Space-Saving Furniture for Your Small Home

Your home will surely not function well without any furniture available there. That is why it can be said that furniture is something that you should consider well when moving to a new house. Anyway, there will be so many different kinds of furniture that you should provide just based on the room and your needs. Even in the same room, each person will have different needs for the furniture. For example, for your bedroom, you might need a bed, a side table, a working table, and a chair. It will be different if you already have a room for your working space where you won’t need the working table in your bedroom. So, it is clear that when talking about furniture, it can’t be set to be the same one as another.

Basically, there are some considerations that you should follow when preparing the furniture as follow:

1. The Needs

Just don’t be in a hurry when buying the furniture. You should map your needs so that you won’t buy something that you don’t need and only make your space looks narrow. Let’s say that your room with your kids’ room will have different needs for furniture. Your room won’t need storage to store the toys, right?! Make a list and spend your money in the right way.

This one bed will never fail to complement your child’s bedroom decor. This white bed is equipped with riling which will provide security for your child. Equipped with a drawer underneath, it will be very useful for storing your children’s toys so that this bedroom looks tidier. Not only that, the design is quite slim, and this bed is suitable for small spaces. Kids Bed with Drawer from @happyspacesolutions.

Look at this bed dude! Having two beds combined into one makes it very suitable for twins’ and siblings’ rooms. This bed is also equipped with vertical shelves which are a single unit so it will provide practical storage space and also save space. By using this type of furniture, you don’t need to add more storage ideas and your room won’t look cramped. Bunk Bed with Shelves from @remedydesignfirm.

Small but very useful in your bedroom. This dresser is equipped with a mirror and has a folding design so it looks practical. This furniture will provide considerable benefits in your bedroom. The reason is that apart from being a dresser, you can also function this one item as a desk. Now you can place it in the corner of the bedroom so it won’t interfere with your space. Folding Dresser from @bornincolour.

In a children’s room, maybe there will be more items in the form of toys or books, therefore storage is very important. Using a headboard equipped with storage ideas is the right solution. By using this furniture your child’s room will look tidier and you don’t have to take up a lot of space to present other storage ideas. Headboard Storage from @kidscornerdecor.

2. The Design Style

In this case, you should know exactly your home decoration style so that you can decide on your furniture style. Providing a harmonious style between your home and your furniture is such a great idea. It is fun to see everything in an aesthetic portion.

This table has a drop leaf design so that it succeeds in presenting an attractive appearance. This furniture has the advantage of being able to be folded and adjusted to your needs. You can use it as a dining table or as a coffee table. Having a simple design and a silky appearance will make it very suitable for modern-style home decor. Drop-Leaf Table from @vicentewolfdesigns.

In selecting furniture, you have to adjust it to the theme of your home decor. Take a look at this desk, made using wooden and metal materials which will make it suitable for industrial-style decorations. This desk has a slim design and is equipped with shelves so it will provide practical storage space. This furniture is suitable for space-saving ideas. Multifunctional Desk from @houseko_official.

This nightstand has a floating design so it will present a simple and modern look. Equipped with a drawer, this nightstand manages to provide a practical storage idea. Its small size will not reduce the function of this nightstand. Placing it right next to the bed will make it easier to access and most importantly very cost effective. Floating Nightstand with Drawer from @sbt_design.

This multifunctional coffee table is perfect for those of you who have modern-style home decor. This coffee table has several functions such as being a desk, coffee table, and also a practical storage idea. It has a black-and-white color combination, making it successful in presenting a beautiful monochromatic look. By using this furniture, you don’t need to present a desk and storage ideas in your living room. Multifunctional Coffee Table from @crazyocdaisey.

Look at the picture above! It has a built-in design, making it perfect for small-space decorating ideas. Its very simple design makes your space not look simple but still functions well. The owner added hidden lighting there so it would make it look beautiful. This built-in furniture saves space and manages a simple and classy look. Built-in Furniture from @kidscornerdecor.

3. The Home Space

Related to the home space, the things that you should consider are the size of the furniture and the furniture to be provided. Don’t be too much so that your room can still breathe and you still have the space to move easily there.

If you have a small space, using folding furniture is the right choice. A folding table like the picture above will provide double benefits for you. In addition to saving space, it can also be arranged as needed. This folding table is also equipped with a rack at the top, making it very multifunctional. Therefore, using this folding table is highly recommended for those of you who have a small space or live in an apartment. Wall Folding Table from @lhimports.

Perfect! This folding dining table is perfect for decorating your home. The reason is that this folding table is very flexible because it can be adjusted as needed. Now you can also pair it with a folding dining chair so it will look more harmonious. The advantage of using this furniture is that you can fold it back after not using it and you can use the space for other things. Folding Dining Table from @pickedvintage.

This bench is perfect for those of you who have a small space. It has a built-in design and is equipped with shelves on top of it, making it much liked by people. By using this furniture, as a result, you don’t need more furniture and your house doesn’t look too cramped. Present a built-in bench for space-saving ideas in your home. Built-in Bench from

This nesting table is a good solution for space-saving ideas in your home. Because this nesting table can be displayed by stacking it, but if necessary, it can be pulled back. In addition, the nesting table can be easily moved according to our needs, without worrying about cluttering up our space. Nesting Table from @walkeredisonco.

Space-Saving Furniture

Of all of those things to be considered, the most important one will be the home space. Why? Because you can’t impose your home space to be filled with so much furniture just because you like it or need it without considering the home space that you have. Especially when you only have such a small home space, putting the furniture here and there, is really bad. Then, what is the solution for that? Well, you should know about the space-saving furniture that is available these days. This kind of furniture is commonly used for a modern home or for those who have only such a small home space or living in an apartment. Are you curious about the furniture? Here you can check the following images and explanation.

Choosing the right furniture is the key to the perfection of your home decor. If you have a small kitchen, this pull-out kitchen table is a perfect choice. By using a pull out you can adjust it to your needs. If you need it, simply pull out this kitchen pullout, but when not in use you can put it back in and leave perfect wiggle room. Pull Out Kitchen Table from @sheffield_sustainable_kitchens.

This folding desk is one of the pieces of furniture that you can use in modern home decor and small spaces. Being in the wall area, this desk won’t take up much space but can still function properly. Having a fairly slim design, this desk is liked by many people. You will never fail to present this folding desk in your home decor. Folding Desk from @studiomichaelhilgers.

Look at this one piece of furniture! Not only does it function as a console table, it can also be an effective and efficient bookshelf. Having a sleek design, you can place this console table in any area. Here you can use it to display some ornaments at the top of the console table. Then use the bottom to display your book to make it look neater. Multifunctional Console Table from @bobbincottage.

Do you live in an apartment? If so, the selection of furniture is one of the things that you should pay attention to. Look at these dressers! Very multifunctional and will never fail for space saving ideas in your home. This dresser is equipped with a mini desk and several levels of shelves so that it will provide multiple functions. In addition to being a storage area, it will also provide space for work. Dresser Table from @our.hanbury.home.2022.

A folding bed is one piece of furniture that you will never fail to use for small space decorating ideas. By using this furniture, you can adjust it to your needs. You can pull the bed up to a supine position if you are going to use it. However, when not in use, you can fold it back so that it will provide a very wide range of motion and provide comfort. Folding Bed from @eliteinteriors2019.

There are several pieces of furniture that are perfect for space saving ideas in your home, one of which is this wall bed. This bed design will be very easy to adjust to your needs and is also suitable for small room decorating ideas. You can fold it against the wall when you’re not using it so it gives you plenty of room to move. In this way, you can use this space for other activities. Wall Bed from @konverto.

Look at the picture above! This chair, which has a folding design, looks beautiful and attractive. This furniture is perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or have a small room because it is very flexible. Here you can pair it with a coffee table that has a sleek design that will make it look more perfect and function properly. Folding Chair from @jandrguram.

Furniture with this folding design will never fail for those of you who live in a small house. You can place this folding desk on a wall area so it won’t take up floor space and provides wider space for movement. The design is quite simple and manages to bring a modern look to your home. Therefore, you will never fail to apply this folding wall desk in your home. Folding Wall Desk from @made_by_twelve.

This white table is very functional and will never fail as a decoration idea in your home. With a very modern design, this coffee table manages to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. Not only that, but besides functioning as a coffee table, this table can also be used as a dining table. So you don’t need a dining table anymore and will save more space. Multifunctional Coffee Table from

Using a bed like a picture above is the right solution for space saving in your home. This bed with a sleek design will not take up much space but still provides comfort. Apart from that, this one bed is equipped with storage ideas underneath so it will make your room free from clutter and look tidier. Under Bed Storage from

Are you looking for space saving furniture ideas? If so, this one piece of furniture is the solution. This folding wall table which is equipped with shelves looks modern and very practical. Currently, the owner has placed it against the wall so it won’t take up any floor space when not in use. The advantage of using this folding dining table is that apart from saving space, it can also be customized according to your needs. Folding Dining Table from @ujdesigns_.

Look at this bench. Having a size that is not too big makes it suitable for small-space decorating ideas. This bench is also equipped with three drawers at the bottom which will make it more multifunctional. Besides functioning as a bench, it can also be a practical storage idea in your home. Therefore this one piece of furniture will never fail for you to choose. Bench with Drawer from @thornleyhome.

Selection of furniture is one of the ways you have to do to improve space saving in your home. One of the right ways is to use folding furniture. Here you can use a folding table and display it on the wall so it won’t take up floor space but can still function properly. In addition, this folding table can also be adjusted to your needs so that it is more flexible. Folding Table on the Wall from @papillon09studio.

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