5 Popular Thrifted Items That Every Home Should Have

Thrift items are popular nowadays. No wonder that lots of people are crazy about it. Thrift store furniture is great for those on a budget, those who wish to sustainably reuse and repurpose items, and those who simply love an eclectic and unique style. Well, thrift items do has its own charm. And there are so many great finds at thrift stores just waiting to be transformed. Ah, we also saving the world by repurposing! Want to have one or more to your space? Scroll down.

Larger wood furniture item

When looking for a thrifted wood furniture, look for unique features.: Consider the design, style, and unique features that would enhance your décor. Check for cracks, chips, or missing pieces that cannot be fixed easily. Evaluate the structure, ensure the furniture is sturdy and well-constructed, without wobbling or loose joints. After that, consider the potential to refinish or repurpose the piece to suit your taste. And don’t forget to ensure the furniture will fit through doorways, around corners and in the designated room.

Apart from being easy to find, wood materials have also become popular among homes with any style and theme. The Scandinavian kitchen decoration, which is dominated by nuances and wood materials, is one that cannot be separated from the wood element. Just try the slate kitchen island in your kitchen area and don’t need to repaint it. Textured Wood Kitchen Island from @studiomonocco.

Reuse reclaimed wood that you have at home to make it into one of the furniture that is often used in the entryway area. For example, you can turn it into a console table without re-paint so it looks more natural and of course more on a budget. Reclaimed Wood Console Table from @brindilles_et_nid_douillet.

In general, vanity cabinet designs are made from natural wood, this material is used more often because it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Just choose and use the type of wood you want, for example, you can use a type of teak with a smoother surface and of course environmentally friendly. Teak Wood Vanity with White Countertop from @the_hoffman_homestead.

A set of spindle wood dining table and chairs brings a vintage feel to any dining room decor instantly. What you can do here is varnish the outer surface of the dining table and chairs so that it looks more shiny and does not corrode easily due to pests. Spindle Wood Dining Table Set from @simplysouthernfamilyfurniture.

The interior bedroom which is dominated by wood is very popular and never fails. This natural wood material can be applied to the bed, nightstand, floors and walls of textured wooden shiplap which is finished with plain white paint. Dominant Wood Interior Bedroom from @decaves_by_chittearchitects.

This coffee table with the main material of thick and large wood is one of the choices that you can apply to your home to bring a natural feel. The design of this coffee table is very simple with an irregular surface shape, the selection of thick wood is intended so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Natural Wood Coffee Table Design from @farasarchive.


When choosing thrifted lacquer items, it is important to inspect the condition of the lacquer, including its finish and uniformity, to ensure it is in good condition and suitable for your needs. Additionally, consider the style and design of the item to make sure it fits with your décor and personal style.

This re-lacquered table lamp stand gives a more glossy appearance when exposed to the reflection of the light rays around it. You can place this table lamp right above the side table in the living room so all your guests can see it. Bold Red Lacquer Stand Table Lamps from @krbnyc.

There’s nothing wrong with revamping the design of your wooden dresser in the easiest way you can do it yourself for a new, shiny final look. What you can do now is to re-lacquer the outer surface of the dresser that has been dominated with green paint. The combination of yellow chairs beside him looks very contrasting and beautiful. Lacquer Dresser Design from @vintagerosehome.

There’s nothing wrong with lacquered some of the furniture in your home. This is done so that the surface of the furniture looks more shiny like new, besides that you can basically repaint the furniture with various color combinations to produce a final design that is rich in color. Colorful Lacquer Furniture from @lostorchidinteriors.

Your tray will look more attractive when you re-lacquered it. This activity is very easy to do yourself without having to call an expert. Another tool that is needed is a brush. Do the cleaning first on this tray before you do the lacquer. Sleek Black Matte Tray Design from @teradabijyutsu.

Shiny, clean and new is what you will get after you lacquer the ornaments in your home. Not only on furniture, you also have to pay attention to the ornaments of the house that are used. This ornament made of wood appears more modern when rearranged in an open cabinet area. Shiny Lacquer Jar Ornament from @urushist_feelj.

When you use a green sofa in the living room, for the coffee table design, you can choose a very contrasting color to make this room more festive. For example, you can choose a shiny blue color that has been finished with lacquer before. Also adjust the use of the rug with the color of the coffee table that is used so that it blends more perfectly. Contrast Color Wood Coffee Table from @katesmithinteriors.

So that the use of wooden vanity in your kitchen decoration is not easily porous, you can re-lacquered the outer surface. This is intended so that your furniture is protected from termites which will make it easily damaged when used for a short period of time. Yellow Paint Wooden Vanity from @folie_chambre.

Items in rich hues

Items in rich hue can complements the color scheme and mood of any room. Look for accessories—like coffee table books, small ceramics and vintage textiles—in rich hues. The hue may appear different in different lighting, so consider the lighting in the room when choosing. Also make sure the hue is consistent throughout the piece, without any discoloration or fading. Combine different hues for a unique and eclectic look, or choose a monochromatic palette for a cohesive look and consider your personal style! Choose a hue that reflects your personal style and taste.

These ceramic jugs and glasses with tropical patterned surfaces have several different color combinations that are ready to be used as a statement for a kitchen room. Besides being able to be used properly on a daily basis, the existence of this patterned jug and glass is ready to be used as an additional room ornament that can add color to a room instantly. Statement Ceramic Jug and Glasses from @picsfromcandice.

Look at the pillowcase that is placed on this white linen sofa, isn’t it colorful and very eye-catching? Yes, you can try choosing textile materials for this pillowcase material with quite a variety of color combinations. An ottoman with a striped pattern in a choice of pastel colors is a sweet finishing touch. Colorful Pillowcase Design from @picsfromcandice.

Several patterns, colors and designs that are applied in the same room are the best choices that will provide a festive focal point. The rich color and pattern of this sofa linen is enhanced by the use of vintage rugs and a colorful painted pot placed in the windowsill area. Mix Pattern and Color Living Room Decor from @ellasorangefridge.

Living room decoration with several different color combinations and patterns in the use of the interior is quite interesting. For example, you can use colorful painted pots, statement curtains and use blankets and throw pillows that have rich colors so that this living room looks more festive. Bold Color Use Interior Living Room from @_colorfulhome_.

This coffee table ceramic mosaic design has a touch of bright blue. To provide maximum color contrast, you can place a collection of books on the top surface with a choice of pink, yellow and orange book colors. This way it is ready to serve as the focal point of the room. Mosaic Ceramic Coffee Table from @talulah_belle.

Some of these colorful glass collections are ready to make your dining room look more festive. Choose the use of glass starting from blue, orange, green and yellow. Place the glasses in this set on the surface of a richly colored patterned tablecloth, making it suitable for those of you who want a livelier room. Rich Hues Color Dining Table Area from @beysykb.

Vintage lighting

Thrifted lighting can offer a cost-effective way to add light and style to your home, with a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. When choosing thrifted lighting, it is important to inspect the fixture for any damage or missing parts, and to make sure it is in good working condition. Additionally, consider the style and design of the light to make sure it fits with your décor and personal style. Some popular thrifted lighting options include vintage chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lights.

Lantern designs are usually dominated by a touch of vintage style. Right now you can try it in a dining room decoration that wants to save more on spending budget, just hang it right above the dining table that is used so that it can be used as the main lighting when the atmosphere in the room starts to look dark. Hanging Lantern Lighting from @parkandoakdesign.

Lighting is one of the important interiors that is needed in every room of your home. Choose and use lights according to the design you want, when you want vintage-style lighting then just use hanging chandeliers that are perfected with hanging star ornaments. Vintage Chandeliers Design from @aspleyhouse.

Another vintage lighting that you can apply to your home is wall sconces. The application of this lamp can be hung symmetrically on the shiplap wall in the living room. Its dark black color is made of iron which does not rust easily. Symmetrical Wall Sconces Display from @mysimple.home.

These two orb pendant lights of the same size can be used as the main lighting in your kitchen decoration. The lighting produced from the use of the orb pendant light is able to make the room feel warmer because it has yellow lighting. Just hang this pendant lamp using a sturdy chain to make it stronger and minimize the light falling to the floor which will cause chaos. Orb Pendant Light for Kitchen Area from @aspencreekdesignerhomes.

Are you looking for a lamp design on a budget? If so, then you can use a table lamp with a canvas lampshade that has a blooming flower pattern. The table lamp stand used also has a similar appearance with the domination of a dark black color that looks shiny. DIY Floral Lampshade for Vintage Table Lamp from @north_laine_bazaar.

This DIY wooden lantern has a vintage final look due to its natural color. You can choose a lantern design with a square shape for a different look in your home, the lighting used has a candle-like appearance with orange lighting. Wood Lantern Design from @beruru_.

Repaint the surface of the galvanized pendant lamp with the color of your choice. For example, you can paint the galvanized pendant in emerald green which will look more contrasting when combined with the use of natural colored interiors. Galvanized Pendant Lamps from @betterhomesandgardens.


Thrifted china can offer a cost-effective way to add style and character to your table setting, with a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles to choose from. When choosing thrifted china, it is important to inspect each piece for any cracks, chips, or damages that may affect its functionality or aesthetic. Additionally, consider the design and pattern of the china to make sure it fits with your personal style and the occasion for which you plan to use it. Some popular thrifted china options include vintage dinnerware sets, serving platters, and decorative plates.

Find a collection of Chinese ornaments at the nearest dollar store with the cheapest price selection or it can also be adjusted to the budget you have. This collection of Chinese ceramics has a beautiful pattern with a combination of white and blue, place it in a strategic room so that guests who visit your home can see it. White and Blue China Jar Ornament from @eviminsepeti.

Not only in ornaments, you can have a collection of china ceramics, now you can try it using the bowls in your kitchen. This china porcelain bowl has a vintage impression that can be used as an ornament while accompanying every meal with the family. China Porcelain Bowl from @eviminsepeti.

The porcelain material used as this vintage plate ornament has an interesting pattern that is ready to make the dining table area look more attractive. The layout of this china porcelain plate is enhanced by the use of a blue tablecloth that blends in perfectly. Prepare this china plate together with some gold spoons and forks. China Porcelain Plates from @edessamutfak.

Look at the design of this table lamp stand, doesn’t it have a popular look that will never go out of style? Yes, just perfect the look with a white lampshade which is perfected with tassels accents that are hung on both sides symmetrically. China Table Lamp Design from @eviminsepeti.

Not only abstract patterns can be applied to the porcelain ornament of your lamp table stand. These days you can choose floral patterns for a different look that can be found at dollar stores for cheap. The dominating floral pattern gives it an instant vintage touch. Floral Ceramic Stand Table Lamp from @gonul_antika_hollanda_turkiye.

Don’t let your cabinet or console table look plain and boring. From now on, you can decorate it with several collections of china porcelain that have interesting patterns dominated by a combination of blue and white. One of the ornaments that you can show is porcelain china with the shape of boots. China Ceramic Boots Ornament from @eviminsepeti.

Vintage mirror

Vintage mirror can add character and charm to your décor and are often sought after for their unique style and timeless beauty. When choosing a thrifted vintage mirror, it is important to inspect the mirror’s condition, including any cracks, chips, or missing pieces that could affect its appearance or functionality. Consider the style and design of the mirror to make sure it fits with your décor and personal style. Additionally, think about the placement and size of the mirror to make sure it is practical for your space and purpose. Thrifted vintage mirrors come in a wide range of styles, from ornate, gilded frames to simple, minimalist designs.

With a mirror you can bring a vintage atmosphere to your home easily. Use a large frameless mirror enhanced by a vintage painting. You can put it in the fireplace mantle area to fill the empty room to make it more stylish. Frameless Mirror Design from @white_birch_farmhouse22.

Not only for decorating your room and living room, you can apply a vintage mirror in the bathroom area. Install this vintage mirror right above the bathtub, try to use a mirror that has a large size and a unique frame so that the vintage atmosphere in your bathroom is maximized. Vintage Mirror in the Bathroom Area from @brendaburdettedesign.

To make the vintage atmosphere in your home more perfect, try using a mirror with thick gold frames. You can use two gold frame mirrors of different shapes mounted side by side. In addition to adding a vintage impression, the gold frame on the mirror will make the room more luxurious and charming. Sleek Gold Hanging Frame Mirror from @hannahlyter.

Another style that you can try to get a vintage atmosphere in your home is to use two stacked mirrors. Two mirrors stacked on top of each other and of different sizes will create a great vintage look. You simply lean it against the wall and place it on a table or cupboard, an easy method that you can try. Layered Vintage Mirror Design from @heartofwendy.

Using a mirror as a room decoration is an easy and inexpensive step for a vintage theme that you apply at home. Standing mirror is a decoration that is perfect for those of you who often change the theme of the room, just apply it in the corner of the living room. Standing Vintage Mirror at the Corner from @love.always_alyssa.

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