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Nursery Room You’ll Love: 8 Fabulous Ways To Decorate Your Own

Preparing nursery room is absolutely exciting especially for the first-time-Mom. But it quite frustrating since you need to think about how this space can be stylish also functional at the same time. And plus, this room is not just about the baby, don’t forget the mother. Mom should also feel comfortable enough while taking care of the baby. Need to know more? Scroll down below!

1. Consider the room’s layout and function

First thing first, think about the flow of the room, and how you want to use the space. Make sure the layout of the room is safe for the baby. The crib should be away from windows and any potential hazards, such as electrical outlets or sharp edges. Consider how the layout of the room will affect the functionality of the space. The crib should be easily accessible, and the changing table should be near to it, also adding a rocking chair or glider can be a good idea.

Don’t leave the walls in this nursery room decoration plain and unused. Because now you can install several floating shelves in the form of a village that comes in a variety of different sizes so that it looks more varied. You can use it to put some cute ornaments that you already have. Village Shaped Shelves Above Crib from

There is no need to use too much furniture in decorating a small nursery room, this is done so that you can move freely in this room. The main furniture that you can use includes a minimalist crib, open rack storage and a chair with low legs as a sitting area that you can use comfortably. Dominating shades of white can never fail. Minimalist Style Nursery Room Decor from @feelslikehome____.

The main thing that you should pay attention to in the nursery room is neatness and cleanliness. Arrange all the furniture layouts that are used in an orderly arrangement, for example, you can put a floor mattress right next to the crib with the same color selection. Don’t forget to also cover the floor with layered rugs that have safe materials for your baby. Neat and Organized Layout Room from @gracieellehome.

The corner of the nursery room will be even more useful when you use it to place a DIY ladder storage that can be used to hang some blankets so they don’t get messy. This storage ladder is a new inspiration that you can try, it doesn’t need to be repainted so it has color harmony with the slate wood walls that line part of this room. Additional DIY Storage Ladder from @wonderwoodmom.

2. Pick a color scheme

When choosing color scheme, calming colors is the best. Soft, muted colors such as pastels or neutral shades can create a peaceful atmosphere in the nursery. The safest one to choose is a gender-neutral colors specially if you still don’t know the baby’s gender. And don’t forget to think about growth and change. This will help you redecorate or redesign when they’re growing older. Your kids not gonna be forever baby, right?

Light gray is one of the color choices that you can try in the nursery room decoration section. This is a color that makes a room look brighter and more open, besides that the use of neutral colors makes it easier for you to use the furniture around it. Light Gray Scheme Color from @welcometothewoodsx.

Don’t just apply neutral colors in nursery room decorations this year. Try other colors to make this decoration look more lively and fun. The colorful geometric rug can be combined with the banana wallpaper which has splashes of yellow with white. Colorful Nursery Room Decoration from @sugarkanedesigns.

You can use part of the nursery wall to present colorful nuances that make the room livelier. For now, you can try applying cheap artwork with a mix of yellow, orange and pink. All the colors used are perfected with a soft and warm rainbow rug. Statement Wall Mural Decoration from @abbysonliving.

Do you have a nursery room decoration with a limited size? No need to worry, because you can use neutral color shades to make the room appear more spacious and open. White, gray and light blue make a color combination that can never fail. Neutral White Themed Color from @oaktreehome.

Use a wallpaper with a floral pattern that has splashes of color that are bold enough to make the nursery room decoration more festive. Just apply this floral wallpaper to the walls of this room, the other walls can be painted green for a beautiful color contrast. Statement and Bold Wallpaper Decor from @mydreamneon.

3. Invest in a comfortable rocking chair or glider

Again, this space is not just about the baby, Mom is also there. Make sure that Mom also comfortable enough by invest in a comfortable rocking chair or glider to spend the time with the baby.

Of course, in this nursery decoration, you need a comfortable sitting area to hold your baby when he cries. Therefore you can use a complete glider with an ottoman and place it right next to the crib. Gliders made of leather are the right choice because they are not easily torn when used for a long time.  Leather Material Glider from @jenniferbeekhunter.

Cribs and gliders are a combination of two conveniences that can be used by both mother and baby. Apply with adjacent layouts only. Try to choose the color of the glider according to the nuances of the room so that it blends perfectly. Glider Design with Ottoman Design from @amyswitzerdesign.

Not only using gliders to spend time with your baby in the nursery room. Now you can try other comfortable furniture, such as a rocking chair with a soft surface and a selection of linen materials that are not easily torn. Place a side table also in this rocking chair area to put your things. Elegant Linen Rocking Chair from @minnieandmeinteriors.

Rocking chair is one of the relaxing furniture that is suitable for use in any room according to your main needs. Now you can try it on the nursery decoration by choosing a color that matches the wall paint you are using. Choose velvet material to have a warmer and softer surface, of course. Velvet Rocking Chair Beside the Crib from @madebystitched

4. Plan for storage

A nursery room can quickly become cluttered with baby gear, clothes, and toys, so be sure to include plenty of storage options in your design. When talking about storage, the options are endless. To get the one that you need, all you need to consider first is the size and the layout of the room. Measure the room and plant out where you want to put furniture, including storage. Think about the purpose of the storage. Will it be used for clothing, or other item, this will help determine the type of storage that you need. Also make sure that the storage is safe for use and does not pose a risk to your baby. Raising a baby can be chaotic sometimes, so consider to choose durable materials that can withstand your everyday use. Another things to consider is functionality, flexibility and of course, the cost.

Storage is the main key that must be owned in every room of your home. The combination of a high wardrobe with storage shelves beside it will work well together to store all your baby’s needs in a well-organized arrangement and produce a very neat final room result. Combination of Open Rack with Wardrobe from @e1ifim_.

Don’t let this nursery room décor look messy which makes you and your baby feel uncomfortable. Try using a wooden dresser as closed storage with the selection of teak wood so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. On the surface of this dresser you can place a small mattress for your baby while under your supervision. Vintage Look Wood Dresser Storage from @homeatbluewillow.

An open shelf that is placed right next to the crib that is used can be used to store some baby equipment in a neat arrangement. In this open shelf section you can also add canvas baskets to store items according to their type and needs so that they are more well organized. DIY Open Rack Design Ideas from @tanjasovulj.

Avoid clutter in this room, wardrobe is one of the important furniture that must be used in nursery room decoration. Now you can use a wardrobe that is large enough to accommodate all of your baby’s equipment and clothes as a whole. That way, the room will look tidier. Standing Wardrobe at the Corner from @deac_roxana.

5. Safety is key

Keep in mind the safety of the baby and choose materials that are non-toxic and easy to clean.

Avoid your worries while in this nursery room. One of the things you can do is choose all interior materials that are safe for your baby’s health. For example, you can use a crib design with the main ingredient being plywood which can be repainted white to make it look more elegant. Plywood Crib with Built-in Drawers from @gyermekkucko.

Two to three layers of rugs used in this nursery room decoration are highly recommended for you. This will make your baby’s playing surface more comfortable and soft, choose a material that is thick and smooth enough to be safe for baby’s skin too. Layered Carpet from @itskarolinacruz.

There are times when your baby plays on the floor area, therefore you can prepare a baby gym complete with the use of floor mattresses specifically for babies so that they are safe and not dangerous. The rug layer is the starting layer for the nursery room floor, you can choose it with faux fur. Floor Area Baby Gym from @building_at_bakers_lane.

The next interior use that you can pay attention to is the bedding area. Choose and use very soft fabrics because this area will be in direct contact with the baby’s very sensitive skin. You should also choose it with a material that is warmer when in use, a combination of cotton and knits will never fail. Soft and Warm Bedding Design from @iga_luk.

When you are going to choose a baby blanket, then cotton is the best choice that you can use. Besides being safe for your baby, cotton blankets are also easier to wash again when they get dirty. Besides having a softer material, this blanket is also easier to dry when washed. Cotton Material Throw Blanket from @tasmaneco.

6. Think about the lighting

Some popular lighting options for nurseries include ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. It’s also a good idea to include a nightlight to provide a soft light during nighttime feedings and diaper changes. Make sure that the lighting fixtures you choose are safe for use in a nursery and do not pose a risk to your child. And don’t forget to consider the overall design aesthetic of the room and choose lighting fixtures that complement it.

Take care of the quality of your baby’s sleep by designing a comfortable and safe nursery room. Apart from using a bright main light, you also have to provide a dimmer sleeping lamp, for example with a dim pendant lamp which has white lighting. Dim Pendant Lamp Design from @ap_interiordesign_.

If the nursery room has two lights with different functions, of course this will help you in different conditions. The combination of ball chandeliers and hidden lighting is an idea that you can try, when your baby is going to sleep it would be nice if you use a dimmer light between the two. Ball Chandelier with Hidden Lighting from @effortlesschic_j.

The use of floor lamps is very suitable to be applied to nursery rooms. Its existence can be moved according to the needs of the room, the lighting produced is also very dim. There is no need to use the main light when you have used this floor lamp. Floor Lamp at the Corner from @halfway_wholeistic.

7. Add personal touches

Incorporate items that reflect your personal style and make the room feel special and unique.

There’s nothing wrong with adding your initials on your baby blanket for a personal touch that looks very elegant and beautiful. We recommend that you choose the best font that can be read clearly. Initial Name on the Blanket from @ateachershome.

Take one of your baby’s clothes to hang it on the hook that is attached to the empty wall. This will be a wall decor that adds a personal touch to your baby. Not too much, just one shirt. Wall Hanging Baby Clothes from @the.kind.duo.

Magazine collections are also a personal touch that you can apply to nursery room decorations. Just have a low-height bin or bookshelf ready to store all the magazines safely and neatly. Personal Magazine Display from @archimommies.

Even though it has a small size, there’s nothing wrong with putting a family photo in the nursery room decoration for a personal touch that will never fail. Just place it on the surface of the storage dresser along with a flower vase and a table lamp so that it can be seen more clearly at night. Family Photo Display from @courtneyyweaver.

Have you found your baby’s name yet? Yes, if you have found it then just write it on the wall as a lively welcome. This name wall decoration will add a different personal touch, add some balloon ornaments that come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Baby Names as Wall Decorations from @_blumendeko_de.

Or when you have an ultrasound photo of your baby, just place it on the crib along with a cute stuffed elephant. Its presence will warmly welcome the presence of your baby at home. Print this ultrasound photo at a fairly large size. Personal Ultrasound Photo from @giradesai.

8. Keep in mind the future

While your baby may be small now, consider how the room will work as they grow and change.

Not only for now, think about nursery decorations for the future. The decoration that you can do is in the use of furniture. Using the right choice of bunk bed, this way when your baby has grown into children they will still be comfortable in the same room. Bunk Bed Design for Nursery Area from @anjusually.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a canopy area to your nursery room decoration to make it a safe and comfortable play area for your children in the future. Try to use all materials that are soft and easy to wash. Also provide toys with several different types. Provide Canopy as a Play Area from

Prepare all the best interiors in your nursery room by choosing the right decorations and furniture so that they can be used in the future. For example, you can choose furniture made of wood which has a more sturdy surface and is not easily porous when used for a long time. Proper Interior Nursery Room from @masha_kindjer.

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