Small Apartment: 8 Ways to Make it Looks Aesthetic

Living in a small apartment can be fun and proper as long as you can deal with the decoration well. Basically, there are some benefits of having a small apartment and one of them is that you don’t need to spend the money to buy many things to make the room not be seen as empty. The area of the decoration that you should think and consider is narrow so that you can minimize your effort. On the other hand, decorating a small space is a bit tricky because you have to adjust things so that the room won’t be seen as crowded. Here are the considerations you should take:

  1. Choose the right color scheme! Remember that some colors will make the room look narrow. Mostly it is the dark colors. Also, talking about the color implementation, we recommend you not to do the color layering too much because it will make the room look crowded and full.
  2. Minimizing the wall! It means that you can’t divide each of the rooms because it will make the space look narrow. Here, you can create an open-space decoration. Or, if you really want to divide a certain room for privacy reasons, you can simply apply a room divider.
  3. Apply minimal details! Well, you can still have the details inside the decoration but make it as minimal as possible. The details will make the room look crowded and the result is that your room will have a narrower impression.

After all of the considerations, no need to worry because there are still some tips that we will give you to deal with your small apartment decoration so that it can be proper enough to live in. Also, you can even enjoy your time there. Here are the tips:

  1. Install a big mirror for the wider room illusion.
  2. Use a room divider for the room separator.
  3. Create an open-space decor concept.
  4. Choose a neutral color scheme.
  5. Purchase multi-functional furniture

Now, the question is, after some efforts that you can do to deal with the function of the apartment, what about the beauty? Well, you can make your small apartment decoration to be seen as aesthetic. You can do it by choosing the elements that you provide in the interior aspects carefully and with taste. We have some ideas that you can take to make your apartment have an aesthetic look besides its function matters.

Urban Jungle

It is a kind of decoration that consists of a combination of different furnishing styles. There will be also some plants provided there. Then, the natural aspects will be the main point of this decoration. You can have the touch of urban jungle for your small apartment to make it have a fresh and warm atmosphere.

The principle of this decoration is that the big plants are positioned on the floor, the medium plants size on the wall, and the small ones are on the table. Then, the decoration is added with animal print items for a stronger natural impression. Urban Jungle from @homedeco

Flowy Design

The flowy design is about bringing the indentation to the decoration. It could be for the furniture, ornament, or even interior parts like the wall or ceiling.

The flowy design can be seen on the sofa, coffee table, and window. It can be a solution for you to have aesthetic decoration without too much effort. Flowy Design from @laratheatre

Scandinavian Touch

The Scandinavian design is known for its aesthetic impression. It is great that there are so many Scandinavian items these days. Even for the lighting, the Scandinavian style has its own products with certain designs and characteristics. You can apply the Scandinavian touch to your small apartment to bring an aesthetic impression.

The Scandinavian touch is applied to the furniture in wood material. This style is a combination of traditional and modern so wood is possible for this. Then, the lamps are also included in the Scandinavian style touch. Such a great idea to create an aesthetic impression of the room. Scandinavian Touch from @atelier_bejee

Eclectic Aesthetic

Basically, eclectic style is about mixing, combining, and layering. It is quite in contrast with the small space decoration principle. However, the eclectic style can be made into a simple one which is by combining the different styles or eras for some items in the room. No need to do pattern layering or color layering to create an eclectic decoration.

This room has a balance of eclectic decoration styles. It uses an old-style for the wooden dining table and chairs then combines it with modern stools and sofa. If you see in the corner of the sofa, there is a concrete pot in industrial style. Such an aesthetic one! Eclectic Aesthetic from @ayointerior_

Glass Wall

The glass wall will be really effective in creating a wider room impression. It will make you feel like there is no border in the room. The glass wall can be possible for the room divider and the interesting one is that, it will be great if you can have a glass wall that will let you see the outdoors.

Look at how wide your sight will be with this glass wall that faces the outdoors. It feels like there is no limit in the room. For this, you should make sure to install the proper curtain so that your privacy can be managed and you can also filter the sunlight that enters the room. Glass Wall from @zeinkurdi

Pop of Color

In case you choose the neutral color scheme and apply the minimalist decoration concept, adding a pop of colors to the decoration will be needed. It is important not to make the decoration to be seen as boring. Especially for you who love colors and can’t live in a simple minimalist home design, simply adding a pop of colors for certain items will be useful to fulfill your need in colors.

See! By simply adding a yellow chair and two green cushions, you can beautify the apartment decoration. Look at how aesthetic the decoration can be! Pop of Color from @norse_republics

Wall Gallery

It is true that a wall gallery might make the room be seen as crowded. But, you can do a trick for this. You can choose a spot for the wall gallery that is not too wide so that the items to be displayed there won’t be too many. Then, you can choose the area of the wall gallery inside the apartment where there are not too many items provided. The wall gallery can make your room enliven with an aesthetic look.

Here, the wall gallery can be a part of the pop of colors project in the room. It will make the room aesthetic and not boring. Choosing the spot near the window can be the best one since the window will give you the impression of being wide and spacious.  Wall Gallery from @celenabrownie

Lighting Choice

It can’t be doubted that lighting has its role in making the decoration look aesthetic. It is because these days, there are so many lighting choices in aesthetic designs to beautify the room. It will be an easy way to bring the aesthetic characteristic to the apartment without needing too much space.

The lamp that is chosen here it the metal Scandinavian lighting. It is a kind of floor lamp with an indentation to create an aesthetic impression. This one is a simple yet aesthetic lighting. Lighting Choice from @thestandardassembly


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