Guide To Have A Great Studio Apartment Layouts

Living in a studio apartment is getting popular nowadays. Which is why we can see so many décor options on how to decorate the space in social media. Whether you have the luxury of having a huge studio apartment or not, there is always a way to make your apartment layout functional and stylish at the same time. Just remember that creating a comfortable and stylish space in your own studio apartment is possible if you follow the guide below.

Utilize Every Single Corner

There are thousand creative ways for utilizing the space that you have to make it more open and ample without using magic or even knock down your neighbor’s wall. Only with a little space planning and the right décor, all is well! For example, you can install shelves to add storage and display your book or collections. Creating a cozy reading nook or a small workspace can be a great option for you, too.

Take advantage of the corner of your apartment room as a closed storage idea that will hide all the clutter that is on the inside. Choose and use this standing cabinet design according to the style of the apartment you are applying, for example, when you use a Scandinavian style, choosing a white cabinet is the best choice. Standing Cabinet for Kids Room Area from @berg.kids.

When you are going to use the corner of the room as a relaxing area on the weekend, then just choose and use the right furniture. A bench with low legs is fine, all you need to add here is a blanket and some throw pillows which will make you feel more comfortable. Low Bench for Relaxing Area from @small.flat.ideas.

Or, if you don’t have a chair, you can also use a linen chair as an additional sitting area in your bedroom apartment decor. Choose and use chairs with linen materials which of course have splashes of color that match the other interiors around them. Place it in the corner of the room together with a floor lamp so it can be used as a reading area. Corner Linen Chair with Throw Pillows from @thelastoldhouse.

Playing with visual trick

Once again, this is not a magic. It’s just a simple trick that will give your space a huge different look. For example if your studio apartment is a low-ceiling apartment, consider to choose a low furniture that’ll make your apartment looks bigger than it should. You can also stretch a gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to emphasize the wall’s height, making the ceilings feel higher than they are by drawing the eye upward. For small space, add a large floor mirror to visually double the size of your apartment.

Don’t worry when you have a low studio apartment ceiling, because now you can use the appropriate furniture. For example, you can use a high kitchen cabinet with a bold yellow color choice so that it can be used as a room statement. High Statement Kitchen Cabinet from @small.flat.ideas.

The next visual trick that you can do in decorating a studio apartment is to use a white floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet to give the effect of a wider and more open room. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add spotlights to the kitchen cabinet area to provide more focused lighting when you are doing activities in the kitchen area. Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet from @small.flat.ideas

This wardrobe design with splashes of pastel colors looks absolutely cute when teamed with the dreamy sage green bedding. But the visual tricks isn’t here, the trick is choose and use a wardrobe with a height that is almost the same as the apartment ceiling you are using. Coupled with a matching curtain design. Pastel Color High Wardrobe from @lialovisolo.

The low sofa that is placed in the living room apartment decoration is enhanced with the use of geometric rugs that add a modern feel. Here you can adjust the use of the sofa design with the theme of the room used, the use of a low sofa is one of the tricks you can do to make the apartment decor more open. Low Velvet Sofa with Geometric Rug from @small.flat.ideas

It feels cramped when you have a ceiling with a fairly low height, but you don’t need to worry because you can do this decoration idea in your apartment. The use of high curtains that are almost in contact with the ceiling area is a very smart idea, you can use curtains with a fairly thin material so that they can be arranged more easily. Ceiling Curtain for Living Room Area from @kvartirastudio_ru.

Multifunctional Furniture is all you need

Double-duty furniture pieces are a must in studio apartment. And the good news is, the options are also endless. Sofa beds, storage ottomans, Murphy’s bed, futon, loft beds, chaise lounge, sectional sofa, nesting table, you name it!

Don’t use too much furniture in decorating your studio apartment. Because here you can use furniture with multiple functions that can be applied to any room according to your needs. You can use a wooden bench with open storage at the bottom as a bookshelves design to store all your favorite books in a neat arrangement. Built-in Bookshelves on Bench Design from @small.flat.ideas.

This minimalist style wooden bed frame design is dominated by plain white. There are other things that make this furniture more attractive to attention, one of which is that it can be used as a storage area because it is equipped with several pull-out drawers that you can use to store all your things so that the room looks neat. Minimalist Bed Frame with Pull-out Drawers from @small.flat.ideas.

The coffee table design in this living room decoration has cute and adorable paint colors. Use the area under the coffee table as an area to place some of your favorite books in a vertical arrangement so that their presence can function properly and optimally. This way you no longer need a large bookcase that will make a studio apartment feel cramped. Multifunctional Coffee Table with Storage from @jaatarkka.

Take a look at this DIY small bench design, even though it’s small in size, it can have multiple functions. What you can do to make this bench design more multifunctional is to add a linen cloth at the bottom as magazine storage and the surface of the bench can be used to place coffee, food or it can also be used as a sitting area. DIY Small Bench with Linen Magazine Storage from @small.flat.ideas.

Divide the space clearly

The openness of a studio apartment can be a bit problem sometimes. That’s why you need a clear ‘room divider’ to establish a defined floor plan. You can use a freestanding screen, partition, or even area rugs. But if it make your space look cramp, an area rug is all you need.

Room divider is needed in an open room decoration. Now you can use it in a studio apartment area with a wooden trellis that is perfected with faux moss accents that look green and fresh. Apart from being a room divider, the existence of this trellis is also the focal point of the room which brings different colors. DIY Wooden Trellis Divider Room from @small.flat.ideas.

Don’t be too complicated to think about using room dividers in decorating your studio apartment. Because here you can use a ruffle velvet curtain to be used as a barrier between the living room and bedroom. Choose and use curtain colors that are quite neutral so that they can be combined with other interiors around them. Ruffle Velvet Curtain Divider from @small.flat.ideas.

In general, the wall becomes a barrier between rooms that can be used in any area according to needs. But now you can use a cabinet divider which is equipped with an open area shelf that you can use to display some beautiful ornaments for eye sight. Multifunction Divider Room for Ornament Display from @small.flat.ideas

The two hanging open shelves that are applied to the ceiling have a sturdy metal material that can be used as a room divider. Just use the existence of these open shelves to place your plants or ornaments so they don’t look too plain and boring. This will be the dividing area between the living room and the apartment kitchen. Hanging Metal Open Shelves from @thestackedstore.

A bookshelves with a size that is quite large and tall is one of the multifunctional room dividers and will work well. Why is that, because its existence can make the room feel tidier and orderly. Store all your books here in a neat arrangement and can be adjusted to the themes you know. Bookshelves Divider with Plants Decor from @worldly.homes.

Bring the outdoors in

Besides as a decoration and to purify the air naturally, houseplants can make your space feel larger. Choosing a tall, spreading branches is the trick! Got no space on the floor? Hang them from the ceiling!

If you are going to add green plants into an apartment, without using too much floor area so as not to reduce your space for movement. Now you can use the wall or ceiling to hang it using a fairly sturdy rope. Use a variety of different types of plants to be more varied. Hanging Planter Plants from @botaka_botanical.

Take advantage of the ceiling area to hang several planters with a variety of different green plants. What you can do now is install a sturdy iron hook to hang the garden pot that will be installed. Perform routine maintenance so that it can develop properly even indoors. Indoor Plants on the Ceiling with Hook from @miccasroom

To provide a different view and more natural elements, you can include green plants in the decoration of your studio apartment. Just choose and use the vines so you can put them on the ceiling or floating shelves area which will spread to the bottom beautifully, you can cut these vines when they start to get too long. Indoor Vines for Natural Vibes from @housethome.

Add an extra storage with floating shelves

Opt for a floating shelves to keep your everyday essentials in order. This can also great options for the kitchen area. From kitchen tools to tablet docks, you can store nearly anything you can think of.

Floating shelves can be added to any room according to the storage needed in the decoration of your studio apartment. Now you can use it in the kitchen area to place some light weight spices or kitchen utensils. Use wood material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous. DIY Floating Shelves in the Kitchen Area from @thelongawaitedhome.

Do you have reclaimed wood that is no longer in use? If you have it, you can reuse it as the main material choice for using floating shelves in the living room of your apartment. No need to repaint it. The originality will make it look simpler and shabby chic. Reclaimed Wood Shelves Ideas from @lonewolf.casita.

It’s not enough to just hang on one area wall, when you have quite a lot of items that need to be stored, you can also install floating shelves of various sizes and different materials. Install it on the wall of the living room area and the corner wall of the room that is used as the bed area. Different Size Wall Shelves Design from @mali_stanovi.

Steal the loft idea

Since ‘having more space’ is important when styling the studio apartment, ‘stealing the loft idea’ can be a huge help. By elevating off the ground, now you have more space underneath and it can be used for variety of purposes. It can be an extra storage space, a study or work area, or even an additional seating.

The decoration of the loft studio apartment will help you more in doing the layout of the room. In this part of the loft you can use it as a sleeping area with the selection of a transparent glass fence so you can see it from the bottom of the apartment so it is more elegant. Shades of white and wood materials will combine well and maximally in decorating this apartment. Loft Bedroom Decoration from @thestackedstore.

Part of the stairs to the loft apartment can be utilized as well and as much as possible. Here you can use the area under the stairs for storage ideas and apply laundry room decorations at the same time. Meanwhile, in the loft apartment you can store things too or make it a bedroom decoration. Loft Studio Apartment with Under Stair Storage from @thetojimato.

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