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7 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Attractive This Spring

There are many things that you can do during spring, especially outdoor. This is the perfect season to just hang out with family and friends or even have a relaxing evening reading your favorite book with a glass of tea. Whether you have a small or even a big outdoor space, never let your outdoor space looking so bland this spring. Let’s make your own space look like something that you see in magazine by reading these tips below.

Add colorful flowers and plants

Let’s welcoming this season with colorful flowers and plants. Choose a mix of annual and perennial flowers to plant. This will be easier than planting mostly annuals because you’ll have to replace those each year. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are great options for early spring, while lilies, daisies, and roses are perfect for later in the season. Don’t forget to prep the soil so that it is well-nourished and provides a good environment for new plants.

White flowers planted in large pots are able to steal the eye and enliven spring this year. This white flower will provide a fresh and cool garden that you can try now. White Floral  from @unionvillefloral.

Various types of colorful flowers planted in colorful pots are able to steal the eye. Placed throughout this spring garden will give it an attractive look. Pansy and Tulips from @unionvillefloral.

Choosing yellow and purple flowers can also make plants fresh and natural. This idea will brighten up the garden while also giving the garden a cool spring. Yellow and Purple Blooming Flower from @kitty_smoothie_.

These spring blooms in wicker pots are able to give your outdoor springtime a fresh and rustic look. Placing it in the corner of the garden will also catch everyone’s attention. Spring Blooming Flower from @ashleigh.m.phelps.

Pink tulips grown in pots at home can give a fresh look and a natural impression. Simply place it on a garden path for a charming decoration. Pink Tulips Flower from @lynnshaverflowers.

Appearing fresh in this spring garden is complemented by several colorful blooms of different types to look charming. Planting on this garden bed can provide a neat and stylish garden. Colorful Blooming Garden Bed from @thehomegarden.

Use outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can add a warm and inviting ambiance to your space. Consider using string lights that is so easy to use and inexpensive. String lights is the perfect way to enhance any outdoor landscape. If you want to draw attention to spot in your landscape, garden lanterns are beautiful and offer a warm and welcoming glow to visitors as well. Or consider choosing solar-powered lights to create a soft glow at night.

The lightbulb string lights hanging from the porch add drama to the whole space. This idea would make a bright patio decoration. Bulb Lighting Spring Patio from @renew.home_.

This patio spring is equipped with dramatic lighting with yellow light. Hang it from the porch ceiling for the perfect lighting idea. Hanging String Light from @thefrugalhomemaker.

This light bulb is chosen for your patio spring lighting idea. Using this type of lighting can give a room a bright and dramatic appearance. Bulb Lighting from @debhooker.

A solar light applied to this spring patio can be an interesting idea for you to try. Apart from these lights, you can also add hanging lanterns for maximum results. Solar Power Light from @itsginasview.

The selection of string lights and lanterns on the spring patio can produce beautiful patio decoration for you to try. Simply hang it on this patio pergola for stunning results. String Light and Lantern from @ollny_official.

Create a cozy seating area

if you’re outfitting an outdoor living space this spring, set up a comfortable seating area where you and your guests can relax and enjoy the spring weather. Find a comfortable, long-lasting furniture to enjoy the fresh air. Add cushions and throw blankets for added comfort. Since sitting outside can be unpleasant sometimes but you don’t have any natural shade, consider a shade such as crank-deployed umbrella, permanent wood, fiberglass roof, or a motorized awning.

Choose a seating set made of wood will be more resistant to all weather. Don’t forget to complete the look with pillows for a comfortable impression. Wood Sitting Area from @elbankerdekoration

This comfortable seating area is equipped with soft pillows to make you feel at home for a long time there. Ideas like this will make your terrace warmer and cozier. Cozy Sitting Area from @cathrinedoreen.

You can try this comfortable and durable furniture to enjoy the fresh air on the spring terrace of your home. Using an antique chair complete it with throw pillows can also make the appearance comfortable. Cozy Spring Porch from @bridgewaydesigns.

This comfortable daybed is equipped with several pillows that will make you feel at home for a long time there. Apart from a daybed, you can complement it with a coffee table for the perfect design. Cozy Daybed from @caneline.

This seating area made of wood will be durable and resistant to all weather, which is why it is suitable for you to apply to your spring terrace. Don’t forget to complete it with soft pillows for extra comfort. Wooden Sitting Area from @mojdommojemiejsce.

This spring terrace is equipped with a rattan swing chair. Don’t forget to equip it with some pillows for extra comfort in this outdoors. Swing Chair from @homedecor.inspirations.

Don’t forget to add pillows and blankets to this rattan chair for extra comfort. The patterned carpet placed under the chair can protect your feet. Blanket and Pillow Outdoor from @theknickerbockerlodge.

Setting up a comfortable seating area using a loveseat with a few throw pillows can create a comfortable design. This accent candle will also give a room some drama. Cozy Spring Outdoor from @lumensdotcom.

Hang outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains can provide privacy and add a decorative touch to your space. Choose a light and airy fabric that will move in the breeze. Tie them back for a soft decorative touch or let them hang to block bright sunlight and prying eyes. Either way, outdoor curtains create the look and feel of an outdoor room.

These white outdoor blinds complement your spring garden pergola. Adding these curtains will also provide perfect room privacy. White Curtain from @aniko_takacs.

This tall curtain option will also provide perfect springtime outdoor privacy for you to try. Brown curtains will also provide the perfect room contrast. High Curtain Outdoor from @formyliving.

A pergola equipped with curtains will provide privacy while protecting you from direct sunlight. Complete with a set of seats will also produce comfortable tea springs. Brown Curtain from @life_after_kids_.

This spring patio has bright colors that will keep the space look fresh. Equipped with white curtains on this patio will also provide privacy for you to try. Curtain Outdoor from @catchyinteriors.

Don’t forget the accent curtains on this patio spring. Choosing white curtains will also provide good privacy and will be a perfect decoration. Curtain Spring Porch from @villafurutun.

The blue and white colors on these outdoor spring curtains provide extra privacy and comfort while you’re there. Choosing this color will also brighten up your patio this spring. Blue and White Curtain from @zankodraperyla.

Patio springs equipped with white curtains will provide extra privacy and comfort. Equipped with a dining room made of wood will also give a natural impression on this patio. White Curtain Outdoor from @therealmaddengirl.

Incorporate a water feature

A water feature have so many benefits. By watching and listening to the gentle flow of water, it encourages relaxation and promotes a calming effect. The most common types of water features are ponds, pool, fountains, rills, and waterfall. With so many water features available, all you need to do before choosing one is by considering the size of your outdoor space, your personal style, and of course, budget!

The waterfall accent feature in this spring garden will look attractive and can be the center of attention. Here you can use stone materials to give a natural look to this water feature. Water Feature Spring Outdoor from @acusat_landscape_architect.

This spring garden which is equipped with a fountain is able to steal everyone’s attention. Surrounded by green plants and blooming flowers can give a fresh and natural impression. Water Feature Spring Garden from @wishingwellgoods.

Made of concrete, this water feature is able to make a beautiful decoration in this spring garden. Complete with green plants in pots will make a perfect design. Concrete Water Feature from @beyond.the.shutters.

The water feature in this corner of the garden manages to steal the attention of everyone who comes. Using recycled water accents can decorate a low-budget spring garden. Corner Water Feature from @byrom_home.

Using recycled materials for this water feature can provide a lovely spring garden decoration to try. It looks easy and budget friendly to decorate this spring garden. Watering Can Water Feature from @thepondboss

Use outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs is multifunctional. It can define different areas of your outdoor space and add a pop of color. Choose a long-lasting material that will hold up against weather and resist stains and fading. The best one is typically made form a synthetic material.

Adding a striped rug under this outdoor chair can provide comfort and warmth for your feet. Complete with a set of cushioned sitting themes, it can make a patio more comfortable and inviting. Striped Rug from @lampsplus.

The choice of jute carpet for the spring patio floor is able to warm your feet. Choosing a wide carpet will also make a comfortable terrace decoration. Jute Rug from

The addition of an intricately patterned rug to the this spring patio produces an eye-catching room décor that you can try. Placing it under the seat will also provide extra comfort. Pattern Rug Outdoor from @miascoziness.

This springtime outdoor decor is complemented by quilted spaces with different patterns and materials. The choice of this idea can make your terrace decoration more comfortable and warm. Layered Rug Outdoor from @moebeljack.

Choosing a Moroccan motif on this carpet managed to steal the eyes of everyone who came. Having a thick texture will also make your spring terrace more comfortable. Moroccan Rug Outdoor from @allotapis.

Incorporate nature elements

There are so many ways to incorporate your outdoor space with nature elements. For example, you can use natural stone elements such as boulders, or flagstone to create pathways, or as a base for outdoor furniture. You can also bring wood elements such as reclaimed wood to build a wooden deck, or a garden bench.

A large stone accent in the middle of this spring garden can be the perfect centerpiece. Combined with some blooming flowers and green plants, it can create a fresh and cool decoration. Rock Stone Accent from @tradgardmedutsikt.

This spring garden floor is made of bricks which will make the spring patio design attractive. Choosing this brick will last a long time and give it a natural touch. Brick Stone from @morganshomeandgarden.

This spring terrace is equipped with a wooden deck that will give a beautiful and natural look. Wood material will be more durable in all weather. Wood Deck Spring Patio from @irenegrealtor.

Garden borders with stone materials and wooden bench accents can give a natural touch and a different design. Mixing with some green plants and blooming flowers can produce a garden that is fresh and cool. Stone Edging and Wood Bench from @thepsychgarden.

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