Tiny House Ideas That Small On Size But Big On Charm

As tiny houses become more popular, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 4 types of small house to inspire you and perhaps even help you imagine building or buying your own tiny home. With a lower cost, reduced environmental impact, and simplified way of living, the tiny home lifestyle offers many benefits, as well as a wide range of architectural and interior design options. This list of tiny home below is sure to impress, and you may even be tempted to make a lifestyle change after exploring their unique styles. So start browsing and get inspired!

Tiny Cabin House

A tiny cabin house is a type of small home, typically designed to be a cozy retreat in a natural setting. They are often built with wood or log construction and designed to blend in with the natural surroundings. Tiny cabin houses are generally smaller than traditional homes and typically have less than 500 square feet of living space. They can come in various shapes and styles, including A-frame, gable, or shed roofs, and can be designed with a loft or bunk beds to maximize sleeping space.

This tiny house cabin has an attractive appearance for you to try. By combining materials from containers and wood, it will give a minimalist impression to the design of this cabin. Tiny Cabin House from @cleandecors

This tiny cabin has a white color scheme and lighting to match your home design. This idea will feature a spacious house. White COlor Scheme from @cleandecors

Made from logs, this tiny cabin house gives the house an attractive appearance and looks more rustic. Combined with stone accents, it will bring the perfect style to your cabin. Wood Log Tiny Cabin House from @mycozycabins

This cabin house gives a minimalist look from the outdoor space. Complete with glass accents, this will make your home feel more spacious and airy. Tiny Cabin House from @anurbanvillage_workshop

Tiny Shipping container House

Tiny shipping container houses typically utilize one or more shipping containers that come in standard sizes of 20 or 40 feet in length and a height of 8 feet 6 inches. These homes can be designed in various styles, ranging from modern and minimalistic to rustic and industrial. The exterior of the container can be kept as it is or can be customized with additional features such as windows, doors, and a deck. While the size and shape of the container can limit customization options, a tiny shipping container house can still be modified to make it livable by adding insulation, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems. Additionally, these homes can be moved from one location to another, making them a desirable option for those who want a portable or remote living space.

This shipping house has perfect natural light. Using a large window on one of these walls gives the home a perfect look. Shiping Container from @offgridworld

Looking quirky and charming, this shipping container has a bright green color that will make your home design more perfect. Equipped with this ventilation will also provide natural lighting into the house. Green Paint Shipping Container from @mytonic_biz_myron

Painting the shipping container this red will make it look pretty. Combined with a white window frame will offer a dancing look for you to try. Red Paint Shiping Container from @containerhomeluxury

This small black painted container conveys a masculine impression. Large window accents will also provide a spacious and bright home design. Black Shipping Container from @container.houseplans


A tiny prefab house is a pre-built, compact dwelling that is constructed off-site and transported to the building site in one or more sections. Typically, it spans between 100 to 400 square feet and features a living area, a bathroom, and a kitchen, with some prefab houses being even smaller, designed for a minimalist lifestyle. The materials used in prefab houses, such as wood, steel, or concrete, are chosen for their durability and sustainability. Although these houses are produced in a factory, they can be personalized to cater to the needs and preferences of the homeowner, including the layout, finishes, and materials utilized. Many prefab houses are energy-efficient and incorporate features like insulation, low-energy appliances, and solar panels. Moreover, they are often more economical than traditional houses, with prices that range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the size, materials, and features.

This prefab house has an all-white color scheme that will make your space more spacious and bright. Wood accents also give a natural impression to your entire home. All White Perfab House from @prefabhousepth

These tiny prefab homes have a unique design. Made of stainless steel, it will also make your tiny house look sturdier. Tiny Prefab House from @beetailsteelindustrial

looking beautiful and elegant, this small house has a unique design for you to try. Complete with natural lighting will also provide a perfect design. Prefab House from @samuelbiron

Tiny House On Wheels

A tiny house on wheels, also known as a THOW, is a small dwelling that is built on a trailer chassis, allowing it to be mobile. These homes are typically under 400 square feet and include features such as a living area, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The main feature of a tiny house on wheels is that it can be moved from one location to another. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want a portable living space, or for those who want to travel while still having the comfort of a home.

The exterior design of this tiny house wheel looks attractive and strong. Adding wheel accents will also make this home easy to take anywhere. Exterior Tiny House Wheels from @foxandtimber

tiny house wheels are equipped with a bathroom, bedroom and living room. Having these wheels will also make it easier for you to tow this little house anywhere you like. Tiny House Wheels from @tinyhomesbyhangan

Having wheels on this tiny house design makes it easy for you to move it anywhere. This small house is also added with large window accents which will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Tiny House from @tinyhome.amazing

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