide the perfect focal point for the space. Using brown will also strengthen the look and give a different design. Forest Mural from @adazioco

This wall mural with a banana leaf pattern is able to create an interesting room decoration for you to try. Choosing this green color scheme will give the impression of a fresh and natural space. Leaf Mural Wall from @falmesek

Add shelving

Choosing a teak wood shelf in one of these houses can provide a neat room decoration and accommodate many items. This teak wood shelf will last longer and look sturdier. Teak Wood Wall Shelf from @mill_hello

This minimalist style open shelf is able to easily accommodate some of your ornaments and book collections. Placing it in the corner of the house can maximize space and be able to provide the perfect room decoration. White Shelf Wall from @bugambilianic

This open shelving made of wood in a mid-century style manages to give your walls a beautiful look. In use to store various ornaments and photos for maximum results. Midcentury Shelf Storage from @woodyworking

This tall shelf on the living room wall has succeeded in providing an interesting room decoration. Used to store various kinds of ornaments and added to this led light succeeded in making the design of the room perfect. High Shelf Storage from @rendermee

A geometric shelf in one of these spaces is able to store various ornaments easily. This geometric wall shelf can also fill in the blanks on the wall, giving it a perfect look. Geometric Wall Shelf from

Adding a small wall shelving on the wall of one of these houses succeeds in giving an attractive appearance and being able to display your photos. Sleain is used to place photos you can use to store green plants. Wall Shelves from @kika_art_store

Hang photos or painting

This oil painting canvas is an interesting idea for you to apply to your dining room wall. Having a bright color and standard size, it presents the perfect room decoration. Oil Painting Canvas from @peracanvas

Adding a wall gallery to this living room manages to grab attention which will make your home decor more perfect. Choosing a variety of sizes and using a wooden frame will also result in a perfect home decoration. Gallery Wall from @sahildekiev

Decorating the walls by adding photo frames from wooden pallets will give it a beautiful and stylish look. Choosing this frame palette will give a natural impression and a rustic look to the walls of your home. Wood Pallet Picture Frame from @rockymountainfarmgirl

This large abstract painting that is hung on the living room wall will make an attractive wall decoration. Choosing a bold, large abstract painting will also make a standout room decoration. Abstrac Wall Art from

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