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Things to Consider for Your Roofing

It is surprisingly interesting how the roof can give a big impact on your whole home decoration impression even when it is from the outside. Well, the roof might be only seen as a not-too-attractive part of your house but you should know that from the outside, the roof can be a center of attention because it is wide enough and there are no details that make the roof looks stand out.

For the best roof performance, there are some things that you should consider such as the type of roof, the materials, the paint color, and the gutter. For the complete explanation, please check the following details.

The Types

There are some roofing types that you can choose. Let’s say that you can apply a gable roof, clipped gable, dutch gable, and more. You should know that each type of roof will fit different home decor styles so you should adjust it well. Take a look at the following examples that you can use as your inspiration.

This type of gable roof has a triangular shape and looks simple compared to other types of roofs. Using a gable roof will provide several advantages, namely it is not easy to get dirty, this is because on each side of the roof there is a downward section so that dirt will fall from the roof. Besides being able to retain heat because the empty space on the roof will become an absorber or area that stores heat. Gable Roof
from @andersholmbergarkitekter

Look at the picture above! The roof used is clipped gable which has a more aesthetic appearance. This roof has sloping edges so that it can deflect rain and wind. Therefore this type of roof is suitable for those of you who live in a country with a fairly high rainfall intensity. Clipped Gable from @gardenstogables

This roof has an attic space which can provide ample space in your home. By using this roof, you can also install windows there so that you can create natural lighting from sunlight. In addition, this type of roof can also make air circulation in your home smoother. Dutch Gable from @roberthughes_plumbing

This one is a hip type roof. Having a design consisting of four slopes of the same length makes it stand out on your exterior design. This roof has the advantage of being resistant to high rainfall and snow. The reason is, this type of roof has a slope that can shed rainwater and snow. Hip Roof from @assertarchitect

Perfect for modern home ideas! This shed roof has a very simple design that will never fail for modern home decor ideas. The shed roof has one steep sloping side. With this slope, it can perfectly improve water and snow drainage. Shed Roof from @plantmandexter

The Material

It is known that each material has its strength and weakness. Besides, the cost will also be varied as you can consider it not to make you over budget. So, just simply choose the one that can fit your needs and budget. Here are the examples.

This metal roof has a material that is quite strong and resistant to fire and weather, this type of roof is suitable for residential homes. This type of roof can last a very long time and is not easily damaged. In addition, this metal roof is quite light and very low maintenance so you will never fail to use it. Metal Roofing from @wildwood_haven

There are many types of roofs that you can use for the exterior appearance of your home, one of which is a steel roof. This type of roof is very popular and the price is very affordable. But with a fairly cheap price, it is not as corrosion resistant as a metal roof. Steel Roofing from @quikfixphonerepair

Clay roof is a type of roof that has several advantages. It has the ability to dissipate heat so it is suitable for residential homes. In addition, this clay roof comes in various shapes and colors. In its application, you can adjust the color with your exterior theme. Clay Roofing from @ludowici_dallas

Different from others! This type of slate tile roof has a more attractive and aesthetic appearance. In addition, this type of roof also has strong properties and can withstand harsher weather. In addition, this type of roof also has a fairly long life and can last up to hundreds of years. Slate Tiles Roofing from @slatersroofing

Asphalt tile roof is very suitable for residential homes. This is because it has lighter properties and is far more economical than other types of roofs. However, this roof also has a fairly strong durability, which can last up to 50 years. So, you can apply this roof in your home. Asphalt Shingles from @ccandlroofingpdx

The Paint Color

The paint color intends to give your house building a matching look with your whole home decor concept. For example, you may apply grey roof color for your modern home decor concept. It is great how the color can easily create the style. The interesting thing about it is that you can choose the paint that is waterproof so you can have extra benefits here.

Painting the roof, is one interesting idea to improve the exterior of the house. There are many colors that you can use to complement your home decor. This time you can use black paint to paint the roof of your house and combine it with white walls so that it will present a monochromatic appearance. Black Painted Roof from @peachorchardfarm

Look at this roof! Painted in a bright color will make it stand out from the rest of the roof. This time you can use this red brick color for an earth tone style house idea so that it will make it look more attractive. Not only that, this paint has water-repellent properties so it will keep your walls safe and prevent water damage in your home. Red Brick Painted Roof from @quicklickpainting

There are many choices of types of paint that you can use to paint the exterior of your home. You will never fail to apply this gray waterproof paint to the ceiling in your home. Shades of gray will present a neutral look and are easy to match with any wall color. So you can never fail to use gray paint for any decorating idea. Waterproof Painted Roof from @the_reno_life_

Matching the color of the roof with the theme of the house is a simple way to improve the appearance of the exterior. This time you can paint the roof in gray if you have a gray wall theme so it will look the same. These gray shades can also present a neutral and modern look. Therefore you will never fail to try it. Grey Painted Roof from @natolliy


The Gutter & Water System

As part of the roof, the gutter is a thing that you should consider to be prepared well. It won’t affect the beauty side of your roof but it will save your home. Imagine when you don’t have a good gutter and water system, it will leak and your house will get water damage.

Choosing the right gutters is one of the things you should pay attention to for your roof. This metal gutter system has a material that is quite strong and makes it more durable. This time you can coat it with anti-rust paint so it will make your gutter system look beautiful and keep it in good performance. Black Metal Gutter System from @westecogutters

There are many types of gutters that you can use to complement your roof, one of which is the galvanized gutter system. It has quite strong properties and is able to hold a large enough volume of water. Apart from that, the galvanized gutter system also has a long life span of up to decades. Galvanized Gutter System from @roofart_group

Plastic gutter system is one type of gutter that is used in housing. Of the many types of gutter, the plastic gutter system has an affordable price making it suitable for household life. With an affordable price, this plastic gutter system still has good performance. Plastic Gutter System from @westecogutters

This copper gutter system has several advantages for you. Besides having an attractive appearance, it also has perfect resistance to water and all weather. Even though the price is quite high, this type of gutter can last for tens of years. So you have nothing to lose to apply it in your home. Copper Gutter System from @guttersmiths

Gutter is one thing that is very influential on your roof. To keep your roof safe, here you can use a gutter that fits the volume of the water system so that it will work perfectly. Install gutters with the right amount and the right position so that your roof will stay in good shape. Black Plastic Gutter System from @westecogutters

Look at the picture above! This vinyl gutter manages to present a beautiful appearance but at an affordable cost. The right installation and according to the water system will make this gutter work perfectly. This gutter will work well for draining rainwater and is fairly easy to maintain. Therefore this type of gutter system is highly recommended. Vinyl Gutter System from @natesgutters


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