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A Visual Guide to 8 Types of Stairs for Your Home

When it comes to designing your staircase, making one decision can lead to many other to-do items. The shape of your staircase is the first thing you’ll need to consider before delving into other style elements like the steps, risers, or banister. There are eight popular types of stairs to choose from, ranging from simple to extravagant. Take a look at each option and bring your preferred choices to your architect and contractor to determine what works best for your home.


A straight staircase is a simple and classic staircase design that goes straight up from one floor to another. It is usually composed of a series of steps with no turns or landings in between. The steps are typically supported by a central stringer or two side stringers that are attached to the wall or embedded into the floor. Straight staircases are a popular choice for homes and buildings because of their simplicity, versatility, and ease of construction. They can also be customized with different materials, finishes, and handrails to match the style of the space.

Amaze your guests or family who come to your house with the straight stairs. Each step is equipped with a carpet that will give your feet a warm and comfortable impression. Straight Stair from @home.with.the.robinsons

Using a straight ladder and adding an iron safety element as a handle when going up or down the stairs is an interesting idea for you to try. These steps are usually placed in modern home decor. Straight Black Iron Balusters from @idealfloors

L-shaped (a.k.a. quarter-turn)

An L-shaped staircase, also known as a quarter-turn staircase, is a type of staircase that changes direction at a landing, forming an L shape. The landing serves as a platform where the staircase turns 90 degrees, usually either to the left or right. L-shaped staircases can be composed of two straight flights connected by a landing, or one straight flight and one angled flight. This design is commonly used in residential homes because it allows for a more gradual ascent and saves space compared to a straight staircase.

The L-shaped staircase design idea with wood accents will add a touch of luxury to any home decor. This design is commonly used in residential homes as it allows for a more gradual and space-saving climb compared to straight stairs. L-shaped Stair with Metal Balustrade from @scottsimpsondesignbuild

Choosing a L-shaped staircase can give the house a beautiful appearance. Iron accents on the banisters add an interesting touch to the home décor. It provides a brilliant idea to complete the look. L-Shaped Staircase from @marblesystems


A winder staircase is a type of staircase that is similar to an L-shaped staircase but instead of a landing, it has wedge-shaped treads that turn the staircase in a tight radius. The treads on one side of the staircase are wider than the other, which allows the staircase to turn. Winder staircases are often used in spaces where there isn’t enough room for a landing or where the design calls for a more dramatic turn. They are commonly used in older homes and buildings and can be a challenge to navigate due to the irregular shape of the treads.

This stair roller has an L shape. A tread that is wider on one side than the other replaces the landing area to save space. Wooden Winder Staircase from @renovation__107

Luxurious stairs add to the beauty of your classic home decor. Choose a stair roller complete with carpet. Shades of beige will create a spacious and clean impression on the décor. Winder Stair and Carpet from @coastalconceptsct

Winder stairs with wooden steps and iron railings give a luxurious impression to your home decor. The treads on one side of the stairs are wider than the other, which allows the stairs to turn. Using this wood material will also give a sturdy and strong appearance. Oak Winder Staircase from @metalstaircaseco

This wooden rolling ladder adds a luxurious feel to your home decor. Having a wide tread allows you to turn over a wide area. Using this idea will make your classic home decor even more perfect. Modern Winder Staircase from @sybrandtcreative

U-shaped (a.k.a. half-turn)

A U-shaped staircase, also known as a half-turn staircase, is a type of staircase that changes direction 180 degrees with a landing in the middle. It consists of two parallel flights of stairs that are connected by a landing in the shape of a U. This design is commonly used in larger homes and buildings where there is ample space and a more gradual ascent is desired. The landing in the middle can be used to create a dramatic focal point or to provide a rest area. They are a versatile and elegant option for many types of buildings.

Decorating a house with a luxurious staircase will give it a perfect look. The u-shaped staircase accent will provide relief when you set foot on the steps of your home. U-Shaped Staircase from @homebunch

This U-shaped staircase is perfect for spacious home ideas. This idea will give a sophisticated look to your home design. Center landings can be used to create a dramatic focal point or provide a resting place. Bold U-Shaped Staircases from @homes_by_chris

This u-shaped staircase gives you a sophisticated look to try in your spacious home. With wooden handrails and wooden stairs will complete the decor. They are a versatile and elegant choice for many types of buildings. U-Shaped Stair from @richlandbuilds


A spiral staircase is a type of staircase that spirals upward in a circular or helical pattern around a central pole or column. The steps of a spiral staircase are usually wedge-shaped and taper as they ascend. The spiral design of the staircase allows it to take up less space than other types of staircases, making it ideal for small spaces or areas where a traditional staircase would not fit. However, they can be more difficult to navigate than other types of staircases due to the narrow width of the treads and the steep incline. Spiral staircases can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, and glass, and can be freestanding or attached to a wall.

This staircase forms an easy, sure loop with gentle curves and is an elegant choice for any home style. This type of ladder is easier to make, so the price is cheap. Made of this wood will give a natural impression on the decoration. Wooden Oak Spiral Staircase from @nonstandardfurniture

If you have a tiny home decor, then you can use a spiral staircase. This staircase has a design form that extends through the space on the top floor. Use iron to avoid porous stairs. Metal Spiral Staircase from @hoffice.kr

The spiral staircase design is suitable for modern or contemporary home decor that has limited and narrow space. This ladder saves a lot of space underneath so you can get more free space. Spiral Staircase from @kvcbuilders

How about a spiral staircase made of concrete? Cool, and modern! Modern Spiral Staircase from @v_valleyviews


In contrast to winder or L-shaped staircases, a curved style does not feature landings. Instead, the stairs flow seamlessly and continuously, following the curve of the banister to create a bold and eye-catching architectural statement.

You can choose the shape and decoration of the stairs according to your wishes and preferences, for example a curved staircase equipped with a dominant dark carpet. Splashes of white and metal railing complete the look. Classic Curved Staircase from @building_willowhouse

The curved staircase tucked away in the corner of this large living room blends in well but also serves as a striking and beautiful foundation for the area. Without it, you won’t get the same drama and vice versa. Curved Staircase from @thebighouseproject

Curved stairs will save more space. To display a more elegant and classic staircase decoration, you can cover each of the steps with a long, beautiful patterned rug. Coastal Curved Staircase from @waterleafinteriors


A bifurcated staircase is a type of grand staircase that features a single flight of stairs that splits into two at the bottom, creating a wide and dramatic entrance. The two flights of stairs branch out and curve upward in opposite directions, often leading to a landing or series of landings. Bifurcated staircases are typically found in grand homes, mansions, and public buildings where the staircase serves as a focal point and statement piece. They can be made of various materials such as wood, stone, or metal and can be customized with different finishes, balustrades, and handrails to match the design of the space. Bifurcated staircases are a classic and elegant option for those looking to make a bold statement with their staircase.

This modern style split staircase is decorated with two branches to different rooms. Usually this staircase is used in home decorations that have more and more space. Wooden Bifurcated Staircase from @rachelrulestheroost

Using a fork staircase displays, one staircase that splits into two at the bottom. Don’t forget to add handrails on the right and left as protection so you don’t fall. Glass Bifurcated Staircase from @alairhomes.scarborough


A ladder staircase, also known as a vertical ladder or ship’s ladder, is a type of staircase that is typically used in small spaces where a traditional staircase would not fit, such as lofts, attics, or boats. It consists of a straight vertical ladder with treads or rungs that are spaced evenly apart for climbing up and down. Due to their steep incline and narrow width, ladder staircases are not suitable for everyday use and are usually used as a means of access to a particular area. They are a space-saving option that can be customized to fit the unique needs of the space.

Having a narrow space, you can use a simple ladder like in the picture above. Made of wood, it will be durable and sturdy. They are a space-saving option that can be customized to suit a space’s unique needs. Ladder Stair from @preserve_montpelier

The addition of an accent staircase to this attic will match the design of your home. Due to the steep incline and narrow width, the steps are not suitable for daily use. Wooden Ladder Stair from @lacontramuebles

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