Affordable RV Hack Ideas to Prepare Your Spring Break Adventure

Spring break is the best time for you to finally go for an adventure. Well, it might be won’t as warm as the summer but to finally be able to go outside after the cold winter is such a big deal. To do the plan, it is the right time for you to deal with your RV. You can redecorate the RV, repair the damage, and add some facilities to support your adventure. If you are afraid of the cost of preparing your RV, you don’t need to worry because you can do some hacks that will be effective and affordable. You can even adjust the design based on your RV needs and conditions. However, you should be careful because it is quite tricky to decorate the RV. There are some differences compared with the common decoration in your house. Remember that the RV will run through different road conditions and has a risk of the stuff falling.

We have collected the ideas for the RV hacks that you can copy for your spring RV. The ideas will cover the furniture, accessories, and other additional facilities that fit the RV. For example, you can have storage that can be made of macrame, wood, wire, and other material choices. It is interesting how you can also have a pet house inside the RV so that you can bring your dog or cat together with you. We can not wait for you to see the ideas that we have gathered below. Since the ideas are really varied both the designs and the functions, we do really sure that you can get the ones that fit your RV. Check them out!

Mini hammock is one of the right solutions for storage ideas on your RV. This time you can use it to store fruit so it will look neat and orderly. Hang the macramé over the sink area so it won’t take up much space and is perfect for an RV hack idea. Mini Hammock Fruit Storage from

There are many hacking ideas that you can apply to your RV, one of which is pegboard. This time you can use a pegboard for the idea of storing plates, bowls and glasses so that they are tidier and won’t fall over while walking. You can place this pegboard in a cabinet so it won’t interfere with the space in your RV. Pegboard for Storage from @asilem68

Check out these RV hack ideas! Simple but very perfect. A bench designed with space underneath will be the perfect hack idea. The reason is you can use the space under the bench to place baskets and boxes as storage ideas in your RV. In this way, it will make your RV more space saving. Bench Storage from @lefugitifbus

This washing machine is equipped with a wooden cabinet which was made with a DIY project so that it will present an attractive appearance. Designed with a flat surface, this washing machine cabinet can be used as a table. This way, your RV will look neat and have an extra table above your washing machine. DIY washing machine cabinet from @tinyhousebasics

Storage is one of the things that must be considered if you live in an RV. Check out this Drawer hack! It is equipped with two pegboards so that it will provide more storage space. This time you can use it to store kitchen utensils by hanging it so that it is very space saving and can still accommodate more items. Drawer with Two Sheet of pegboard from @ourwanderlustbus

There are many hacking ideas that you can apply to your RV, one of which is the ladder hack. Instead of a ladder, this time you can install this ladder in the bathroom area and use it as a towel hook idea. By using a ladder towel hook, you can accommodate more towels without having to take up a lot of space. Therefore, this one hacking idea will never fail to try. Ladder Towel Rack from @the.dencher.adventures

Instead of using macrame as decoration, this time you can use it as an RV hack idea. Here you can install macrame on one of the walls of your RV and use it for storage ideas in your RV. By using this macramé, your goods will remain safe even if they are exposed to vibrations when the RV is running. Macramé Organization from @lefugitifbus

Perfect ! This RV floor is designed with a size that is high enough so you can take advantage of the area underneath for this RV storage idea. This one hack idea is quite interesting! The reason is that it provides a lot of storage without having to interfere with activities in your RV area. Hence, this hacking idea manages to grab attention and inspire. Floor Storage from @moderntinyliving

The cabinet door hack is one interesting idea for life inside an RV. The reason is that he contributed to the idea of space saving in this RV area. This time you can use a door cabinet as an idea for storing spices so you don’t need more space in the cabinet. Use a magnet jar for this door cabinet storage hacking idea so it’s simpler and easier to access. Cabinet Door for Storage from @laceyraeshome_editing

Sandals and shoes are things that are quite annoying in your RV if they are not stored properly. This time you can use a hack pouch as an idea for storing sandals and shoes. Hang this pouch under the bed and use it to store sandals and shoes. In this way, it will make it tidier and more organized so that it won’t scatter and disturb your activities in the RV. Hanging Shoes Rack from @rvcanucks

This time you can use the RV hack idea in the kitchen area. This kitchen island is specially designed by the owner and is equipped with a dog house on one side. In this way, your pet will remain comfortable and safe even when traveling in an RV. Apart from that, this hack idea will also save space in your RV instead of having to use a dog house. Kitchen Island with dog house from @abigailsikma

Creative and inspiring! This RV hacking idea uses pillows for clothes storage ideas that won’t be used in the near future. In this way, your clothes will look neat and won’t take up space. This RV hack idea is quite simple, but very interesting to apply to your RV. Pillow Hack from @thirdgenerationhairstylist

Look at the picture above! This is the perfect RV space saving hack idea. A towel rod that is installed on the wall area with a vertical design will be a practical towel storage idea. Apart from that, it is also very space saving and will not interfere with other activities in the RV. Towel Rood Wall mounted from @snowbirdsrvtravelers

If you’re looking for an RV storage hack, this one idea will never fail. Here you can use a chalkboard for storage ideas in your RV. Combine two specially designed cardboards and use them to store any bottle so it will look neat. This way, you’ll keep your RV organized at a low cost. Cardboard storage from

Interesting right ? This RV uses a magzine rack hack so it looks attractive and very creative. This time you can install this Magazine rack on the wall area so that it saves more costs. Then you can use it to store dishes so they will stay safe even when the RV is running. Magazine Rack Hack from @rvchillin

This rod hack idea will never fail to complement your RV. This time you can install the rod in the bathroom area and use it to hang various kinds of bathroom equipment. In this way, your bathroom will look organized in an easy and very attractive way. Therefore, you can never fail to implement a rods hack on your RV. Rod Hack from @_milesmayvary

This bench looks perfect to complement your RV. The reason is that it is specially designed with a room underneath so that it will provide a practical storage area. You can place baskets and boxes under the bench so it will make your RV very tidy and organized. This RV storage hack idea is quite effective and efficient. Bench Hack from @lolathecamper

The Drawer hack will never fail you to apply to your RV decoration. This time you can use three drawers and place them under the bed so they will provide practical storage space. Here you can use it to store clothes, blankets, children’s toys and others so that it will look neater and orderly. Drawer hack from @unlimitedrvtrucks

Look at the Refrigerator in this RV! The owner used a stronger rack to replace the existing rack in the refrigerator. In this way, you can use more shelves and can also accommodate more food stock without having to worry that the shelves in your refrigerator will break or break. This one rack hack idea is quite simple but will never fail to try. Rack Hack from @snowbirdsrvtravelers

This snack camper hack will keep your RV neat and organized. This time you can use any basket or like the picture above to display some of the snack stock in your RV. In this way, it will be easier for you to access it and will also present a neat appearance and not disturb the view because it is scattered. Snack Camper Hack from @musthavemom

This wash cloth hack will never fail to apply to your RV. This time you can use it for soap storage ideas and other toiletries. In this way, your toiletries won’t be scattered and it’s also easier to carry around. Wash Cloth Hack from @campriverslanding

This snap strap hack is very functional for RV doors that have a sliding design. By using this snap rope, your door will remain secure and will not open and close when the RV is running. Here you also don’t need a latch that is installed in a drilled way so that it is simpler but still functional. Snap Strap Hack from @randj_rv_adventures94

Using a tub on an RV is out of the question as it takes up a lot of space. This plastic hack pool will be the right solution. Here you can use this plastic pool as a tub so that it can be adjusted according to your needs so that it is suitable for life in an RV. Tub Hack from @slidesout_hideout

Check out these RV hacks! This bench pad is designed with space on the shoulder with the aim of being space for pets. By using this hack idea, your pet will remain safe and comfortable even while on the move. However, it can still be used as a good bench. Bench Pad Hack from @us3andtherv

This cutting board hack is interesting for life inside an RV. This time the cutting board is designed with a size large enough so that it can be used to cover the top of the stove. That way, you can function it as a table and you have enough space for food dispensing or plating activities. Cutting Board Hack from @marriedtoamowery

The RV hack in the image above is shown by a tray. Here you can store personal items and decorative items on a tray with the aim of being easier to put them in a cupboard or into another room. In addition, your goods will also remain in place even though you are traveling. Tray Hack from @gannweather

Simple and will never fail! This wall art hack is interesting for this RV. This time you can use this wall art as a switch cover. This way your switch will stay safe from the reach of children. This wall art will serve a dual function besides being a wall art it will also be a switch cover that looks beautiful and very inspiring. Wall Art Hack from @learntorv

Here is a tablecloth clamp hack that is perfect for your RV. Here you can attach some tablecloth clamps to a rod and use them to hang various items so they will look more organized. This one hack idea is quite simple but still functional in your RV. Table Cloth clamps hack from @livinglancelife

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