Scandinavian Home Décor: Tips And Decor Ideas

Minimalism may come and go in trends, but one form of clean design that will always be timeless is Scandinavian interior design. But what is Scandinavian design? Scandinavian interior design embodies minimalism by incorporating a mix of textures and gentle colors to make sleek, contemporary décor feel comfortable and welcoming. It showcases simple furnishings with clean lines and practicality that are both aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

The ability to display restraint in one’s decorating choices while still creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is a remarkable feat. The popularity of this style lies in its ability to appeal to both our desire for organized and tidy spaces, as well as our need for inviting and comfortable living environments. Here are some tips to achieve a Scandinavian home décor:

Use neutral colors

The use of neutral colors is a hallmark of Scandinavian décor. This includes shades of white, gray, beige, and black, which serve to create a serene and calming environment. By keeping the color palette neutral, the focus is placed on the textures, materials and the forms of the furnishings and décor, rather than on bold colors. The neutral palette also allows for the natural light that is abundant in the Nordic countries to shine through, adding to the overall warm and inviting atmosphere of a Scandinavian-style space. Additionally, the neutral colors provide a blank canvas that can easily be updated or changed with accents of color as desired, making it a versatile and timeless design choice.

The off-white color scheme in this Scandinavian bedroom decor is able to create a calm and warm home look. Furniture that has matching colors will also make your home more comfortable and calm. White Pale Color Scheme from

Choosing a beige wall color palette is able to produce a warm and comfortable home decor for Scandinavian home designs. The neutral palette also allows plenty of natural light into your home Cream Color Scheme</a > from @alltagsschaetze

This Scandiavian kitchen has a white color scheme that will make your home look cleaner and more spacious. Combined with wooden floors and countertops, this kitchen completes the look. White Kitchen from @heim.liebelei

The gray wall scheme in this home’s dining room creates a warm and serene home. Combined with a dark wooden floor, it manages to give a warm impression to the whole room. Gray Wall Color from @jullysplaceblog

The combination of gray and white in this living room color scheme features a warm and clean design. Wooden floors and large windows successfully give the impression of a warm space and natural light enters the room. Scandinavian Living Room Gray from @mybigwhiteoldhouse


Incorporate natural materials

Natural materials is a key element of Scandinavian décor. These materials, such as wood, leather, linen, and wool, are selected for their durability, warmth, and texture. The use of natural materials helps to create a harmonious connection between the interior space and the surrounding natural environment, which is an important aspect of Scandinavian design.

A natural touch in the form of this Scandinavian dining table set is able to make an attractive and stylish home decoration. These wooden floors and cabinets also make your home look warmer and cozier. Wood Dining Table from @tridzhome

This Scandinavian kitchen has a wooden table top. White color cabinets also create a contrasting kitchen décor. Wood Ciuntertops from @jung.bauen

Using natural materials in the form of linen curtains can produce interesting home decorations for you to try. These curtains also provide privacy to your home. Linen Curtain from @japandi.interior

Choosing linen curtains that are applied to this Scandinavian living room makes for an attractive home decoration and a natural touch to the whole room. Linen sofas also add extra coziness to the rest of the house. High Linen Curtains from @eimsbude

You can apply this soft texture to your home linen sofa. The use of natural materials helps create a harmonious relationship in your Scandinavian home design. Linen Sofa from @homestory_pictures


Focus on simplicity

Simplicity is a core principle of Scandinavian décor. The style emphasizes clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. Furnishings are often streamlined and free of excessive ornamentation, with a focus on practicality and comfort. The goal is to create a clutter-free and organized space that is easy to live in. To achieve this, Scandinavian décor often incorporates smart storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets and shelving, to help keep the space tidy. In addition, the use of neutral colors and natural materials helps to reinforce the simple and uncluttered aesthetic. The result is a calm and peaceful environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Simplicity in Scandinavian décor allows the focus to be placed on the essentials, creating a space that is both stylish and functional.

A minimalist take on this Scandinavian living room, featuring a black and white color scheme for a sleek design. This selection of sleek sofas and sleek furniture makes for the perfect home décor for you to try. Black and White Scandinavian Room from @100qm.scandi

In this Scandinavian bedroom, the look of the house is neat and sleek. The white color scheme and wooden floors will also balance the look of your room. Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom from @pibsen

Using neutral colors in this minimalist Scandinavian living room decoration creates a stylish and functional space. The touch of wood panels on the walls of this house also gives texture to your whole house. Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room from @nh.interiorliebe

Emphasizing clean, sleek lines in this Scandinavian bedroom creates a clean and comfortable look. Having a minimalist style will create a clutter-free and organized space that is easy to live in Scandinavian Bedroom from @tanyaraychel


Embrace light

Let in as much natural light as possible and use soft lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Using a large window on one of the walls of this Scandinavian living room is able to produce a bright house and sunlight entering the house. Large green plants will also make the impression of a fresh and natural home. Large Windows from @sarahkhomes

Adding natural light to this Scandinavian kitchen can make the house look bright. Combined with a wooden accent wall will make your home more natural and rustic. Natural Light from @homeonanashvillehill

Letting sunlight into the room through the kitchen door gives the impression of a spacious and bright room. Natural lighting also creates a soft atmosphere into your home. Door Kitchen Scandiavian from @simplylifeandme

The white color scheme combined with a large window on one wall offers a spacious and airy home. You can also add white furniture to make the perfect room decoration. Windows Kitchen Scandinavian from @by_blogliv

Displaying large windows in this Scandinavian living room is able to let sunlight into the room. This idea creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Large Windows from @japandi.interior

Adding tall windows to this Scandinavian living room manages to let sunlight into your home. Complete with sheer white curtains, this displays a perfect room decoration. High Windows from @interior_by_helena

Add texture

To add texture, bring natural materials to your space. Don’t hesitate to play with layers; rugs, throw pillows, and blanket. Or you can also experiment with patterned textiles, such as geometric or nature-inspired prints, to bring texture through design. Remember, the key to Scandinavian design is to keep things simple and uncluttered, so be mindful of adding too many textures and patterns.

Complementing the look of the sofa with a few pillows placed on top of this sofa manages to add extra comfort to your entire home. The soft feather pillows and selected linen produce a comfortable decoration for you to try on. Several Pillow from @folketshusgatan

This soft fur rug that is placed on the floor of this Scandinavian living room is able to give the impression of a warm room for your feet. You can also add a sofa and some pillows for comfortable results. Furry Rug from @interiorbysassa

Adding texture to this Scandinavian living room produces the perfect home decoration for you to try. You can apply it to soft fur rugs for maximum results. Faux Fur Rugfrom @livinginspiring


Use plants

Plants are a great way to add life and texture to a Scandinavian-style home. Potted plants, hanging plants, terrarium, or even botanical prints or images of plants into your décor through artwork, textiles, or wallpaper. Remember to keep the plants simple and clean, in line with the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

Adding a monstera plant in the corner of the reading room is able to offer a fresh and natural home design. This type of plant is low maintenance and creates the perfect room decoration. Monstera Plant from @livinginspiring

Some of these low maintenance green plants in pots can produce cool and natural home decorations. You can place it anywhere you like in this Scandinavian dining room design. Low Care Plants from @sofiabjork._

This banana leaf type green plant is able to give a fresh and natural impression to this entire Scandinavian house. Placing in the corner of the house with this knitting pot can make a different look in your home. Banana Leaf from @presenttime_official_

Decorate your Scandinavian dining table with a touch of tulips to make your home cool and natural. Pairing with this wooden dining table set makes for a perfect look. White Tulip from @scandi_uk

Ara fig, which was applied to this Scandinavian living room, succeeded in giving the house a fresh and cool look. Simply place it next to the TV for the perfect centerpiece. Ara Fig from @decoreli_home

The monstera green plant that is applied to this Scandinavian dining table is able to give a perfect appearance. A touch of greenery will also give a natural impression to the whole room. Monstera Plant Centerfrom @archdose

Mix and match

Mix and match décor can add visual interest and a personal touch to your Scandinavian space. Things that you need to consider is stick to a neutral color palette. You can use texture to create interest. Or consider to balance between old and new. For example an antique chair can look great alongside a modern sofa. Just be be mindful not to over-decorate or create a cluttered look.

Adding an antique touch to this Scandinavian home decoration looks interesting, doesn’t it? Applying this in a Scandinavian living room manages to steal the eye and has a different look. Antique Chair from @blessingbarn_homestore

This antique coffee table with a different shape makes a beautiful Scandinavian room decoration for you to try. This unique design can steal the eyes of everyone who comes. Antique Wooden Table from @madame_decore

Stay true to the culture

Incorporate traditional Scandinavian elements, such as woven textiles and handcrafted wooden objects, to honor the cultural heritage of the region.

The woven carpet with ethnic patterns on this Scandinavian home entryway produces beautiful home decorations for you to try. Combined with a wooden floor, it will make the house look warm and comfortable. Woven Rug from @jullysplaceblog

After reading the tips on how to achieve Scandinavian décor, it is time to decorate your own. Take a look at these 32 Scandinavian décor ideas below to inspire you!

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