8 Outdoor Kitchen Designs You Should Know before You Build One

If you love cooking, you should have an outdoor kitchen rather than only an indoor one. There will be some fun things that you can get by having an outdoor kitchen. The first one is that you’ll get the best experience when cooking outside. You can do it by looking at the best scenery you have in your garden. Then, the air will be fresh so that you can increase your mood. In this case, the requirement is that you should be able to create a proper landscape in the garden. The second one is that you can make your cooking process to be smokeless. Also, you don’t need to worry about the smell of the food that will envelop the room. The third good thing about having an outdoor kitchen is that you can cook together with your family or friends with a wide view since it will be outdoors. No matter how many people are there, you guys won’t feel crowded.

Building an outdoor can be just like when you build your indoor kitchen as long as you can make sure that all appliances are being protected well. It will be related to the weather/seasons, animals, and safety. Basically, there won’t be any limitations as long as you can fulfill the needs of outdoor kitchen conditions. Let’s say that you can have the stove, the grill station, the pizza oven, and all the indoor kitchen appliances commonly have. Then, talking about the styles, you can have a luxurious one, a spacious one, or even a small one. For the small space, you can do the tricks to make it proper just like when you decorate the small indoor kitchen.

There will be two kinds of outdoor kitchens related to its building. The first one is the freestanding outdoor kitchen and the second one is the house integrated outdoor kitchen. Here are the detailed explanations and examples of those two kinds of outdoor kitchens.

Freestanding Outdoor Kitchen

The freestanding outdoor kitchen is the outdoor kitchen that is built in the form of an individual building. It is built around the garden area. For this, we recommend you not to have it too far from the house building area. It is because you might need to take or put something while cooking there. Or, if you have a patio, it will be great if you build it near the patio so that you can cook and serve the food easily.

Then, for the freestanding outdoor kitchen, there will be divided into two types. The first one is a building with a roof and the second one is a building without a roof or using a pergola. In this case, we recommend you choose the one with the roof so that you can make sure to protect all of your kitchen areas from the bad weather.

With Roof

Look at how aesthetic this building looks like. The roofing is built with only two corner pillars from four corners in total. It makes the kitchen building have a futuristic impression which is stylish. Minimum Pillar Building from @riverslandscape
Even when small, this outdoor kitchen is really stylish. You can have it if you don’t like something minimalist. Anyway, even when there is a detail applied there, this small kitchen is not crowded or overserving at all. It is because of the right color choices being applied there. Small Aesthetic Outdoor Kitchen from @backyarddesignguy
This one is an example of a small minimalist outdoor kitchen. The color choices are black and grey. There is no ornament there and the items provided are only the important ones. Small Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen from @homecraftersspasbbq

Without Roof

This outdoor kitchen adapts pergola roofing with an open style. The material is sturdy and minimalist to make it look cool and stylish. In the kitchen area, there is a dining area added with a dining table and some chairs. Pergola Opened-Roofing from @luxapatio
This outdoor kitchen has a rustic style with wooden pergola roofing. Then, the materials being used in the kitchen area are stone and brick. The string lamp installed on the roof creates a perfect warm and welcoming ambiance. Wooden Pergola Style from @rtaoutdoorliving
This one is an example of an outdoor kitchen without any roof at all. Spending your time cooking there will be great since you can enjoy the moon and the stars shining. Open Space Outdoor Kitchen from @esmedevelopments

House Integrated Outdoor Kitchen

In this case, the kitchen will be integrated with the house building. Commonly, it will be in the back terrace area. Or, you can build it separately with the terrace but still, the kitchen sticks to the house building. It is great for you who need to be in the kitchen easily and effectively. No need to walk in the garden area as you just need to go outside from your back door and you will enter your outdoor kitchen directly.

With a small space, this outdoor kitchen is made without any ornament addition and provides the things that are needed only. However, the design is not boring at all with the details added on the backsplash and kitchen cabinet. Small Integrated Outdoor Kitchen from @firemagicgrills
Not only wide, but it can be said as the luxury version of the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen is completed with a seating area and kitchen island. You can even see a television there. Luxury Version from @rtaoutdoorliving

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