We should face the fact that smart technology is already integrated into the house as part of the home decoration needs. It will be able to help you maintain your house remotely with less effort. To make it clear, a house that integrates smart technology into the house is called a smart home. It will need an internet connection device for remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems that could be anything. We can also refer to the smart home as a home automation that provides security, convenience, and energy efficiency for sure. In this case, you can control the smart device by simply using a smart home application on your smartphone and checking it anywhere.

Basically,  a smart home is not a collection of varied smart devices and appliances. But, it is one integrated system that works together to create a remotely controllable network. For example, you can have all devices such as lights, heaters, security systems, and other appliances that are controlled by a master home automation controller (smart home hub). By using this hub, you can sense, process data, and communicate wirelessly. The interesting thing about the smart home is that it can be set to respond to voice commands by using a home assistant such as Google Assistant. The smart thermostat can even recognize the homeowners’ habits so that it will adjust the temperature based on the specific schedule.

Kinds of Smart Home Technologies

There are surely many devices that can be applied to your home and become part of your smart home technologies. Here are some of them that you can have.

1. Smart TV

Smart TV from @auxcity.smart.homes

2. Smart Lighting System

Smart Lighting System from @flinthomeintegrators

3. Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats from @chicagohvacrepair

4. Smart Door Locks and Garage Door Openers

Smart Door Lock from @techdroidsystems

5. Smart Security Cameras and Systems

Smart Security Camera from @tellurinternational

6. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart Kitchen Appliances from @thegreeneyedmama

7. Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs from @cbielectric_lv

The Advantages of Using Smart Home Technologies

To give you more understanding about smart home technologies so that you can consider them well whether you want to use them for your home or not, here are the advantages of smart home technologies. However, the main point is that it will be able to help you maintain the house easily.

  1. The smart home can improve efficiency where you can manage everything remotely. The smart home will also allow you not to set everything all over again because it will be able to set itself based on your needs and habits. For example, your air conditioning can be set to cool down at a certain time based on your habits.
  2. You can manage your home task by using a smart virtual assistant such as Google Assistant. It will give you ease since you can use voice commands to turn on the Air Conditioner, Television, and other smart devices.
  3. You’ll get peace of mind even when you should leave the house for such a long time because there is a smart home system, that will deal with the house. It ranges from dealing with home security and other appliances such as lamps. You can control and manage everything remotely which is really effective and calming your mind.
  4. Minimize the danger risk such as when you forget to turn off the garage door, fireplace, coffee maker, and other dangerous appliances when they are not being turned off immediately.
  5. Give you ease and give you less effort in dealing with home appliances and facilities. For example, you don’t need to get out of the car to open the garage door, you don’t need to walk and push the button to turn off the light, etc.
  6. It offers you energy efficiency and saves your money because there won’t be any energy that is being wasted without needed. Everything will be automatically set and used based on the need in the right portion.

The Disadvantages of Using Smart Home Technologies

Anyway, from all of the advantages that smart home technologies have, there are still some disadvantages that you should consider so that when you already have it in your house, there won’t be any regret because you know the risk and the way to deal with it.

  1. It needs a good internet connection because the system won’t work well when the internet connection is not in good performance. In case the internet connection is down, you won’t be able to operate the smart home system on your devices.
  2. Some people don’t have the ability to use the technology because it will be a little bit complex, especially for the elders. That is why, technology can be more exhausting than helping for some people.
  3. There is a risk where your privacy can be controlled while using smart home technology. It comes from the data the system sends to your devices. There is a possibility that your data can be hacked.
  4. Even though you can save energy by using smart home technologies, you need a high budget to buy the technology. Some of the smart home devices that are needed are expensive so you need to prepare more budget for this before you can finally save the energy and money to pay the energy bill.

Things to Consider Before Installing Smart Home Technologies

  1. Choose the right provider so that you can make sure to have a good internet connection. Also, make sure that it is stable so that the devices can work well and in their best performance.
  2. Learn how to use the devices. You may choose the one with simple instructions and application so that you won’t be confused about using it.
  3. Make sure to have secure devices. It is important so that your privacy won’t be hacked. You should set up strong passwords and multifactor authentication so that there won’t be any unauthorized access to these devices.
  4. You can start with the basic items such as smart plugs, smart bulbs, and switches for the smart home before you start to have the more complicated and expensive ones.

We do really sure that all the things that we have explained above are clear enough to give you information about how the smart technologies are being integrated with the house. So now, are you ready to have yours?!