Summer Ideas: Different Kinds of Swing to Enjoy the Season

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the weather in the best way. Not only by going to the beach but also to enjoy your outdoor space. Whether it is in a wide landscape or a small backyard garden, to have the left space in the garden is already a blessing especially during summer when it is too far to go to the beach and too noisy to go to the public space. When you already have the furniture such as chairs and coffee table, then do you have a swing?

You should know that swing is not only for kids, it is also for adults where the designs are really varied and can support the adults’ needs. It is awesome how the swings are available in so many different materials and features that are classified based on their function. For example, you can have the swing where the usage is by sitting on there. Then, you can also have one like a daybed. You can have a swing that allows you to lay on there and enjoy a lemonade or read a book. Really fascinating!

Anyway, in choosing the right swing for your space, you should consider the material and its capability to be moved or protected when the rain or snow falls. You may have the one with a sofa pad in case you place it on the patio with a roof or shade. Here are the detailed references of the swing that you can have to really enjoy the summertime.

Spider Net Swing

This one has a simple design where it is flat just like a common seating that is made of net and woven to create a swing. Not to make it boring, you can have a square shape, round shape, or any other shape that you want. It is really flexible and whatever the shape is, as long as you have enough space to sit, then it will be ok.

A fun swing that can be enjoyed in the garden, this swing in the form of a circular web like a cobweb can accommodate up to two people at once. This kind of swing can be mounted on a tree or a frame made of wood. spider net swing from@bulldoginsimi2.0

Hammock Chair

This one is a swing that is functioned as a chair which is to sit. The hammock chair has a material that will let you sit there in whatever position you want because the hammock chair shape will follow your body.

The hammock chair is very light and cannot be rolled up, tightly woven using ropes and hung from tree slats perfect for relaxing outdoors, body shape gives comfort and style to relax while swinging. hammock chair from@the.mi.mompreneur


Hammock is the laying position of the hammock chair. It also has flexibility on the shape. Imagine how it will be really fun to enjoy the sunlight while laying on the hammock. You can do it while listening to the music or reading a book. Another good thing about the hammock is that it also can be used to sit. So, whatever position you want, the hammock can do this for you.

You can take the beautiful vibes outdoors with this hammock, its unique and beautiful shape is perfect for lying down either in the sun or in the shade. hammock from@choob_nakh

Pallet Swing

Have an old pallet but still sturdy enough? Use it to make your own swing! It will be comfortable because you can sit there as if it is a chair. If you want to make the pallet to be seen as new, you just have to simply color it. What you need to prepare is just a pallet and rope.

A fabulous DIY pallet swing makes a perfect place to relax and repurpose old wood into a swing. It only needs to give the blue color on the pallet and add soft pillows, and ropes. pallet swing from@darcirobinson


Tire Swing

This one is really common to exist in any people’s yard, especially for those who have big trees. If you want to have the cheap one, then the tire swing is the best one. You can even make it yourself. It can be painted to increase its appearance value. For the tire setting, you can have it in the vertical way or horizontal way just based on your comfort.

One of the simplest things to have a swing is a tire swing, it only requires a rope that is tightly tied to a tire that is arranged vertically and then hangs on a tree. A tire swing is ready to make you happy. tire swing  from@oriandagger

Macrame Swing

The macrame swing is the aesthetic one. It is known as the Bohemian style when it comes to macrame material. It will be really comfortable to swing there. Also, the macrame material won’t make troublesome when it is wet with the rainwater because it will dry soon and you can use it again. For the color, commonly it comes in ivory color, however, if you want your summer to be more fun, then you can surely get any color that you want.

The macrame swing can be customized to any color you want. The beige color brings a warm feel synonymous with bohemian style also the macrame swing rope ensures better sitting comfort for all ages. macrame swing from@kheot_

Hanging Day Bed

The hanging daybed is a real definition of a daybed that is hung. You can use it not only for you but some people can get on the swing together. You can lay there or sit there. When you can already enjoy the common daybed, then imagine when it is a hanging daybed. You’ll have so much more fun!

This hanging daybed has a large size that will let you have a tray of beverages on it. You can also put in some pillows and throw blankets. hanging day bed from@perennialsfabrics

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