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Privacy Please: Some Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Secluded

By installing a wall, fence, or shrubs, you can enhance the privacy of your pool or spa area. Perhaps you want a secluded spot for a backyard sanctuary, or you desire a personal space on your patio, deck, or balcony. An outdoor privacy screen provides you with a comfortable area where you can relax without worrying about people watching you from the street or neighboring houses. You can explore a range of innovative solutions to create privacy in your outdoor living area by looking through this gallery of ideas.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fence is one great options which adds an intriguing element to the garden. The garden is softened by a combination of plants, such as arborvitae and feather grass, while a buddha statue, fountain, and pottery provide a personal touch. The use of bamboo fencing creates a natural and organic feel to the space. The addition of repurposed windows adds an element of creativity and uniqueness to the overall design. The mix of plants helps to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere, while the decorative pieces add character and personality to the garden.

Entering a bamboo fence in your front yard to add to the beauty of your home. It would make a lovely garden decoration if you added a water feature to add character and personality to the garden. Green Bamboo Fence from @yokoyama_bamboo_product

Incorporating a bamboo fence in your garden will make your garden look elegant. You can add accents of Buddha statues and greenery for a charming result. The mix of plants helps to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere. Bamboo Fence from @kiharalandscapes

This white painted bamboo adds a nice visual to your garden. Bamboo creates a natural and organic feel to the room. The swing that is placed in the corner of this garden also gives the impression of a comfortable garden for you to try. White Bamboo Fence from @my_kids_home

This attractive bamboo fence in your front yard will bring privacy to the whole garden. This type of fence is one of the great options that add an interesting element to the garden. Bamboo Privacy from @crockerspaintandwallpaper

Bamboo Plants

Instead of using a bamboo fence, why not consider growing bamboo itself to create a natural privacy screen? Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that comes in both clumping and running varieties, making it a versatile option for creating a screen of any size. It’s essential to choose the right type of bamboo for the space you want to screen, so it’s recommended that you check with your local nursery for guidance on selecting the right variety. Growing bamboo not only provides a natural and sustainable privacy solution, but it also adds a beautiful and exotic element to your outdoor space. However, it’s important to note that bamboo can be invasive, so it’s crucial to keep it contained with a barrier to prevent it from spreading too far.

A beautiful and creative fence idea to try is potted bamboo plants. Choosing this type of water bamboo will keep it low maintenance and keep it covered with a barrier to keep it from spreading too far. Privacy Bamboo Plants from @planterinagh

This beautiful bamboo plant for a fence in your garden is a great choice for you to try. Planting bamboo not only provides a natural and sustainable privacy solution, but also adds a beautiful and exotic element to your outdoor space. Bamboo Plants Fence from

Bamboo plants are used as privacy for the balcony of this house so it is very important to cover them with a divider so they don’t spread too far. The addition of lights at the bottom of the bamboo has succeeded in making the appearance perfect. Bamboo Plants from

Install Beams Horizontally

To create an attractive privacy wall, consider installing beams horizontally. This design not only offers privacy but also adds a visual appeal to your outdoor space. Additionally, by incorporating hooks and nails into the wall, you can make it multi-functional. For example, you can hang a hammock for lounging or relaxation, store blankets for cooler evenings, or add some summery art for a pop of color. The horizontal beams also create a sense of depth and texture to your wall, adding visual interest to an otherwise bland surface. With the addition of hooks and nails, this privacy wall can serve multiple purposes, making it a practical and stylish addition to your outdoor living area.

You can apply horizontal beams to your front garden fence. Horizontal beams also create a sense of depth and texture to your walls, adding visual interest to flat surfaces. This combination of wood and metal will give a minimalist and charming look. Beam and Metal Fence from @hideaway_inc

Using horizontal beams for privacy in your backyard will create a classic look. However, it doesn’t cost a lot of money when you can build a wood panel fence yourself. Moreover, this privacy fence is easy to repair someday. Beam and Iron Fence from @decksandfencesbydesign

Add a block fence that doesn’t allow anyone to easily see your backyard. So you will have a beautiful backyard with more privacy. Adding these plants will also make the garden decoration fresh and cool. Beam Fence from @inlitedesign

Wall of Cactus

It’s a common misconception that living fences or walls must consist of traditional plants like boxwood or Indian Hawthorne. This design concept offers an opportunity to be more creative and use plants that are not typically associated with this purpose, like cactus. In regions where cactus thrives and in homes with a ranch, Spanish, or southwestern architectural style, cactus can be a great option for creating a living fence or wall. The unique texture and shape of cactus add an eye-catching and distinctive element to your outdoor space. Cactus is also a low-maintenance option that requires minimal watering and upkeep compared to other plants, making it a practical choice for those who want to have a living fence or wall without too much maintenance.

This cactus plant that is planted on the fence of the house is a practical choice for those who want to have a living fence or wall without too much maintenance. The unique texture and shape of the cactus add an interesting and distinctive element to your outdoor space. Cactus Wall from @lbcactus

Cowboy cactus planted on a garden wall is a beautiful sight that you can try now. Cacti are also a low maintenance option requiring minimal watering and maintenance compared to other plants. Cowboy Cactus from @going_green_property_solutions

Cactus can be the right choice to make a living wall fence. Choosing these plants makes them a practical choice for those who want to have a living fence or wall without too much maintenance. Cactus Wall Outdoor from @lbcactus


While a homeowners’ association or an apartment complex may have rules against it, if you’re willing to take a risk, you can try it. Of course, you should avoid extreme actions like replacing your garage door with drapes, regardless of how attractive the fabric is. However, for a backyard privacy screen, you can hang drapes, a sheet, or a lightweight blanket on the inside of a balcony or attach it to the side of a pergola to create the desired effect.

Just because your porch is small doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring. adding linen curtains for privacy really warms up the place and makes you sit in a nice, comfortable environment. Linen Curtain Outdoor from @elskbotanical

Outdoor curtains placed on the terrace change the atmosphere to be really comfortable and have privacy. You can add some chairs to make it more comfortable while spending time there. Curtain Outdoor from @katiahomedeco

Appearing attractive with this ombre curtain has succeeded in creating privacy on the terrace of your house. These blinds act as protection from direct sunlight and provide a comfortable terraced design for relaxing. Ombre Curtain from

Living Privacy Fences: Shrubs, Trees, Vines and Other Plants

Natural living screens, such as shrubs, trees, vines, and other plants, have long been a great way to create privacy by forming barriers or walls. They can be self-supporting, like closely planted trees and shrubs, or can be trained to climb and cover an unattractive wall or fence. While formal, rectangular hedges that are trimmed and shaped are a classic and well-liked choice, they aren’t the only option available. Consider planting rows of tall cactus or other plants that grow tall and wide.

Amazing hedge fence ideas with evergreen privacy fence ideas for your backyard. Combined with a wooden door this will also balance the look and make a beautiful design in your garden. Pine Trees Privacy from @moderngardenchicago

Look at this wonderful privacy screen with green wall plants. However, you need to be patient to wait the plants grow till it can be a huge hedge. This hedge even improves your backyard design and provides healthier area. Vertical Garden Fence from @buildwithrise

Backyard areas can connect you to natural life. So, it would look cool to plant vines as your privacy fence. This living wall allows your backyard to look fresh, natural and inviting with creative landscaping. Vines Fence from @the_house_alchemist

Metal Siding

Although it may not be the most visually appealing option, metal siding can actually create a sleek and modern look when paired with white wood. In order to establish some privacy between the street and the side yard, interior designer Mindy Gayer incorporated a wood and metal siding wall with a door, separating the brick wall that borders the property and the house’s side. A significant amount of shrubbery has been added to the area to prevent the metal siding from becoming too prominent.

Combining wood and metal walls in the exterior design of this house can give a different design and make it look more prominent. This design is suitable for you to apply to your small container house. Metal and Wood Exterior from @emergent_indy

It has an exterior appearance made of metal creating a sleek and modern look. Adding a touch of wood to this exterior can create a beautiful and different look. Metal Exterior from @halifaxnoiseathome

Metal siding can really create a sleek, modern look when paired with wood. This idea gives it a nice look and keeps the metallic finish from sticking out too much. White Metal Sidding from @robertsbarndolife

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