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Types of Textured Fabric to be Used to Some Decoration Items

The use of textured fabric for home decoration needs is quite popular these days. It can be used as an interior part or furniture material such as a sofa, chair, stool, daybed, etc. Then, you can also use the textured fabric for your home accessories like cushions, curtains, rugs, table runners, and more. In this case, the home accessories will have more choices than the furniture. The last one is for the ornament which will really varied and can be anything!

Anyway, talking about applying the textured fabric to the home decoration, there will be surely many choices of texture. You can choose the right variation based on your decoration impression need or based on the weather to make sure that you get comfort inside the house. Well, yes! The texture of the fabric can create a certain comfortable feeling and warm atmosphere effect when you do the texture layering in the room. There are so many texture choices that you can take but here, we are going to show you the most popular texture that almost every house has as their furniture material, home accessories, or ornament.


It is interesting how the boucle fabric is everywhere right now. It becomes a part of home decoration that is used in a massive way even if almost every home has it. This boucle fabric is commonly applied for accent chairs, sofa, pillows, throw, and any decoration complement pieces. Now the question is, what is the boucle fabric? Basically, it is a yarn with loops that commonly be seen as curly. The texture will be unique with the curl. The characteristic is thick just like a blanket that will give you extra warmth. The boucle fabric is traditionally made from wool or mohair that can produce a soft cloud-like feel. Here are examples of boucle applications in home decoration.

You should try this and feel the comfort of the boucle rug. Even when only looking at the decoration, the boucle is able to create warmth around the decoration. It will be soft, comfortable, and warm. Boucle Rug from @palliserpartners

This boucle upholstery will be perfect for winter. You can feel the warmth while enjoying your time there. Its texture will also give you extra comfort while you can even take a nap there. Boucle Upholstery from @ironrootsdesign


Shearling is commonly known for its utilization of cozy outerwear products. However, it is great how the shearling fabric can also be used to complete your home decoration. It comes in many decoration products such as sofas, stools, throws, etc. The characteristic of the shearling is quite similar to the boucle where the texture is soft and able to create warmth. The difference will be in the product finish where the shearling can be more furry. The following are examples of the shearling when being applied to the decoration part.

Your kids will love it! Look at the warm and cozy chairs we have here. You will get an experience of the soft chair that you can’t get from other fabrics. The use of the wood legs fit really well with the shearling for a more warm and welcoming impression. Shearling Chair from @maidenhome

This one is an example of a shearling product that has a furry finish. You can have it for a throw. Put it on the chair or sofa that will help you to get extra warmth and comfort. Shearling Throw from @cmwharf


If you want a durable look and quality, chenille fabric is the one that we recommend for you. The touch won’t be as soft as the boucle and shearling but it also has its own soft characteristic. No need to worry that it will be rough. This kind of fabric is a perfect selection for your home decoration. It is solid, textured, and warm at the same time. Unlike velvet, chenille can also be woven to give more dimension to the surface of the fabric. It can be for a more smooth or chunky textural look.

As we’ve said before chenille can be woven to give an extra texture on the fabric surface. this chenille pillow is an example. Not only an additional texture, the woven is also able to add dimension that will make the pillow looks more enlive. Chenille Pillow from @blessed_ranch

The chenille fabric also comes in patterned products. This curtain will give you a pretty look to beautify the decoration and also serve you with the soft fabric material for a more valuable and luxurious curtain product. Chenille Curtain from @vintagelovelinessco


If you love the soft touch experience of the teddy bear, then this teddy fabric material will fit you well to be used for your home decoration items. This teddy fabric is made of wool or a wool blend. Well, it can also be made from other fibers like cotton or silk but wool is the most used material. The characteristic of this fabric is soft, warm, bumpy, and has a unique texture when you touch it.

The teddy bed product will never fail you to give a warm experience. Not only while using it but also by simply looking at the product. The dimensions and the texture will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is good for winter. Teddy Bed from @villafinnmark

The teddy material is applied on the stool that can function as a table too. The white color applied makes it possible to be used to any decoration style you have. Even when you want to change the decoration concept you already have, this white teddy stool can always fit around. Teddy Stool from @housefifty5

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