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Minimalist Home: Tips for an Authentic Decor

Minimalist home decoration can be said as the perfect one for this modern era. With all of the hassle and hard work, you need something simple and minimalist at home not to make your mind becomes more hectic. Not only natural elements, but something simple with minimum stuff can create a calming feeling. Well, minimalist decoration doesn’t mean that there won’t be things provided. You can still surely have the facilities that you need but in a certain design. To have an authentic minimalist decoration, we have listed the points that you should follow. That will also be characteristic of minimalist decoration. Just trust me that when you already follow our tips, your minimalist home decor will be surely authentic. As an illustration, you will have a home with multi-functional furniture, an airy space, getting natural lighting, minimum pattern, simple shape, and other things that can characterize minimalist home decoration. Get the ideas below!

Multi-functional Furniture

One of the tips that you can use to create a minimalist home is to use multifunctional furniture. The reason is by using multifunctional furniture, you don’t need to use a lot of furniture that will change your minimalist decoration. These wall shelves are very multifunctional because apart from being a storage idea, they can also be used as a desk, making them simpler. Multifunctional Shelves from @hollowaysofludlow

Providing Greenery


Talking about minimalist home decor, you can bring greenery there. Because this greenery can give a warm impression and can also be a substitute for ornaments. This time you can hang some greenery in the area of the window so it will make it perfectly exposed. Hanging Greenery from @planties_inabunch

Simple Shapes

The shape of the furniture is one of the most influential things for minimalist decoration ideas in your home. This time you can use a rectangular dining table and also a curved chair so that it looks simple and can still function properly. By using this simple shape of furniture, your minimalist home decoration will be perfect and not look excessive. Simple Shape Furniture from @yui_home_film

Neutral Monochromatic Color

Apart from using multifunctional furniture, choosing a color tone is also a tip that you can try for a minimalist decoration idea. Take a look at this living room, it has a monochromatic natural color theme so it will look simple and not excessive. Besides that, the brown tone will also present a calming and warm feel. Natural Monochromatic Bedroom from @devon_gray_interiors

An Airy Space

Talking about minimalist home decorating tips, creating an airy space is a perfect idea. This time you can use a glass wall for your living room decoration ideas so that a comfortable airy space will be created. With this airy space design, your living room looks beautiful without being overwhelming and will also provide warmth and comfort to every occupant. Airy Space from @lifespaces_group

Functional Accessories

For minimalist decoration, the use of accessories is something that must be considered. This time you can use functional home accessories because they won’t be wasted. Long curtains will serve to cover the glass window and provide perfect privacy. Meanwhile, the rectangular carpet will keep your feet warm and avoid the cold floor. Rectangular Carpet and Long Curtain from @domnamakowej

Providing Hidden Storage

Storage solutions are the secret to minimalist design. Hidden storage is one of the perfect storage solutions because it is simpler and can hide clutter in your home. This time you can use vanity hidden storage so it will look simple and not look messy. Therefore, you will never fail by using the following tips. Hidden Storage from @catherinedemeurinteriors

Minimum Pattern

Make sure this minimalist decoration doesn’t have a lot of patterns so it doesn’t look overwhelming. Look at this living room! There’s no pattern other than on the ottoman so it still looks pretty without going overboard. Meanwhile, white furniture and a white sofa will be the perfect background for minimalist decor. Stripped Ottoman from @craftedshutters

Clear Wall

One tip that you can try to get a minimalist decoration is to clear the wall area. Look at this living room wall! It has a white color theme so it will look clean and suitable for a minimalist theme. With this clean wall, your living room will look very minimalist, and not too much. Therefore having clean walls is a tip that can’t be missed for minimalist decoration. Clean Wall from @studioprogettisti

Minimum Table Decor

Minimalist table decoration is one of the tips you can try to create the perfect minimalist decoration. With this round dining table that doesn’t have a large size, you only need to place the potted orchid in the middle. As a result, your table decorations will look beautiful without being overwhelming and of course perfect for a minimalist theme. Minimum Table Decor from @ganama69

Natural Light

Lighting is one of the things that must be considered for any decorating idea in your home. This time you can use natural light in the form of a glass window for a minimalist bedroom decoration idea. The reason is this glass window will provide natural lighting during the day and you don’t need lights anymore. Natural Lighting from @cordiallysarah

Clean Kitchen Countertop

The countertop area is usually filled with goods and decorations, but this is not suitable for minimalist decorations. Therefore, make sure your countertop is empty and clean so it won’t look festive and conflict with a minimalist design. To overcome this, you can store items in the cabinet and remove unnecessary decorations. Clean Countertop from @jimmygwoodworks

Floating Shelves

Using floating shelves is the perfect tip for creating a minimalist decoration in your home. The reason is that this floating shelf has a very simple design and is located in the wall area so it won’t make your home look messy and redundant. However, these floating shelves can still be used as a practical storage idea in your home. Three Floating Shelves from @brooklynannehomesinc

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