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Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Décor For A Better World

Sustainable and eco-friendly décor have many benefits, which is why many homeowner decided to decorate their space with it. By using eco-friendly products, you are reducing the demand for products made from environmentally harmful materials, such as non-renewable resources, and minimizing your own environmental impact. Since many sustainable décor materials are free from harmful chemicals, it gives you health benefits, so you and your family are safer! Eco-friendly décor items also can improve the indoor air quality, as they do not emit harmful chemicals into the air. While some sustainable décor items may cost more upfront, they often last longer and can save you money in the long run.

Here are some sustainable and eco-friendly materials that can used as your home décor options:

Reclaimed wood furniture

By using reclaimed wood, you are giving new life to wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill, reducing the demand for new wood and the associated deforestation. It also has a unique character and beauty with variations in color, texture, and grain patterns that give each of them a one-of-a-kind look. Reclaimed wood is often more durable than the new one. Overall, using reclaimed wood furniture is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option that also adds character, durability, and charm to your home.

This selection of eco friendly furniture uses reclaimed wood which will produce a beautiful home decoration with a natural touch. Applying to open shelves and used to store various ornaments and green plants presents a different design. Reclaimed Wood Shelf from @clockwork_carpentry

Using recycled wood converted into a bar cart, this bar cart is able to create the perfect eco friendly home design. This reclaimed wood will last longer and give a unique look to this bar cart design. Reclaimed Wood Bar Cart from @newhampshire_fams

This mirror frame uses reclaimed wood which will bring out the rustic design throughout the room. Hanging this mirror on the wall will be the center of attention and give the illusion of the perfect space. Wood Mirror Frame from @our_cannington

This dining table set uses reclaimed wood which will add a rustic and beautiful look to every corner of your home. Using reclaimed wood is often more durable than new making it perfect for your dining room design.Reclaimed Wood Dining Table from @rccfurniture

Using reclaimed wood furniture is an eco-friendly option that also adds character and charm to your home. This application to an open cabinet has succeeded in providing a beautiful home decoration and of course avoiding clutter. Open Cabinet from @modishliving

Recycled glass or metal home accents

Recycled glass or metal home accents are home décor items that are made from recycled glass or metal materials. Recycled glass or metal home accents offer a sustainable, cost-effective, and unique alternative to traditional home décor items, while also reducing waste and supporting the recycling industry.

Using recycled materials such as metal wreaths can make your home more perfect. Besides wreath, you can use metal accents on village ornaments to complete the look. Metal Wreath from @arhaus

The design of the house using a glass bottle converted into a vase will make the appearance of a perfect eco friendly home. This home decoration looks beautiful on a low budget. Bottle Glass Vases from @hmhome

Changing glass jars to store spices is able to organize your home kitchen. This idea will offer a sustainable and cost effective alternative to your home design. Glass Organizer Storage from @oohh_collection

Glass filled with pinecone and made into candleholders can produce beautiful and interesting home decorations for you to try. Adding a candle to the top of this glass produces a dramatic room design throughout the room. Glass Candle Holder from @oohh_collection

Using a glass jar that is converted into a candle holder, this results in a perfect home decoration. Using this glass will reduce waste and give a perfect appearance. Glass Storage from @weddingpresentco

Turning metal into a bar cart presents a charming home decoration because it will reduce sustainable waste. Making it yourself by combining it with wood materials makes a charming eco friendly home decoration. Metal Bar Cart from @2ndlife_mfr

Bamboo or cork flooring

Bamboo or cork flooring are eco-friendly and sustainable flooring options that offer durability, comfort, and aesthetics, while also improving indoor air quality and reducing environmental harm.

Using cork floors throughout the home will offer both durability and aesthetics at the same time. This type of floor will also improve indoor air quality without damaging your home environment. Cork Flooring from @srljoinery

Bamboo floors suffocate the cold at night and bring a rustic look to your entire home. This type of flooring offers extra durability and comfort. Dark Bamboo Floor from dassogroup

Organic cotton or linen textiles

Organic cotton or linen textiles are textiles made from cotton or linen that has been grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton or linen textiles are an environmentally friendly and sustainable option that also offer health benefits, comfort, and support for small farmers and sustainable practices.

This bedding set features cotton for the perfect home look. This linen material will be eco-friendly and offers health. White Linen Bedding Set from @karlas_view

Using this linen sofa successfully gives a comfortable and warm home look for you to try on your home. Combined with a few pillows made of burlap, it will also produce a comfortable home decoration for you to try. Green Linen Sofa from @loafhome

Home décor using these linen accents will be eco-friendly and offer extra coziness to your home. The layered design of this bedding set is able to offer a comfortable and warm home design. Linen Bedroom from @magiclinen

These organic linens are the best choice for eco friendly home designs. Applying this bedding set to make a warm and comfortable impression for you to try. Striped Sheet from @easylinencrafts

Natural fiber rugs and curtains

Natural fiber rugs and curtains are made from natural fibers such as jute, sisal, hemp, cotton, or linen. Natural fibers are renewable and biodegradable, reducing the environmental impact of their production and disposal compared to synthetic fibers. Many of them are strong and durable, making them a good choice for rugs and curtains. Natural fibers are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, reducing indoor air pollution and providing a healthier living environment. It also offer a wide range of colors and textures, providing a natural and organic look to any room.

Tall linen curtains in this study make for an attractive home décor with natural fibres. It also offers a variety of colors and textures, giving a natural and organic look to any room. High Linen Curtain from @decoratingwith_leila

Adding light linen curtains in this bedroom can make an interesting room decoration for you to try. It also offers a variety of colors and textures, giving a natural and organic look to any room. Sheer Linen Curtain from @urbanara

Having natural fiber and can reduce this waste, you can apply it to the jute carpet in your dining room. This rug reduces indoor air pollution and provides a healthier living environment Jute Rug Dining Room from @emmarosee1992

This large rug made of jute brings a natural color and texture to any space. Using this type of carpet will reduce air pollution and waste in your home. Large Jute Rug from @ambientesisal

Opt for a jute runner rug that has natural fabrics that will add to the natural fiber free look. Applying this to the kitchen gives extra warmth to your entire home Jute Runner Rug from @perarugs

LED lighting

LED lighting is a highly energy-efficient, long-lasting, and eco-friendly lighting option that can help reduce energy consumption and save costs while also providing instant, adjustable lighting.

Using this LED lighting will save energy in your home. applying this bedroom wall provides perfect lighting. LED Bedroom Wall from @unityelectricals

Adding an LED light behind this mirror can make an interesting home decoration for you to try. Using this type of lamp will save energy. LED Light Mirror from @thewoodveneerhub

Overall, using sustainable and eco-friendly décor not only benefits the environment, but also has a positive impact on your health and well-being, as well as your wallet and the local community.

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