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19 Ways To Decorating Interior Niches At Home

In a home interior design we often find a niche. These niches are commonly found in living rooms, fireplaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. Wall niches, alcoves, and cutouts are begging to be put to good use. However, this niche sometimes becomes awkward in a home interior if it is not properly decorated. Therefore, you have to decorate it as well as possible so that it supports the interior of your home. Whether they’re large or small, these spaces need to be aesthetically pleasing and serve a functional purpose. A simple change in color can make a wall niche the focal point of a room. Using a contrasting shade or a tile backdrop will elevate the space. More than that, there are several ways to decorate interior niches at home.

Paint it in a contrasting color

A niche is an ideal spot to paint in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room. This can draw attention to the space and help make it feel like a separate area. A bold color will create a dramatic effect, or you can opt for something neutral like gray or beige. You can also use a wallpaper to add more visual interest to your niche. Another option is to paint the wall behind a fitted bookshelf in a contrasting color to the joinery to highlight the space.

To give a different look to the niches decoration, repaint it with a touch of dark blue. This niche color can be combined with plain white wall paint so it can look more contrasting. These two colors will work well together in the same room. Just do this painting yourself to save more on your spending budget, the paint that is applied has a semi-gloss surface that looks shiny. Apply Bold Blue Paint from @createursdinterieur

This perfect bedroom decoration with two niches on both sides of the bed adds texture to the room as well as open storage that can be used to the fullest. It’s a good idea to cover this part of the wall niches with a patterned wallpaper according to what you like. These two niches are applied symmetrically and will never fail to be tried. Floral Wallpaper from @atelierdevergne

Look at the niches that are perfected with this flower wallpaper, doesn’t it look classic and ready to be made as the focal point of the room? Yes, you can easily paste this wallpaper. Besides that, the use of this classic-themed wallpaper also has the same style tone so they are ready to work together in the same room. Choose and use a wallpaper design with bold splashes of color such as a mix of red and yellow. Classic Floral Wallpaper from @ariannescheffer

Adjust the use of niches with your living room decoration needs. If you have a living room with a modern or minimalist style, then repainting it with a splash of navy blue and white is a smart idea that you can apply. These two colors blend well and don’t give off a tacky contrast. Make these niches as open storage shelves. Navy Blue Paint Color from @convertiblecontemporainparis

Add Plants or Flowers

Adding greenery to a room can make the area feel complete and provide a nice pop of color. Plants are an interior design trend that works well in many spaces, including your niches. Some succulents and cactus can be your options. These plants are low maintenance but great to enhance the niche look.

If you have a niche that could use some greenery, try hanging a simple wreath or displaying a cluster of plants on a shelf. For shelving arrangements, you can style the plants in a zig-zag pattern to add movement and height variation. Floral displays are another way to make a room feel inviting, and you can find many stunning artificial options on the market that work well in homes with different aesthetics.

Take advantage of the small niches as an area to display several different types of plants. Just adjust the height and size of the plants to the size of the niches so they can be entered easily. The design of these niches is perfected by having plywood shelves that have been varnished so that they look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around them. Floral Display Ideas from @decimoparis

If you have decorating niches in one of the rooms of your house, then just make the most of it. For example, you can use it as an area to show off some of the green indoor plants you have, and don’t forget to do regular maintenance to get fresher indoor plants all day long. Other ornaments can also be added to enhance the appearance to the fullest. Greenery Decoration from @elenaola_ Ideas

Display Collections of Items

Displaying a collection of items can be one of the best ways to decorate interior niches at home. This can be anything from framed photos or artwork to glass jars filled with seashells or dried flowers. When displaying your collections, it is important to keep in mind that the arrangement needs to be balanced and curated. This will help to prevent the display from looking cluttered and messy.

For example, if you have a collection of framed artwork or photos, try grouping them together to create a gallery wall. This will add a unique and personal touch to your space. Alternatively, shelving can also be a great way to display your collection of items. This is especially effective if you have an item that is large and bulky, such as a statue.

Sea shells are one of the chosen ornaments that you can place in this open niche area. Not only sea shells, but you can also put a number of other ornaments such as several types of green plants or katus which are low maintenance and do not require a daily splash of water. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the niches with a choice of neutral colors like gray for a neutral look that can be easily combined with other furniture around it. Sea Shells Display Decor from @renovating_123

Several clay jars of varying sizes, colors and designs can decorate a whole area of niches. What you can add here is the proper lighting or you can also use natural lighting that is present through the use of large and wide glass windows. Just arrange and arrange these clay ornaments in a neat arrangement and not too far apart so that they can be used as the right focal point of the room. Clay Display Collection from @mthsbn_

To give a different look to the architectural living room decoration, you can use parts of the wall as niches that come in a variety of different arched styles. Then take advantage of the surface of these niches to put some of your choice of ornaments with a splash of color that matches your wall color. This ornament can be obtained online so that it is more practical and can be adjusted according to the budget you have. Neutral Color Kumpulan Niches Decor from @bohemian_pampas

Add colorful tapestries

Wall niches are a great place to hang colorful tapestries. They add a pop of color and make the room feel more welcoming and inviting. You can also hang smaller fabric pieces if you don’t want to commit to a full tapestry.

Look at decorating niches that are used as home office areas, isn’t it more efficient and effective? Instead of using the wall as a blackboard that can be used to write important memos. Provide white chalk or markers that can be erased after the tasks written have been done. This blackboard section is also equipped with floating shelves that can be used to store some of your favorite books so they don’t get messy. Chalkboard Niches from @pcid2016

Decorative molding

Adding decorative molding to an interior niche is another way to make it stand out. This style can work in both modern and traditional homes. It also adds a little extra texture and dimension to the space.

The molding design in this niche area adds to the texture of the room which you can try in one of the rooms you frequently visit. Repaint this part of the molding niches according to the color of the walls so they look more aligned and matching. White wall paint is the best choice that you can choose to make it easier for you when combining it with various interiors that are applied around it. The straight line pattern on this molding design has a touch of modern style. Arched Niches Molding from @memcpi

Take a look at this molding niches design that has an eye-catching pattern, isn’t it suitable to be perfected with some of the painting frames you have? Just put the painting frame and some of the ornaments that you have in a neat and orderly arrangement. Repaint it with a color of choice like white for an elegant look that will never fail to try. The green plants that are placed around it are ready to add color to the room instantly. Molding Niches Shelves from @canalsideint

Add a small bench or seating area

Adding a small bench or seating area to your wall niche decoration is a great way to make the space feel functional and inviting. Choose a bench or seating piece that is unique and fits the size of the niche perfectly.

The daybed design that is applied to decorating niches can be used properly, comfortably and beautifully. Now you can add open shelves to put some of your favorite books so as to minimize the mess that will occur. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the walls of this niche area with a choice of green that can be covered with some throw pillows and mattresses that you have. Niches Daybed Ideas from @casa_aimeeaimer

If you need an additional sitting area in your home decor, then a built-in bench is the best choice that can be applied to niche areas. Try to use concrete materials so that they are not easily broken and damaged when used for a long time. Repaint it with a neutral color like white so that it has an attractive appearance when complemented with some ornaments that are installed in the open niches shelf area. Built-in Bench Design from @blockannie

Arched niches that are used as sitting areas are perfected with throw pillows that have interesting geometric patterns. Perfect with the right lighting to install right on this part of the wall niches. Try to use the right lighting so that it can illuminate the area around it evenly. Use only wooden benches to make them more sturdy in use throughout the year. Modern Seating Area from @nomad_eleven

Create a chalkboard wall

If you want to add some fun and creativity to your niche wall, consider painting it with chalkboard paint. This unique accent wall is perfect for writing inspirational messages, displaying drawings and much more. It’s also a great idea for kids rooms!

Cover the wall niches with tapestry to make a beautiful new focal point. Try to use a floral pattern with a touch of color that is quite bold and can be combined with the use of a sofa and coffee table that is quite neutral in color. Installation of this tapestry is quite easy to do yourself, end with a spotlight so that its presence can be seen clearly at night. Tapestry Niches Decor from @francesloom

Install shelves

Installing shelves is another way to add dimension and a lot of visual interest to your niche. You can display a collection of conversation pieces or even hang a gallery of paintings.

The part of the bedroom wall which is perfected by the existence of these niches is equipped with a single shelf that can be applied right above this bed. Try to use a shelf that has a color harmony with the wall paint used. Pampas grass applied to a large enough ceramic vase is an additional decoration that can be placed right next to your bed. Shelves Headboard from @mahau_renovation

Vertical niches shelves that are repainted with pastel colors can be used as an area to place some of the books and painting frames that you have. Use a pastel pink color and complement it with vines that can be easily found in the backyard garden area. Just arrange everything neatly and orderly so that it is ready to be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. Vertical Niches Design from @mojohome_paris

The mini shelves in this niche area are in the corner of the room so they can be used effectively. Install two to three open storage that you can use to put some of the decorations or ornaments you have. Green plants are one of the decorations that you can use, try to choose plants that are low maintenance, the entry of sunlight into the room makes these plants fresher. Mini Shelves Niches Ideas from @notre_cocon_2k21

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