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Ideas for Your Spring Window Treatment

Staring at the scenery outside is a fun thing to do during spring. The flowers bloom and the plants grow becoming a pretty scenery that will give us a fresh mind. Related to that, the window becomes the center of attention during spring as you need to do a special treatment for your windows. To make it harmonious with the season (which is spring), applying the things that characterize the season is the best option you have. The one that won’t be wrong is by applying something floral. Then, you may also play with the colors. It will be ok! to apply colorful things during spring as you don’t need to feel too much because the fact is that, spring is about colors! Anyway, from all of the window treatments that you may have, here we have compiled the ideas to give you ease in giving the spring touches to your windows.

Curtain Changing

It can be said that curtain changing is the easiest effort that you can do to give your window spring treatment. Well, if you don’t have the spring curtain, you can buy it as it will be durable and you can keep it for next year’s spring season. Also, even when it is simple but you can get the spring impression that you want effectively. The curtain will create a spring atmosphere inside your home and beautify the window at once.

There are many things you can do for window treatment ideas in spring, one of which is to replace the curtains. Currently the right choice is a floral patterned curtain so that it will present a very beautiful appearance and is suitable for a spring theme. This white curtain with a flower pattern is long enough to make it look more perfect. White Floral Curtain from @clo_at_home

Look at this window! It looks attractive with the two curtains that decorate it. This curtain has a floral motif that manages to give a perfect spring touch. You can use this curtain for rustic style home decorations so that it will present its own charm. The idea of window treatment by replacing curtains is the right choice. White Curtain with Floral Pattern from @myenglishcountrycottage

Make your windows look trendy this spring. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you only need to replace the curtain with a spring theme. You can use this flower pattern curtain for window treatment ideas so that it will present a very beautiful appearance. This curtain has a pink theme to make it look feminine. Shabby chic Curtain from @shabbyshackworkshop

This window looks attractive in spring. This is because the owner replaced the window curtain with a flower patterned curtain. The combination of orange and green on this flower curtain has succeeded in presenting a beautiful and festive look this spring. Blooms Pattern Curtain from @soopknits.manmi

Are you looking for spring window treatment ideas? If so, you can try this one idea. The easy way is to replace the curtain. Here you can use two floral patterned curtains to cover your glass window so it will look beautiful and perfect for spring decorations. Long Floral Curtain from @agnieszka_modnicka

Simple but still perfect! This window treatment uses a floral patterned curtain so it looks perfect in the spring season. This curtain has a size that is long enough so that it will make it look more elegant. Currently you can use two curtains for window treatment ideas so that they will look perfect. Red Flower Pattern Curtain from @farhana.brishty

Curtain is one of the home accessories that you can use for spring window treatment ideas. This blue curtain with a floral pattern manages to present an attractive spring look. Having a short size, this curtain is suitable for you to use for kitchen window treatment ideas. Short Curtain from @theobsoletehome

Instead of decorating it with various ornaments, you can do this spring window treatment idea by replacing the curtains. Here you can use a flower patterned curtain so it will look prettier. This curtain has a white and red color combination so it will provide a clear contrast and look attractive. White Curtain from @bodhitreewall

Window Box

The window box may the thing that can beautify your window from the outside. It means that you can’t enjoy it when you are inside your home. However, it is still worth it because you can still enjoy the flowers growing in the window box when you open the window. Also, spring will let you go outside so that you can enjoy it including people who walk around your house. In providing the window box, the things that you should consider can be from the material of the box and the color that you apply. You may make the window box to be harmonious with the window from the color and the design style. Here are the examples.

This window treatment is done by decorating the window box so that it will look attractive from the outdoor area. The display of blooming flowers on this window box will present a beautiful and refreshing spring feel. The color combination presented by this blooming flower looks beautiful and manages to steal the show. Yellow Flower Window Box from @picksarahdesign

Show the beauty of spring on your window box. Currently you can use various kinds of flowers for this window box decoration idea. Not only flowers, here you can also present greenery so it will look fresher. This combination of flowers and plants succeeded in presenting the perfect spring look in the windows box.Hydrangea Flower from @youcandoitgardening

Look at the window box made using wood and painted in dark blue, it looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Several types of flowers planted in this window box succeeded in presenting a refreshing natural look and suitable for the spring theme. The combination of green, yellow and purple in this window box manages to present a very beautiful appearance. Purple and Green Themed from @petalsbranches

You will never fail to use flowers for window box decoration ideas in your home. Here you can use several kinds of flowers and plant them in the same place, namely in the window box. The purple look of the lavender and the white of the tulips will make this window box look amazing in spring. Tulip and Lavender Flower from @thecontainedgarden

Simple but interesting! This window box is decorated with pink blooming flowers, vines and taro plants. The combination of the three succeeds in presenting a fresh and lively look in your window box and looks perfect in spring. This decoration idea is quite easy to do and manages to give its own charm to the outdoor area. Flower and Caladium Plant from @walkablecharleston

Take a look at this window box. The greenery in this window box manages to present a fresh and natural look. Here you can also add duck ornaments in the window box so that it will make it look more festive. Some flowers that bloom will also contribute to the beauty of your window. Duck and Greenery from @magpieethel

This mini window box is decorated with yellow flowers so that it will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Then you can also add ornamental tulips to this window box so it will look very attractive. This decoration idea is very easy and inexpensive yet makes your windows look lively in spring. Faux Tulip Ornament from @janedoucetauthor

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Decorate your window box with various kinds of plants such as flowers, greenery and vines. The blooming flower display will present a feminine and beautiful spring look. Now you can also display the bunny ornament there so it will make your window box look more perfect. Bunny Ornament and Flower from @madetoflourishdesigns

Look at this outside window, equipped with a window box will make it look more attractive. You can now fill it with lavender so it will look really lovely this spring. Here you can also add some leaf stalks to bring a touch of green so it will look beautiful and attractive. Lavender Flower from @houseof_york

So festive! Several flower combinations in this window box have succeeded in presenting beautiful and colorful nuances. This window box decoration idea is quite easy to do and is suitable for spring decoration ideas. With this project your window will look very beautiful from the outdoor area and manage to steal the show. Colorful Flower from @joshfriedmanphoto

Ornament Application

There will be many pretty spring things that you can use to decorate the windows. Well, spring will always be about the pretty things that won’t make us bored. The kinds of ornament will be varied such as hanging ornament, garland, wreath, standing ornament, decorative candles, decorative vases, and more. But, when talking about the theme, it will be clear that it won’t be far from flowers, plants, and other living things that come during spring.

Using spring ornaments for window treatment ideas is an interesting idea that you can try now. Flower ornaments made using this paper will present a very beautiful charm on your window. Currently you can display it by attaching it to a glass window so that it can be seen from the outside. Paper Flower Ornament from @kokozakarakter

Interesting right ? This glass window is decorated with daisies flower ornaments so that it looks more beautiful. Made using a combination of white and yellow paper will make it look real. Here you can display it by hanging it on the window so that it will make your window look more beautiful as well as being the perfect window treatment in spring. Honeycomb Daisies Ornament from @magpieethel

Wreath is a suitable ornament for any decoration idea, including spring decoration ideas. Made using moss and flowers, this wreath looks very interesting and different from usual. Then you can place this wreath on your windowsill for a beautiful and inspiring spring display. Moss Wreath from @firsthousejournal

Check out these window treatment ideas! Decorated with garland will make it look very festive. This garland was made with a DIY project by knitting so that it has quite high artistic value. Having a combination of several colors, this garland looks very festive and manages to steal the attention of everyone who comes to see it. Colorful Banner from @beakybe

Presenting a bunny in spring decorations is an idea that can never fail. Now you can bring the bunny and place it on the windowsill so it will be the perfect window treatment. This bunny has a soft color theme that successfully presents a beautiful and elegant look. Bunny on the Window Sill from @decoratemytexashome

Take a look at this egg tree ornament. Made with a DIY project and has a colorful theme, making it look very festive. Now you can display it on your windowsill so it will be a beautiful and festive window treatment. Then you can also add other ornaments such as bunnies, chicks and others so that the spring decorations on your window look more real. Egg Tree Ornament from @quiltingtwins

This wreath is made using burlap material so it will present an attractive rustic look. Decorated with blooming flowers and bunny ornaments, it makes it look very pretty and perfect for a spring theme. Equipped with a rope at the top will make it very easy to display. Currently you can display it by hanging it on a glass window so that it will be exposed perfectly. Burlap Wreath from @thesewingcafeuk

This flower ornament will never fail for window treatment ideas in your home. Made using colorful tissue, this flower ornament looks like a real flower. The owner arranges it into a chain so it looks more beautiful. Finally, you can hang it on a glass window so that it will present an extraordinary spring display. Tissue Flower Ornament from @kennedyparkshop

This Wreath is made using egg shells so it looks interesting and different from usual. Equipped with a rope and hanging on the glass window will make it a perfect window treatment. Then you can also add ornament trees and potted flowers there so that it will make your spring decorations more lively. Egg Shell Wreath from @kvety_garomi

This spring garland is made using unused book sheets so it looks more aesthetic and very creative. The creator used thin white thread to string this garland to make it look neater. Then this garland is hung on a glass window so that it will present an attractive appearance from the indoor and outdoor areas. Spring Garland from @shoprjhome

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