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6 Types Of Outdoor Decking

Outdoor decks are elevated platforms commonly constructed from wood or composite materials that provide a space for various outdoor activities. They share some similarities with patios, but decks are generally elevated, whereas patios are usually built at ground level. A deck can be fitted with seating areas, lounges, overhead protection, privacy walls, and other additions. There are various deck designs to choose from when building one for your home, ranging from those attached to the house, freestanding in the yard, surrounding a pool, or even multi-level. The following presentation outlines six different types of decks to help you choosing one that suits your home best.

Attached Deck

The most common deck type is typically attached to the home’s structure, serving as an extension of a room like a kitchen, dining room, or family room. This design allows for unrestricted movement between the indoor and outdoor areas through doors.

An attached deck offers several benefits, including the expansion of important indoor spaces such as kitchens and a versatile area for various activities. When properly maintained, an attached deck can increase a property’s value. It also has some drawbacks, such as the need for extensive permitting and building inspections due to its connection to the main structure. Frequent maintenance may be necessary with heavy use, and if elevated, it will require code-compliant railings and stairways.

Attached deck decorations usually blend with the part of the house that is on the back porch. You can use it as an outdoor living decoration that can be used to gather with your family. The selection of modern style furniture will never fail when combined with a high enough fire pit. Outdoor Living Deck from @rusty_7s

In this attached deck area you can enjoy summer night with a different atmosphere. What you can prepare here is to add some main outdoor furniture and proper lighting. Sofas, chairs and coffee tables make an excellent combination, besides that you can add candle lanterns for dramatic lighting that can be used when it gets dark outside. Summer Night Deck from @ourhouseofthree

Attached Deck If you have an attached deck with a large enough size, then combining an outdoor dining room and viewing area is a smart idea for you to do. Choose and use furniture that is resistant to changes in outdoor weather so that it is not easily damaged when used throughout the year. Elegant Attached Deck from @deckremodelers

It’s not common to welcome fall outdoors, so you can do it this year. Just apply it to the backyard deck with a medium size that has been equipped with outdoor furniture and several pumpkin ornaments that come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Fall Outdoor Space from @yardzen

The backyard of your house which is equipped with this attached deck decoration can be used as an outdoor living room area. To keep the outdoor temperature warmer, you can add a portable fire pit that can be moved when needed. A rug is also a warmer layer of the floor deck. Attached Deck in the Backyard from @timbertech

Detached Island (Platform) Deck

A detached deck is the opposite of an attached deck in terms of structure, as it is not connected to a permanent structure and is instead constructed as a freestanding feature somewhere in the yard. It may be connected to the house via a pathway, and is commonly referred to as a “floating deck” or “platform deck.” Due to their simpler construction, detached decks are a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts, as they may not require the complex footing-post-beam structure of an attached deck. Additionally, in some areas, a building permit is not necessary for their construction.

Do you have vacant land in the backyard garden area? If you have it, you can build a platform deck made of wood pallets that have been repainted in brick red so that they look bolder and ready to be made into a statement in the backyard area. Additional umbrellas make your relaxing area more shady. Statement Platform Deck from @bettergreenlandscaping

The wooden deck, perfected with the use of modern furniture, gives a minimalist look that can be perfected with the right lighting so it can be used at night. This platform deck is right around the backyard fence so privacy will be better maintained, use it with your partner or family during the day or night. Minimalist Platform Deck from @tidilyeverafter

In the middle of this green expanse of grass you can enjoy the view and fresh outdoor air. This can be done when you build the right area, for example, you can place a platform deck made of natural pallet wood. End this outdoor decoration with a swing as a relaxing area. Wooden Deck with Swing Area from @ourforeverrhome

The combination of black and wooden outdoor furniture can present a modern bohemian theme in this outdoor deck area. The black color can be tried on the chairs, sofas and table runners, while the wood color can be applied to the use of the deck. The bohemian pattern is in the use of round shaped rugs and throw pillows that are used more than one. Bohemian Vibes from @classy___interiors

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck is essentially a larger version of an attached deck that typically extends around two or more sides of a home, connecting different areas. This slightly elevated structure may be covered by roofing (known as wraparound porches), and is often equipped with railings and stairway openings.

Wraparound decks have the same appearance as the attached decks, the only difference being that they are wider and more open. Outside this room you can use it as an outdoor dining room decoration with a different feel. Only use dining chairs according to the number of members in your family so that this deck does not accommodate excessive weight. Wraparound Dining Room Deck from @mcdonaldhomestead

More open, spacious and luxurious is one of the characteristics of the wraparound deck decoration which is usually in the backyard terrace. Just use this deck for various outdoor activities such as eating together or just chatting with this beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Don’t forget to use comfortable furniture too. Open Space Wraparound Deck from @pagetaft.compass

Sunbathing or just wanting to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with your friends or family can be done together in the wraparound area which has quite a large size and has a rectangle shape. In the same area, it is equipped with a pergola building complete with dramatic lighting so that it gives a warmer outdoor appearance. Rectangle Shaped Wraparound Deck from @mainhomesmagazine

Multi-Level Deck

A multilevel deck consists of multiple decks built on separate levels that are interconnected by stairways. This type of deck is often necessary in hilly, sloping, or rocky landscapes that may not permit the construction of a single outdoor living space. Instead, building a series of decks at varying heights is a practical solution. Constructing a deck over sloped or rocky terrain is often easier and more cost-effective than attempting to level the land for a patio.

There are many advantages when you have a multilevel deck in the backyard area. One of them can use it as an outdoor living for more than one function. For example, you can apply an outdoor dining room decoration together with a mini living room with a difference in deck height that is not much different. Rustic Style Multi-Level Deck from @deckremodelers

The bigger your backyard deck, the more outdoor furniture and people it will accommodate. There’s no need to hesitate to add some outdoor furniture to this multi-level deck decoration because the wooden surfaces used are very sturdy. This deck is dominated by the use of re-laminated teak wood. Multi-Level Deck Seating Area from @goldencollectiveind

When you have a multilevel deck decoration, you can apply two to three different outdoor living. There’s nothing wrong with using it as a soak as well as a comfortable sitting area. The hot tub is the right choice for you to soak in warm or hot water, just use it as needed. Combination of Hot Tub with Seating Areas from @deckremodelers

Of course, the decoration of the multilevel deck is perfected with an accent staircase, therefore, so that it can be used more safely at night, add the right lighting. LED lighting in the stairwell area is a very smart idea, just choose lighting in orange to give a dramatic impression that produces a warm touch in the surrounding area. Proper Lighting Multi-Level Deck from @paradise_decks

Swimming Pool Deck

Decking is an ideal option for use around a pool due to its slip-resistant properties and lower heat retention compared to patio materials such as stone or concrete. Additionally, using wood or composite decking is an uncomplicated way to increase accessibility to an above-ground pool. A deck surrounding the pool provides more space for lounging and allows parents to monitor their children’s swimming activities.

Don’t just use a deck in your backyard or patio area. Now you can try it in the swimming pool area which is larger and more open. The pool deck that is used has wood material that has been laminated so that it is more resistant to splashing water. DIY Pallet Wood Pool Deck from @rea_pro_construction

Adjust the shape and size of the deck with the swimming pool design you have. When you have a round pool design, you can use a deck with the same design. The existence of the deck is enhanced with several sitting areas that you can use to relax after completing swimming activities. The presence of string lights that are used adds a dramatic feel at night. Round Shaped Pool Deck Decor from @makingthemorrows

Who would have thought that the existence of a deck along the pool garden could function for sunbathing at sunrise, yes you can use it as much as possible. On this wooden deck you can add a chair as a perfect sunbathing area. Here you can enjoy the expanse of green grass and a calm pool of water. Sunbathing Pool Deck Ideas from @vic0606

Natural wood is the right choice of material to be applied to the decoration of the pool deck which can be used for relaxing. No need to re-paint so that it looks more natural and of course it can blend with nature more perfectly. Pool with this unique shape is an area that you can enjoy on weekends. Natural Wood Pool Deck from @mugiecamp

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks provide homeowners with an opportunity to expand their outdoor living areas without compromising valuable yard space. Constructing a rooftop deck with composite decking is recommended for durability, as is the case with poolside and outdoor dining decks. It’s worth noting that preparing an existing structure for deck construction on a rooftop can be significantly more expensive. These decks are best suited for flat roofs and are an excellent way to create outdoor living spaces in urban environments.

The fiberglass material used in this rooftop deck decoration is perfect because it is more resistant to water. This material can be applied to fences and floors, both will work well together. Here you can enjoy the outdoor scenery to the fullest, or it can also be used as a sunbathing area. Fiberglass Rooftop Deck from @philadelphiaqualityroofing

The rooftop deck which has been converted into an outdoor dining room gives a new feel that is not easily boring. Prepare a set of dining tables and chairs made of iron in this deck area. Don’t forget to repaint the outdoor furniture with a mix of black and white for a final look that looks newer and more modern. Rooftop Deck for Outdoor Dining Area from @domainweho

This mid-century modern rooftop deck decoration is enhanced by the use of outdoor lights that have orange lighting. This lamp makes the room feel warmer. Don’t forget to end this rooftop area by using a fence to make it safer for children and adults. Add a few pots of green plants if possible. Mid Century Modern Rooftop Deck from @pelletierschaar

The rooftop deck garden, which is enhanced with a U-shaped sofa, is an outdoor decoration that can be used as a relaxing area with the family. In this deck area you can also add an electric fire pit which makes it easier to turn it on to provide a warmer temperature. The green plants that surround this outdoor sofa can be cared for regularly so they can develop optimally. Rooftop Garden Deck from @davids.landscaping

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