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8 Mantel Treatment You Can Do to Welcome Spring

When the spring comes, the snow will melt and the sun will shine. Along with that, the colors are also blooming here and there on earth. You’ll see the plants grow, the flowers bloom, and the animals will pass near you. It is such a great thing to bring the spring spirit into the house. If you are confused in choosing the best part to be added with the spring touches, we recommend you choose the mantel. It is because, after the fireplace working so hard during the winter, it can be a great thing to dress up the mantel with the pretty spring touches. Also, since the fireplace becomes the point of interest during winter, it will still have interest during the spring so decorating it will be effective since it was just become the point of interest before.

There are many things that you can apply to the mantel decoration. It can be by focusing on the design style such as farmhouse, bohemian, modern, classic, etc. Or, you can focus on the colors and pretty things that you like to be added there without worrying about the style. Both are great, it’s all just about your taste. Whether you want to be conceptual or you want to be free in creating the aesthetic look. Here we have some references that you can copy or at least become your inspiration.

Floral Mantel

Floral Mantel from @melanielissackinteriors

Look at how pretty the floral mantel looks like. It is created by using fake flowers so that it can be durable and long-lasting. The kinds of flowers are varied and the colors are also not boring. The flower arrangement uses some different color combinations but it looks matching really well. The combination is great and perfect for the mantel. The flower arrangement almost covers all parts of the mantel top surface which is really massive but not overserving at all.

Luxurious Mantel Design

Luxurious Mantel from @suzannezinggstyle

The mantel combines the classic luxurious design with the pretty colored flowers. Amazingly, those things are applied on the white simple mantel. The luxurious things come from the gold flamed mirror with the classic luxurious details. Then, the spring touch comes from the flowers being applied there. The colors of the flowers are green and purple for a calming yet romantic pretty impression.

Simple Greenery Application

Greenery Application from @kh_decor

Even when the decoration is all green, it doesn’t reduce the beauty of the decoration. It is caused by the varied kinds of greenery used. In this case, not only the kinds but also the application technique and the shape. The greeneries are decorated to get the aesthetic shapes. They are planted on the right planters and some of them are beautified with ribbons.

Spring Masculine Touch

Spring Masculine Touch from @andthentheywentwild

The masculine style can also be pretty. You can apply the black color and choose the additional touches for the color. Look at how the wreath looks gorgeous with a mysterious look that comes from the color and the winding of the twigs. The spring touches of this mantel decoration come from the small white blooming on the twigs. The white color of the bloomings creates contrast with the black color applied which is adorable.

Simple Soft Decor

Simple Soft Decor from @the_seasoned_home

The color that is used in this mantel decoration is white with a touch of soft peach pastel color for the flowers. There are three vases full of peach flowers on each side of the mantel’s top surface. The decoration was then added with a mirror. The special thing about the mirror is that it has a bubble frame. You should also see the rabbit garland which is really cute.

Crafted Decoration

Crafted Decoration from @gingerhearts

It is great to do some crafting projects in decorating the house. By doing your own decoration, you can implement your personal touch there to give you more comfort while in the house. The first interesting craft here is the twig arrangement on a vase. This project will be really cheap since you just need to find the twig and then make the paper ornament to hang on the twig. Another interesting craft is the rabbit garland which is also made of colored paper. It will be cheap, easy, and pretty. So much worth it!

Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement from @thecharminghare

Making the flower arrangement will be really fun. You can find the flowers and foliages that you want then express your imagination to arrange them. We recommend you use fake flowers and foliage so that it can be durable. Look at this flower arrangement on the top surface of the mantel. There are some foliage and flowers that are spreading downwards. It gives a special impression and makes the mantel even prettier.

Multifunctional Arrangement

Multifunctional Arrangement from @simplysoutherncottage

The spring touch here is available on the aesthetic small trees on the pots added on the mantel. Then, there is a flower painting to strengthen the spring impression. What is meant by the multifunctional here is that this decoration uses books to be arranged there to fill the empty spots on the mantel. It can beautify the decoration and make the mantel to be a rack at the same time.

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