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27 Cheerful Spring Bedroom Decor Ideas

Spring is here and it’s time to refresh your home with cheerful decor. And you can do it for your entire room including your bedroom. Bedroom is a private room that can be decorated as comfortable and interesting as you can. However, if you’re not ready for a major overhaul of your bedroom, there are plenty of easy and budget-friendly ideas to bring some spring cheer.

One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a springy update is with bright bedding, curtains and rugs. These items instantly transform a drab room into an oasis of happiness. Furthermore, some ideas to bring a cheerful spring vibe to your bedroom are listed below.

Brighten up your walls with floral wallpaper

Spring is the perfect time to brighten up your walls with a beautiful floral wallpaper. With a huge selection of patterns available, you can find just the right style for your space and personal taste. Floral wallpaper can also add a sense of freshness to your space, especially when you choose a pattern that’s full of vibrant color and life. To really make your floral wall decor stand out, choose a design that’s bold enough to catch the eye, but still subtle enough to blend in with your existing furniture and decor.

A green flower wallpaper model is a great choice because it represents nature as a whole and as something that brings hope, curiosity, and creativity into our lives. You can also use yellow to create a positive mood, as it is representative of sunshine and warmth. Pair your floral print with a light-colored headboard and bedding trim to create an inviting bedroom that you’ll love spending time in.

To welcome spring in your bedroom decor, you can cover the walls using a large floral patterned wallpaper. This big floral wallpaper is dominated by a mix of several pastel colors which makes the decoration of this room feel softer, cool and soothing. Big Floral Wallpaper Ideas from @przepis_na_klimat

An easy way that you can do to present a spring theme in your bedroom is to install wallpaper with the appropriate pattern. For example, right now you can use a bold floral patterned wallpaper that has splashes of deep pink and black that can give a dramatic impression to the room. Then you can perfect it by using a plain white bed and nightstand. Bold Floral Wallpaper Bedroom from @mdesignsinteriordecorating

Wallpaper is an interior decoration that can be installed in any room as needed. The use of a wallpaper pattern can also show what theme or season is currently underway, when spring arrives then try installing a pastel-colored floral wallpaper. Pastel Color Wallpaper Bedroom from @houseofkaji

Inexpensive, easy to install and very practical is the use of a layer of wallpaper in your spring bedroom decoration. The use of this wallpaper presents a colorful look and touch to the room which makes it appear more fun and vibrant. Colorful Flower Wallpaper from @remodelaholic

No need to worry when you don’t have a lot of budget to redecorate a bedroom with a spring theme. All you can do now is to install and apply a floral patterned wallpaper with splashes of pretty and relaxing pastel pink hues. White bedding is a color combination that can never fail. Spring Floral Wallpaper Bedroom from @cr8tivewanderlust

Opt for a light and airy sheet set

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your bedroom decor with a little bit of cheer. One way to get this effect is to opt for a light and airy sheet set.

When it comes to choosing the best sheets, there are a few things to consider, including fabric and weave. A quality weave can help make a sheet set feel lightweight and airy without sacrificing durability. Try a blend of polyester and other fabrics with a higher moisture-wicking capacity.

Comfort must be obtained from the decoration of your bedroom. Therefore, choose and use bedding textiles with the right choice of materials, for example, you can use blankets and bedding that are thick but not stifling, cotton is one of the best choices. Thick Throw Blanket from @furnitureandchoice

On a bed, you can use several different textiles in the use of blankets, pillowcases and bedding. What you can try right now is a combination of cotton and woven fabric which will give a warm texture when you lie down on the top surface. Choose a pastel color to match the spring theme. Mix Fabric Material Bedding from @decor_ate_with_sharon

Don’t just focus on patterns, patterns are only a complement. When you are going to complete the spring bedroom decoration then do it and just cover the bed with a throw blanket with a choice of cotton material which has a smoother and softer surface. Cotton Bedding with Floral Pattern from @shorelycozy

The intent and purpose of using light textiles is not to get hot when used. In addition, lightweight fabrics are also easier to wash and dry more easily too. Use several different color choices such as beige with sage green which looks contrasting but very eye-catching and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Use Lightweight Bedding from @nest_number_9

Add a pop of color to your bed

A few bright spring-themed pillows on your bed can add a touch of cheer to the room. Choose pillow covers in bright spring colors that will pop against your white or patterned bedding.

You can also try a fun color scheme like yellow, which is known for its uplifting properties. You can opt for a bold floral wallpaper or even paint your headboard wall in this sunny hue.

Use one or two interiors with different color choices in this spring bedroom decoration. When this room is dominated by plain white, you can use bench velvet with a choice of bright pink. Also add flower arrangements as a natural decoration that will never fail. Velvet Pink Bench Design from

The floral pattern on the bedding and pillowcases can be used as a room statement. There are things that are more important, namely using other pillowcases with bright color choices such as plain yellow which are perfected with pom-pom accents. Yellow Color Pillow Case from @foreva.thrifty

When you have plain white bedding, you can use throw pillows with other color choices such as rose pink which is perfected with a deep pink flower pattern. This will be a pop of color for the room that you can use any time you want. Pastel and Floral Pattern Pillow Case from @theviewfromtobaccoroad

Pop color is one of the striking colors that you can use in a room dominated by neutral colors such as white and gray to make it look bolder. Now you can apply pink and lavender in your gray bedroom decor for a more colorful look. Bold Blanket with Arrangement Flowers from @janki.home

Investing in textiles

Another way to introduce color into a bedroom is by using textiles. This includes bed linen, curtains, rugs and even window treatments. You can choose in a bright color or rich patterns. It will liven up your bedroon in ease.

When choosing fabrics, think about their texture and how they feel on your skin. If you’re looking for something that is soft and breathable, go for cotton or linen. Alternatively, you can opt for a more luxurious fabric that is more resistant to wear and tear.

Besides being able to add color to the room, the use of floral curtains also adds to the pattern of the room and is ready to be used as a focal point. Usually this flower pattern is used to welcome spring this year with joy, the combination of sheer curtains is a combination that can be used to block too much sunlight from entering the room. Floral Pattern Curtain from @angelaateliercroitorie

Bring a cheerful atmosphere when spring arrives in the bedroom by using floral patterns as decorations. You can use bedding with floral motifs as a focal point on the bed, it’s not just enough that you can also combine them with floral pillows to make the bed look more colorful and cheerful. Statement Floral Bedding Ideas from @greytaless

Warm your spring by using a throw blanket on the bed, so that it is more in line with other spring themes there is nothing wrong if you use a throw blanket with a floral pattern. This floral throw blanket, in addition to presenting spring decorations, can also create a vintage style on the bed so that your spring will be more attractive and also warm. Vintage Floral Throw Blankets from @frenchbedroom

Welcome spring by changing the decoration of the bed so that it is different from the previous decoration, a unique look on the bed will also make your mood more comfortable. Use textured floral bedding so that your bed is more textured, don’t hesitate to put several shapes and sizes of this flower-shaped bedding, this will make your bed look even more full of happiness. Textured Floral Bedding Ideas from @iorlandorealestate

Use two different motifs on the throw pillow case so that the look of the bed is not boring, plaids and also floral motifs are very suitable to be applied to this spring theme. However, you have to use the same color for these two motifs so that the appearance of the bed is the same or you can also use colors that have soft gradations so that the appearance of the bed is not too contrasting. Floral and Plaids Throw Pillow Case from @windsweptliving

Accent furniture

For other ways, you can incorporate some bright and printed furniture in your bedroom decor. Bright accent furniture is an easy way to spruce up your bedroom this spring. You can enter a variety of furniture. It could be a bench, an ottoman, a daybed, a table, or something cheerful. All you have to is just to make sure that the piece of furniture complements the rest of your bedroom decorations.

You will get a cheerful atmosphere in the winter in the bed area by using a headboard that has a colorful pattern. Use an abstract color floral headboard on the bed when spring arrives, this colorful headboard will cheer you up when you wake up so you will always be excited about your daily activities. Abstrak Color Floral Headboard from

Spring is synonymous with bright decorations, therefore to present bright decorations in the bedroom you should use yellow paint canopy bedroom. The yellow color on this bed will provide a new focal point for your bed among these white bedroom decorations, so you will easily get a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom. Yellow Paint Canopy Bedroom from @nicolaburtinteriors

Not always with bed decorations to get a spring theme in the bedroom, you can just use a rug to bring spring accents to the bedroom floor. Install a floral runner rug with a bright color for a cheerful bedroom decoration, a pink floral runner rug is perfect for decorating a bedroom this spring. Floral Pattern Runner Rug Ideas from @katiewalkerillustration

Create a springy vignette

One of the simplest ways to add a springy touch to your bedroom decor is to create a vignette. These simple displays can be tucked away on tables, desks or mantels to keep clutter at bay and make your room look extra pretty.

Creating a vignette is all about selecting the right items. Choose a base to anchor the display and think about the height of each item you use.

Rustic style can indeed be applied to all seasons, but the right rustic style will make your spring more attractive. Use vintage ornaments for spring decorations in your bedroom, such as a woven rattan tray which is used to apply a spring vignette theme containing blooming flowers and a rabbit statue. Rustic Style Spring Vignette from @frenchflairfarmhouse

Add some flowers

Spring decoration is never complete without flowers, both real or faux. For your bedroom decorations, add as many floral decorations as possible. You can arrange the flowers in interesting vase. Place it on the nightstand or near the window. It is surely will boost your bedroom decorations.

Place a wooden tray on the bed to complete the spring decor in the bedroom. Instead of just leaving it empty, fill this wooden tray with winter ornaments, one of which is a flower arrangement in a glass vase. You can also add miniature rabbits and candles to make your srmi season warmer. Arrangement Flower Display from @the_flores_farmhouse

Do you have a spring bedroom decoration with soft pastel shades? If so, then try using a series of bolder colored tulips to place it right above the nightstand. Just apply it to a glass vase filled with water so it can bloom longer. Bold Color Arrangement Tulips from @dabblingwithdecor

If you have a vase too, use it again when spring arrives. Use as a vase of beautifully blooming roses. Apart from making the room appear more festive, these roses are also able to give a fresh scent to the surrounding area. Blooming Roses Jug from @adornsparrowplace

Not only roses, but you can also use other blooming flowers such as tulips. Apply it in a glass vase filled with water so that the flowers don’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Tulips Vase on the Nightstand Ideas from @dabbling_and_decorating

Roses with a combination of orange and white colors can be arranged together in a glass vase so that they can be used as a spring bedroom decoration that is ready to be used as a room statement. Just put it on a wood stool so that it has a height that can look bolder. White and Orange Roses Vase from @rekindledsigns

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