9 Creative Ideas to Build an Adorable Terrace Garden

The terrace will be beneficial so that you can have the space to chill and relax. Especially if you don’t have enough space for the yard. It is such a must to utilize the terrace area to be a proper space that you can use to enjoy the outdoors. Well, spending all the time inside the house will be boring too, sometimes.

From all of the possible decorations that are possible to be applied to your terrace, implementing a terrace garden is the one that we recommend. You can get fresh air with a bit of greenery while enjoying your time on the terrace. Imagine that even without any yard, you can still get a fresh outdoor space with greenery and make you feel like you are in nature.

Anyway, we want you to know some benefits of having a terrace garden in your house. It means that you should not only put the furniture in your garden but also put some greeneries as we call it a ‘terrace garden’. Here are the benefits of having a terrace garden:

  1. It makes you close to nature even when you live in the centre of the city
  2. Minimizing pollution by having greenery to maintain the oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  3. Enhance your outdoor space impression for people’s first impression.
  4. It helps you to maintain your indoor temperature to keep it cool during summer.

Now, we will show you some tips that you can use to decorate an adorable and functional terrace garden.

Providing Proper Furniture

The furniture will be functional to facilitate you in enjoying your time on the terrace. Without any furniture, you can’t really enjoy your time there. In this case, the furniture will be the bench, sofa, chair, or any seating that you feel most comfortable. Then, you can complete the furniture by providing a coffee table. You can add other pieces of furniture in case there is still enough on your terrace.

It is great how the terrace garden has the swing also. The swing will give you a fun experience while spending your time on the terrace. Also, you should see the material of the furniture which is rattan that will be best for the nature-themed decoration. Terrace Furniture from @anniblomqvis

Layered Grass

The layered grass will make the terrace won’t be seen as boring. There will be varied grass provided that will make the terrace not only fresh but also stylish. Well, since the kinds of grass are varied with pretty leaves or flowers, then it is really possible to use the grass to add to the beauty of the terrace.

There are different kinds of grass planted here. Not only the kinds but also the shapes and colors of the grass are unique and varied. You should see how aesthetic the grass can be for the terrace garden. Layered Grass from @emilyhilliergardendesign


Basically, the vines are also greenery that can be used to decorate the furniture or interior part of the terrace. This is because the vines can be planted on the railing, trellis, wall, and even the ceiling. The kinds of vine is also varied where you can have the one with leaves only or you can have the one with flowers.

The vines are planted on the wall and ceiling. The vines can be used as the shade for the pergola when it is already growth creeping the pergola. Vines from @ourlondonlistedhome

Potted Plants

We recommend you have the potted plants because you can put the pots in any space that you want on the terrace. The arrangement will also be really flexible. Also, the pot products come in varied shapes, sizes, and colors that make it possible for you to adjust to pot so that it fits well with the design style that you apply to the terrace.

You can see that there are many pots in the terrace garden. The pots are in the same color which is black but have different sizes and shapes that make the pots not be seen as boring. Potted Plants from @ashleytstark

Aesthetic Lighting

Of course, lighting is a must for any decoration including for the terrace. It will help you to spend your time on the terrace during the night. Also, if you can install a valuable and aesthetic lighting design, you can use it to beautify your terrace decoration at once.

You should see how adorable the lamp that is installed on the wall is. It has the best illusion that makes the terrace garden pretty. There are also some lamps installed on the part of the soil area to expose the decoration around. Lighting from @incense_interio_

Growing Vegetables

It will be great if you can grow the functional and valuable plants in your terrace garden so that you can get a great benefit of having it. In this case, you can grow the vegetables in the terrace garden. Some vegetables have pretty flowers and unique leaves so you don’t need to worry about vegetables’ value when growing them in the terrace garden.

The vegetables are planted on the garden bed with varied kinds of vegetables provided. The vegetables have different foliage shapes that make them look unique and not boring. Growing Vegetable from @itsanhcostumery

Growing Herbs

Herbs are the unique plants that will be really proper to be provided to your terrace garden. It is because the herbs have certain smells that will make you feel fresh and healthy while spending your time around the terrace garden.

The most common herb that is planted is the mint. However, of course, you can still have other herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, etc. You can choose the herbs that can give you the best scene that you want. Growing Herbs from @joannapruess

Raised Bed

The raised bed will help you to grow the plants that can’t be covered with pots. For example, if you want to grow herbs in a massive amount, you should use the raised bed rather than the pots. It will help the herbs to grow well when planted in a proper planter.

The raised bed here is in high design that will be useful not to make the space look narrow. Also, if you have a pet, your plant can be protected from being damaged by the pets. Raised Bed from @takasho_india

Earthy Color

The earthy color is the best color that you can choose. It is because the earthy color will blend well with nature for your terrace garden theme. Then, the earthy color will be able to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in the terrace garden so that you can get the best atmosphere there.

The earthy colors being applied here are black, brown, white, and ivory. There will be many earthy color choices that you can take so that you can choose the one that fits your taste and the decoration style concept you want to create. Earthy Color Scheme from @hhomeccris

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