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Looking for the Best Plants for Your Bathroom? Here are the References!

Heartleaf Philodendron from @slurpsocial

Having greenery in the bathroom is so much worth it. It will make your bathroom a spa-like look which is really calming. Even more, the zen feeling will also be around the bathroom to give you such a serene experience. It is true that simply providing artificial greenery will be enough since it only needs zero maintenance except for the dust that may stick to it after months. However, you can’t ignore that the real plants will always be better. You don’t need to worry about the living possibility of the plants because there are some plants that will fit well with the bathroom humidity even when your bathroom is windowless.

The application of the bathroom plants will be varied as you can put them on the vanity, around the bathtub, on the floor with a standing holder pot, or even hang them in the shower. For the kinds of plants, the variation will also never ends. Here are the choices:

1. The vines: There are two choices is growing the vines. The first one is by putting it in a high spot or by hanging it so that the plant will dangle under. Then, the second one is by letting it vines up on the wall or any media near the spot where put the plant.

2. The plants with water as the growing media: The maintenance that you should do for this is by simply changing the water periodically. So easy, right?

3. Soil as the growing media: For the soil, you should water it periodically. However, make sure that you know exactly the rule of the watering since each plant will have a different watering schedule.

Now, look at the best bathroom plants choices you can have below:

Boston Fern

This one can be said as the best plant for your bathroom. It lives well in a high-humidity environment since its natural habitat is in a damp forest. Another benefit of choosing this plant is that it can purify the air and remove the toxins in the air around the bathroom space such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Here, the boston fern is applied in the bathroom by hanging it. You can use this technique for your small bathroom space. Also, by hanging it, the boston fern will work really well to purify the air.  Hanging Boston Fern from

Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant only needs such low maintenance so it can be the best choice for you who don’t have any gardening skills or don’t have too much time to maintain the plant. The philodendron can tolerate a low light environment so that it fits well with the bathroom even when it is windowless.

Look at how the heartleaf philodendron grows beautifully in this bathroom. It vines along the wall to make your bathroom looks fresh and feels as if it is in real nature. Heartleaf Philodendron from @slurpsocial


The interesting thing about Calathea is its zebra stripes which will be the focal point of this plant. What makes this plant possible for your bathroom is that it lives well in high-humidity conditions. However, you should put it in a place that is exposed to sunlight. You may put it near the window or when you have a glass bathroom roof, you can position the plant right under the spot with the best sunlight exposure.

There are several types of Calathea plants that are suitable to complement your bathroom decoration, one of which is Calathea Santos. This Calathea santos has a zebra-like leaf pattern that will present a beautiful appearance and manage to steal the show. Placed right under the window, it can grow fertile and healthy so that it succeeds in making your bathroom look more beautiful and fresh. Calathea Setosa from @roseworthreno

Air Plant

If you need something unique, the air plant can be the choice for you. It has a spiky shape that becomes its uniqueness. It is also mess-free because it doesn’t require soil. The air plant absorbs all the moisture from the air around the bathroom space so that it will help you to maintain the humidity of your bathroom not to be too high.

Apart from san fern vines, air plants are also one of the plants that are suitable for bathroom decoration. You can grow an air plant in the wall area using a wooden frame. This way, the air plant will bring its own charm to the bathroom and can also produce fresher and healthier air. Framed Air Plant from @airplantman

Tradescantia Fluminensis

The color combination and the pattern of this plant are really pretty. Choosing this plant for your bathroom will give you extra beauty for the bathroom that will replace the existence of the ornament there. It also grows really fast and easily so you don’t need to wait too long to get the beauty of this plant after you grow it.

Look at how the tradescantia fluminensis looks really pretty with its color and pattern. It is great how the plant can bring another impression to your bathroom decoration. You can grow the plant by using the harmonious planter for a perfect fit. Tradescantia Fluminensis from @cubehousejungle

Anthurium Andraeanum

The shiny red flower bracts that the anthurium andraeanum has is the ones that steal the attention. Putting it in the bathroom will be such a perfect addition. It grows in high humidity with the sunlight needed so you should maintain the placement so that it won’t lack sunlight.

Anthurium andraeanum is often called the flamingo flower because the flowers have a flamingo-like shape. Placing it right in front of the window allows it to get enough sunlight so it can grow healthily and fertile. This plant succeeds in making your bathroom look beautiful and enchanting. Anthurium Andraeanum from @sarahrosegrows

Trailing Jade Plant

For those who have a windowless bathroom, the trailing jade plant is the best choice. It can live well with artificial light such as lamps. So, no need to take it outside to get sunlight periodically because simply turning on your bathroom lamp will be enough.

The trailing jade plant has a fresh and cute look with the small foliage in a shining appearance. Here, the jade plant grows in rustic pot style which is really welcoming and warm for your bathroom. Potted Trailing Jade Plant from @_raising.our.little.ladies_

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