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Bathroom Improvement: Installing Some Smart Bathroom Facilities

As we all know that bathroom is an important part of a home. Of course, you should give your best effort in decorating the bathroom just like the other rooms in the house. On the contrary, decoration upgrade is rarely done for the bathroom because basically the bathroom won’t be exposed too much rather to the other rooms. Well, that will be totally wrong since it is known that the bathroom quality reflects the whole house’s value. When you have it dirty, then your house will be dirty most of the time when there is no guest who visits the house. Otherwise, when you have it clean and everything provided there are completely awesome, then people will conclude that your house is also clean and well set all the time even when there won’t be any guest who visit your house. So, don’t let your bathroom not be upgraded when you upgrade some parts of your house. It’s time to do a bathroom improvement!

If you are still confused about the things that you can do for your bathroom improvement, then changing the bathroom facilities will be the best idea! Of course, it is not only about the beauty but about the things that can increase your bathroom value which is by installing some smart bathroom facilities. The facilities here will cover the toilet, the shower, the faucet, the lighting, and even the soap dispenser. There will be some other smart facilities that you can have to give you ease in doing the activities in the bathroom. Everything will be easy to use, helpful, advanced, smart, and have a high value for sure. You should know how concuss the smart bathroom facilities can be. Go down and find some ideas to make you in awe. Get the references, choose the ideas that fit your bathroom and budget, go to the store, and install them! Happy decorating!

This is the bathroom that everyone dreams of, because this room is equipped with sophisticated facilities. The shower section is equipped with a high-tech system so that it can be moved using a cellphone. With this facility, you can easily turn on your shower and your bathroom also looks very modern. Smart shower from @laufenbathrooms

Equipping the bathroom with smart facilities is one of the right ways to facilitate our activities. This time you can use the sensory shower! Shower and lights will automatically turn on if motion is detected under the shower area. Therefore, you can never fail to use a sensory shower to create a smart bathroom. Sensory Shower from @thermasol

You will never fail to present this one smart toilet for your bathroom decoration ideas. This toilet has a sleepy whir and is equipped with sensors. It can open automatically if it is detected that there is movement around it. By using this sensory toilet, it will make your activities easier in the bathroom. Smart hanging toilet from @fabiamonica.3

Faucet is one thing that is very influential in bathroom decoration. This time you can use a sensory faucet to complete your bathroom sink. This faucet will turn on automatically when a hand is detected under it. Not only that, this faucet can also automatically turn off if the hand is pulled. Sensory Faucet from @faucet_shower

Look at the picture above! This is a modern faucet equipped with high technology and suitable for smart bathroom decoration. This faucet can be turned on using a cellphone connected to WIFI from a certain distance. Therefore, using this faucet is one of the interesting ideas to complete the smart bathroom decoration. Electronic Control Faucet from @johngoslettbathrooms

This bathroom decoration is equipped with a smart shower so it will make your bathroom look extraordinary. This shower is equipped with smart settings for steam, water, lighting and music. These settings can be controlled using customizable and controlled via a touchscreen interface. Bathroom Smart Technology from @312kitchenbath

All about smart bathrooms! This floating toilet will never fail to complete your smart bathroom decor. The reason is that this toilet is equipped with a sophisticated system and can be operated using a remote. With the technology that is owned, this toilet is quite easy to operate and will make the occupants more comfortable and easy. Toilet with Remote Control from @yak_living_space_experience

There are many types of smart toilets that you can use to complement your smart bathroom decoration. This is one of them! This toilet is equipped with technology that can clean dirt automatically. By using this toilet, your bathroom will look more modern and can catch the attention of everyone who sees it. Smart Toilet from @acousticarchitects

This shower is equipped with digital settings that will make it easier for users. The digital shower system is a digital control panel that allows you to adjust shower settings at the touch of a button. It also features automatic shower operation therefore, it is a never fail to have. Digital Shower Control from @popupmybathroom

Using a sensory system is one of the right ways to perfect smart bathroom decorations. Look at this shower room! It is equipped with a sensory lighting system! The light at the top will automatically turn on when movement is detected below it. So you no longer need to press any button to turn it on. Sensory Lighting from @ofir_construction_inc

This smart bathroom uses a digital shower so it will make your bathroom more perfect. This shower can put control and comfort in your hands with features such as a water-saving spray, LED screen, and temperature control that allows users to precisely adjust the water temperature according to their needs. In addition, it also has a modern look. Digital Faucet from @bad_und_design_nuernberg

There are many types of smart showers that you can use to complement your bathroom decor, one of which is this shower. This shower is equipped with a system that can be controlled using a phone. This means you can turn on and turn off the shower at a certain distance through a phone that has been connected to WIFI. Shower with Phone Control from @roca_global

Perfect and never fail for smart bathroom. This frameless mirror is equipped with technology that can show news or weather on its surface. In addition, this mirror can also be operated using a voice assistant. With a simple design and smart technology, many people like it. Smart mirror from @smartmagic.pl

This shower room is equipped with a smart shower, making it suitable for smart bathroom decoration ideas. This smart shower can automatically turn on and dispense the power of steam, plus water, sound, light, and visualization to create one complete multi-sensory shower experience. Being in the wall area allows it to work effectively and efficiently. Smart steam shower from @thermasol

This small sink has sensory LED lighting underneath, making it perfect for complementing smart and futuristic bathroom decor. The LED lamp under the sink will automatically turn on when the vanity is opened and will provide practical lighting. Using this sink will never fail in your smart bathroom because it will make it easier for users. Sensory LED Lighting from @vitrabathrooms

This toilet is equipped with high-tech! He will never fail for smart bathroom decorating ideas. The reason is that it is equipped with high-tech which can automatically open and close with a sensory system. Apart from that, it can also clean dirt automatically so it is very easy and many people like it. High-tech toilet set from @lafemesmarttoilet

This shower room is equipped with smart lighting. This shower lighting has a sensory system that can automatically turn on when there is movement underneath. By using this sensory lighting, it will make your activities easier and the smart bathroom decoration more perfect. Sensory Lighting from @ivan_simpson_

These are smart mirrors ! The reason is that it is equipped with sensory lighting which is behind the mirror so that it will facilitate your activities. The LED lamp will automatically turn on when there is movement in front of the mirror, thus providing beautiful and perfect lighting. You will never fail to use it for your bathroom decoration ideas. Smart mirror with LED Lamp from @arthaus_bathroom_kitchen

This is a smart bathroom! This bathroom is equipped with a smart device system that is mounted on the wall and has been connected to all the facilities in the bathroom. You can Run a bath, Run the shower, Set the temperature, Dim the lights and Heat the towels only by operating the system that has been installed on the wall making it easier. This idea will never fail to apply in your bathroom. Smart Bathroom from @bselectrician

Equipping the bathroom with a soap dispenser is a perfect idea. This time you can use a smart soap dispenser that can work with a sensor system so that it will make your activities easier. To run it, you only need to hold your hand under the dispenser and the soap will automatically come out. Smart Soap Dispenser from @sanitizecare


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