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8 Ways to Prep Your Home Interior for Spring

Spring is here and you can start the new chapter of a warm season. You can start to open your door to enjoy the outside. And after a long winter, you want to open windows and let the fresh spring air in. It’s a great time to do lots of things. Along with the flowers starting to bloom, new plants starting to grow, you can bring that natural atmosphere into your home. Let’s to cheer up your home after a pale winter. And, it’s time to refresh your home interior design for spring.

To do that, there are some ways to prep your home interior for spring. One of them, move furniture and decorative elements to a different position. This can give your space a brand new look without spending any money. But, other than that, there other ways that you can do to prep your home interior to welcome spring season. The important thing is you have to incorporate some spring touches to make your home interior more standout. Furthermore, here are some ideas for you.

Clean Up

After the winter months, it’s time to bust open your windows and start cleaning up. Spring is the ideal time to give your home a thorough cleaning, especially as it can help you to manage stress. Taking on your home’s annual deep clean can be daunting, but with the right tips and resources, you can make it as painless as possible. We’ve rounded up some of the best spring-cleaning ideas, from decluttering to sprucing up your furniture. You can do it room by room so that cleaning can be done optimally. A good spring cleaning checklist will help you stay on track and ensure that you don’t forget any areas or items that you need to complete. Experts also recommend breaking up your list into manageable chunks and creating a spring-cleaning playlist to keep you motivated throughout the process!

Sink is one of the kitchen interiors that is often used to wash dirty dishes and kitchen equipment, so carry out routine maintenance and cleaning to get a cleaner and shiny surface. Use cleaning fluid and a brush to clean the sink area to the fullest. This sink cleaning can be done to welcome spring this year with joy, do it easily. Kitchen Sink Cleaning from @topcleancleaningservice

Welcome spring this year with great joy, one of which is by cleaning the entire house evenly. For example, you can clean dust, debris and remove unused furniture from your dining room decor. Try to keep the part of the dining table that is used free from dust because it will be used to serve food, just wipe it using a microfiber cloth that is perfected with the cleaning liquid you have at home. Sparkle Spring Dining Room from @deamasottipayne

An easy way you can do to welcome spring this year is to do a thorough house cleaning. For example, you can vacuum cleaner the sofa in the living room decoration to remove dust and germs that stick. Use a vacuum cleaner as needed. This tool will make it easier for you to do cleaning in areas of the house with less energy. Vacuum Cleaner Sofa Living Room from @coconutcleaning

To prevent moss from developing in the bathtub area, you can clean it by brushing the surface using a soft-bristled brush. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use liquid so that it is more foamy in the bathtub and maximizes cleaning of the bathtub. This refined brush with a wooden handle makes it easy for your cleaning activities in bathroom decoration. Brush Moss in the Bathtub Area from @byjillee

You can have a vacuum cleaner specifically for cleaning this floor area and can use it to the fullest when spring arrives. Perform thorough floor maintenance using this vacuum cleaner. This tool will help protect the floor area from hard-to-find dust and debris, making it safer for your health. In addition, this vacuum cleaner will also suck up your pet’s hair. Cleaning Spring Bathroom from @staublos.gluecklich

Don’t let your windows get dirty and dusty, now you can do regular maintenance to welcome spring this year with joy. Remove winter dust and debris using a microfiber cloth in combination with a scented cleaner. That way, the existence of this glass window will look cleaner and shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight from outside the room. Clean Window Debris and Dust from @ptprofessionalcleaning


With spring on its way, it’s time to get a jumpstart on your home interior. That means getting rid of any clutter that might be sitting in your home from the winter. Start by decluttering a few baskets or bags in each room. This includes everything from lingering winter boots and mittens to unread stacks of mail.

Once you’ve cleaned out your home, it’s time to reorganize and switch things out for the season. Whether it’s decor or seasonal clothing, switching out your wares will bring a fresh new feel to your space! Keeping your closets organized is a key part of maintaining your clutter-free home. By reorganizing the contents in your closet, you’ll be able to easily see what you have and what you need.

To avoid cluttering your closet area, you can use plastic boxes as additional storage which can work well in a room. Just have a plastic box with quite a lot or it can be adjusted according to the number of clothes that will be stored. Just choose and use a transparent plastic box to make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for or need. Box Plastic Closet Organizer from @homesweetorganized

Tidy up your kitchen pantry area with a few baskets made of teak wood so they are more sturdy and not easily damaged. The existence of this basket can organize all your food and drink stocks neatly and regularly. That way, your food stock will be safer from the chaos and dust that will nest around it. Kitchen Pantry Wooden Basket from @halfway_wholeistic

The decoration of the living room which is perfected with several woven baskets is an additional storage that you can use. Just put this woven basket into the wooden standing cubbies provided. Use a basket that is equipped with handles so that it can be moved according to the needs of the room, so that the room will avoid clutter. Woven Organizer Basket from @diariesofmyhome

Freshen Up with Simple Things

One way to quickly refresh your home interior for spring is to replace dark, moody colors with lighter shades. A few pops of bright color can make a huge difference in a space. Try adding a yellow vase of flowers, a pretty floral wreath on your front door or a fresh bowl of fruit to your dining table or kitchen island. This is a simple change that can really open up a space and help you feel more comfortable during the springtime. It also helps keep your visual clutter under control, which can be hard on your mental health.


This wreath design made from the main ingredient of blooming flowers is a smart idea that you can do to decorate the front door. You can make this wreath medium sized and hang it using a sturdy nail. Try to choose flowers with different types so that the colors produced are more attractive and colorful. This will add to your enthusiasm to welcome spring this year. Floral Wreath Design from @made_with_love_xtinax

The interior of the living room, which is dominated by yellow, is a smart idea that you can apply to a spring-style home. For example, you can use books and throw blankets with bright yellow color options. Then you can cover the floor with a colorful rug so that it is ready to be used as a pop color room decoration. Throw pillows that come in a variety of colors and patterns are also interior additions that make you feel more comfortable. Pop Color Living Room Decor from @carlaelliman

To decorate a room with a spring theme, you can present an interior with pop color choices. Yellow is one of the colors that makes a room look brighter and livelier. This yellow paint can be applied to the use of a wooden dining table with spindle legs which can present a vintage theme. Flower arrangements are decorations that you can make easily and simply. Yellow Paint Dining Chairs Set from @carlaelliman

Add Some Pops of Color

After a winter of dark and dreary decor, it’s time to introduce some bright spring colors to your home interior. A new coat of paint is another quick and inexpensive way to add a little spring color to any room. Try a light spring yellow in a living room, for example, or a soft blue in the bedroom. Blues, turquoise, and coral are all easy to incorporate into your living spaces. In addition to painting walls, there are also other simple and affordable ways to add some color to your home. Adding a colorful rug or throw blanket and pillow is one easy way to instantly change the look of any room. Likewise, a new piece of artwork can make any wall pop.

Pop color can be applied to the spring entryway decoration which is dominated by a choice of white and dark black. Pastel pink color is the best idea that you can apply in this room, for example, you can apply it to the rabbit ornament and tulip flower arrangements which are applied to a textured vase with a choice of white ceramic material. That way, the appearance of shades of pink and monochromatic colors can blend perfectly. Pastel Pink Tulips and Rabbit Ornaments from @decorbyaseem

A set of cutlery which is dominated by yellow can be placed on a wooden dining table that has been painted in plain white. Besides being able to be used to support spring decorations, this cutlery is also a new scenery and focal point. End this dining table decoration with a yellow tray which is perfected by a bouquet of tulips with a bold color choice. A Set of Yellow Cutlery from @siverpip

Pastel pink and sage green in one room are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Both of these colors can be applied to interior use evenly. To neutralize this home office spring, you can repaint the walls with plain white. Blooming roses and green plants are natural decorations that you can enter into this room and can be placed at several different points. Pastel Touch Interior Home Office from @happyshappy

Freshen Up Your Furnishings

Changing your furnishings is a great way to freshen up your home interior. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to give your space a new look without spending a lot of money or time. If you want a more natural look for your living room, try swapping out dark wood furniture with wicker or other garden-inspired pieces. This will instantly make your spaces feel more inviting and ready for spring!


Refresh the look of your spring living room decoration by completely repainting the walls. Then you can use furniture made from rattan, for example, you can apply it to the chairs and several wall decoration plates that have a variety of different sizes. Bohemian throw pillows add pattern to a room so it doesn’t look too plain and boring. Rattan Chairs and Plates Wall Decor from @macyyshome

Rattan furniture is one of the interiors that you can apply to a spring themed room. This material seems more natural and environmentally friendly. So that it doesn’t become porous, you can refinish it so that it has a more shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of light or sunlight around it. Don’t forget to cover it with a seat cushion so that it has a softer, softer and smoother surface. DIY Rattan Chairs at the Corner from @tupa_ja_kuisti

Swap Out Your Bedding

With the start of a new season, it’s time to switch out your bedding to welcome in a fresh look and feel. Swapping out flannel sheets for cotton ones and dark throw blankets for lighter options is the perfect way to add comfort to your bedroom as the weather transitions from winter to spring. Bedding is one of the most important parts of your bedroom’s style and functionality. It can make or break your quality of sleep, so it’s important to know when to swap out old items.

Not only focusing on using bedding materials, but you can also adjust bedding patterns according to the theme to be applied. To welcome spring, you can use bedding and pillowcases with daisy patterns dominated by yellow, pink and white. All the colors that are combined can work well together and of course it will be a comfortable laying surface to use throughout the weekend. Floral Bedding Pattern from @thekings_home

Spring tends to use splashes of color in its interior use. Now you can decorate your bedroom by using cotton bedding which has a polka dot pattern with a mix of red, yellow, green, purple and pink. The use of this bedding makes your bedroom decoration feel more fun and enjoyable. Do the washing again when the bedding and pillowcases look stained. Colorful Polka Dot Bedding Ideas from @vegasdesignbuild

Cotton is a choice of bedding material that is suitable for spring because it has a material that is not too thick so it minimizes you feeling hot. This cotton bedding has a predominance of white which is perfected with a colorful tropical pattern. Try to change bedding regularly, for example, you can replace it once a week to avoid dust, mites and hair loss. Cotton Bedding from @_life.of.ellie_

Update Your Lighting

When it comes to making a home feel fresh, lighting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a big impact. Upgrading your lighting can save you money on your utility bill, create a distinct atmosphere and suit your style.

The design of the arched window with a size large enough is able to let in more sunlight into the room. That way, the existence of indoor green plants will remain fertile. In the area around the window you can also put a table that can be used to put some of the ornaments that you have to be used as a new view. Arched Shaped Glass Window from @residenz.bln

When spring comes, it’s time for you to open the window or curtain, this is done to let more sunlight into the room. For example, when you use a shutter window design, eliminate the presence of curtains. The entry of sunlight into the house is able to help provide natural lighting thereby reducing the consumption of electrical energy which is commonly used in the use of lamps. Shutter Window Design from @mamofboys

Update Your Table Runner or Place Mats

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or simply want to dress up your table for dinner parties, a new table runner is a great way to give your space a finished look. A table runner helps to define place settings and connect placemats, while adding a symmetrical finish to your table decoration. It also protects your table from food and beverages.

If you want colorful accents for decorating your dining table, the placement and use of table runners is an option that is often used. To welcome spring this year, you can cover the dining table with a table runner that has a lemon pattern with a choice of bright yellow. The color of this table runner is quite diverse so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Lemon Table Runner Design from @csquared.placemats

To add pattern and color to the spring dinner table, you can use a placemat with a choice of flower patterns that bloom beautifully. The design and pattern of this placemat has a variety of different colors such as yellow, orange, bright blue and pink. All of these colors will work well together in this one dining room. Wash when exposed to stains or dirt. Tropical Pattern Place Mat from @homy_home_sewing

A bright blue cotton cloth can be used as a table runner design that is suitable for decorating a spring-themed dining room. It’s not enough to finish here, you can also improve it by using cutlery such as plates with a choice of rabbit patterns that are suitable for this spring. A flower arrangement with a shiny vase is a complement that you can use right now. Light Color Table Runner from @dec_or_lov_er

Consider using a table runner with a choice of rose patterns for a fun dining room decor display. Currently you can buy this table runner instantly with a variety of price options and can be adjusted according to the budget you will have. Aromatherapy candles make the room feel more relaxed and perfect for dinner with your family or friends. Roses Pattern Table Runner from @olgagulla

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