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Creative Ideas to Use the Space Under the Stairs

When it comes to home decorations, you have to make sure that you can make the most of every space. Either used for storage or for other functional rooms. Including the area under your stairs. The area under the stairs is often an awkward area in the house. But did you know that this room can be used to be more functional?

The space under the stair is an often neglected part of a home that can be turned into a practical living or working area with just a little ingenuity. Whether you’re looking for sneaky storage or cozy nooks, the understairs ideas below offer all kinds of creative ways to make this awkward triangle work hard. With the right decorating ideas, the space under the stairs can transform into a cozy nook. This area can be utilized in many different ways. Here are some ideas to consider.

Shelves and racks

The space beneath the stairs is often overlooked, but it provides a great place for shelves and racks. You can create an attractive, recessed bookshelf or use the space to display art and plants. If you don’t want to build a permanent shelving framework, you can attach the shelf boxes directly to the studs underneath your stairs. This makes it easy to change your shelving configuration as your needs change.

So that the area under the stairs can function better, you can add a storage shelf cubbies with several spaces that you can use entirely to place ornaments or a collection of books that you have. Try to use this storage rack according to the color nuances of the room so that they work well together and don’t present contrasting colors. This storage is quite easy to reach. Open Cubbies Rack Storage from @thesagegreendoor

Wall mounted shelves that are applied under the stairs are a new focal point that you can easily create. What you can do now is use it as an area to show off some of the ornament collections you have. Don’t forget to adjust the size and shape according to the rest of the room under the stairs, green plants are additional decorations that can bring a natural feel. Wall Mounted Shelves from @cottagerenovationcwmrhys


You can also turn the space under your stairs into a mudroom. This is a practical idea for keeping backpacks, umbrellas and shoes organized and accessible to children and adults alike.

The mudroom decoration which is equipped with a floating bench is applied right under the stairs area. Furthermore, for the space under the bench, you can use it to put some woven storage baskets that you can use to put items or throw blankets that are usually used. The neutral nuances that dominate this mudroom make it look more open and bright. Neutral Color Mudroom from @my_best_laid_plans

You can use the corner of the room under the stairs for a new mudroom decoration that can be used optimally. In this area you can use a multifunctional bench equipped with storage underneath. A floating shelf that is installed on the wall becomes an area to place some of the painting frames that you have. Don’t forget to cover the floor with a runner rug for a look that is quite elegant and attracts more attention. Corner Mudroom Ideas from @par_khouse

Shoe closet

If you have a shoe or simply need more storage space for all of your different pairs, then the small space under your stairs is a great place to start. Just build a few cubbies, shelves or racks and your shoes will be in order! This is especially handy for seasonal footwear that you don’t use often, such as winter boots. They’ll be neat and tidy when you want them back, and won’t get ruined by dust!

Don’t let your house look messy with scattered shoes. Now you can use a pull-out cabinet to store all your shoes properly and of course avoid dust and insects. This shoe cabinet is applied right under the stairs leading to the second floor of your house so it doesn’t use up the floor area excessively. Pull-Out Shoes Cabinet from @copperwood_joinery

You can make the most of shoe storage, take advantage of the area under the stairs for a shoe drawer design that you can pull out and push back when you’re done using it. This drawer has several accesses to store quite a large number of shoes, so it is highly recommended to try. Different drawer heights adjust to the decoration of the stairs used. Shoes Drawer Storage from @idei.bg/

Reading nook

You don’t need a lot of space to create a cozy reading nook. Just make sure to choose a comfy chair, consider lighting options, and design a storage solution for your books. Aside from being a good place to read, a reading nook is also a great spot for relaxing and unwinding.

Who would have thought that the area under the stairs could be used as a reading nook decoration? Yes, you can try it for a new look and of course it is suitable for home decoration with limited space. This reading nook decoration is perfected with floating shelves that you can use to store all your favorite books, just arrange them vertically according to your book storage needs. Reading Nook Under Stairs from @my_dreamhouse_arg

You can get a new atmosphere when you read a book under the stairs, this decoration can be used as a room statement. When using the built-in daybed then you can layer it with some throw pillows and blankets for a warmer, more comfortable and cushioned surface. In this way, reading nook under stairs decorations can be used comfortably all day long on weekends. Modern Style Reading Nook from @homeonanashvillehill

You can get comfort under the stairs by using it as a reading nook decoration. What you can do now is add a chair as a sitting area. Don’t forget to combine it with a side table to put a cup of coffee or tea. Wall mounted bookshelves behind the chairs are additional storage that can be used to the fullest. Cozy Reading Nook Under Stairs from @marthascountrypad

Wine rack

The space under your stairs can be a great place to build a wine rack. Typically, this space is out of sight and doesn’t get used very often, so it’s perfect for storing your bottles.

This wine rack made of oak wood has a very sturdy material when used for quite a long time. Now you can apply it under the stairs along with the right lighting. LED lights will help illuminate the wine rack area under the stairs, making it easier for you to find the type of wine you need. Under Stair Oak Wine Storage from @urban_group_carpentry

The under stairs which are used as decoration for the wine rack are equipped with glass doors so that they can be seen from outside the room. If the wine rack is large enough, it can store a large number of drinks. Dominate with wood for an environmentally friendly appearance and of course it is more sturdy when used for a long period of time. Under Stair Wine Rack Ideas from @derekbarrettdesign

Kitchen Pantry

One of the best ways to utilize the space under the stairs is by using it as a pantry. Adding cabinets and shelving to this area will make it easier to store all of your food and other kitchen supplies. To maximize storage, create a system that works best for you and your family. This can include having specific shelves for different types of foods and separating spices from dried goods.

The kitchen pantry that is applied under the stairs can still be used optimally because it is equipped with a barn door so it will be safer. What you can do here is equip it with proper lighting and install floating shelves to properly store your food and drink stocks and minimize the presence of insects. The basket is an additional storage that you can use. Farmhouse Look Kitchen Pantry from @south_view_cottage_reno

Pet Nook

If you have a dog or cat, they deserve their own special space to sleep, play and relax. The area under your stairs can be converted into a pet nook that provides your furry friend with a cosy place to rest and recharge.

Do you have pets at home? If you have it, you can comfortably design a pet nook room under the stairs of your house. Cover the floor with a rug for a softer, warmer surface. It’s not enough here, also add a pet bed pad for the most comfortable place that can be used by your pet dog or cat. Pet Nook Under Stairs from @myvictoriangem

The dog bed that is placed under the nook stairs is one of the smart ideas that you can emulate. It’s not difficult and very simple, just place the pet bed right under the stairs, you can make it or buy it with the main ingredient of woven rattan which has been covered with a seat cushion so it’s more comfortable and warm when used. Its existence and layout do not reduce your space for movement while at home. Pet Bed Nook from @rosemoorecottage

Home Office

Another great use of the space under the stairs is to create a home office. With a small built-in desk, a lamp, and plenty of storage, this area can be a great spot for your family to work from home or complete schoolwork.

Look at this rug with a bohemian pattern, doesn’t it make the home office decoration under the stairs look more stylish and fun? Combine it with a work chair with bold color choices for a more colorful and less plain final look. Green plants and yellow lampshade tassels make your desk surface more textured with a beautiful decoration and ready to be used as a refreshing new look. Bohemian Home Office Style from @iamhayleystuart

Laundry Room

The space under your stairs is often overlooked, but it’s one that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have a large family, converting your under stair space into a laundry room can be a great way to get more use out of the space without sacrificing any privacy. A washer and dryer can be placed there, with plenty of shelving to keep the mess at bay.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, the most important thing is that it can be used properly and according to function. Now you can use the area under the stairs as a small laundry room decoration that will never fail. The area under the stairs is equipped with a washing machine and storage shelves that will work well together to keep your décor neat and organized. Simple Look Laundry Room from @bells_home_rennovation

Extra Household Storage Space

Under the stairs is a great space for storing mops, hoovers, shoes, umbrellas it also has plenty of uses beyond that. If you’re going to utilize the space under the stairs for storage, be sure to plan out what will go where.

Some household appliances such as an ironing board or a vacuum cleaner can be stored under a cabinet ladder that has been designed to be quite large and tall. This cabinet is also equipped with a door so as to minimize the appearance of the chaos that occurs. Not only used as a decoration for household storage, you can also use other cabinets to store or hang your collection of clothes or jackets. Household Storage Under Stairs from @ridwell.interiors

Children’s Playroom

Whether the space under the stairs is enclosed or not, this area can still be used to create a fun and colorful playroom. With a little imagination and paint, you can transform the space into a mini children’s dream space. Adding storage options to the playroom can keep toys and other belongings in reach and easily cleaned up. Using woven baskets with lids is a great way to do this.

This small playroom decoration under the stairs becomes a room that will give pleasure to your children. What you can do here is cover the floor with a soft and thick rug for maximum comfort. String lights are additional lighting that can add a dramatic feel and of course it’s very easy to install. Narrow Playroom Ideas from @our_granite_home

Make a Garden

Stairs are essential in homes that have more than one floor, but sometimes the space under them is left unused. That can be frustrating, but it’s a perfect place for a green garden. Plants are a great way to decorate this unused area and can be placed under stairs with little effort. However, it is important to choose plants that are suitable for the area.

The indoor garden that is applied under the stairs has a small size and simple appearance. This corner garden is perfected by the presence of green plants and one type of orchid flower that develops to produce bold colors. Try to choose and use plants that can live well indoors even if they don’t get enough sunlight. The rocks and gravel that are applied add to the texture of this indoor garden. Garden Under Stairs from @esuarez6233


From storage to cozy nooks, a bathroom under stair idea are sure to transform your staircase into something a bit more than a trip up and down the stairs. This bathroom is very useful if you have a large family or you can use it as a guest bathroom or powder room. This is to make it easier if your guests want to go to the bathroom without going to your master bathroom.

Do an overhaul in the area under the stairs so that it can be used as a room that can function properly. For example, you can use it as a narrow bathroom decoration that can be used to accommodate your guests so they don’t go straight to the main bathroom. Simple bathroom decoration using ceramic tile walls and floors is comfortable enough to use and looks cleaner. Transformation of Under Stair to Bathroom from @edwardian_vignette

Take advantage of the room under the stairs as a small bathroom decoration with a simple look. There is no need to use too much interior, now what is mandatory is a toilet, mirror and sink that can be attached to the wall so that it saves more floor space. A small bathroom makes it easier for you to do routine maintenance every day. Simple Look Under Stair Bathroom from @victorianemporium

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