Layerism: The Application to a Maximalist Home Design

Layerism becomes the main thing when we talk about maximalist home design. It will be about adding layers of items and impressions. For the items, it will be about the pattern, texture, and colors. Then, for the impression, it will be about the objects that bring emotional meaning. Commonly, it is the pieces that are symbolic to the homeowners. Additionally, the layer of impression can also be about the varied impression that the room has such as warm, welcoming, comfortable, calming, etc. In this case, the layer is the complement of the other elements provided in the decoration. So, it can be said that each layer is completing each other. The point is that each layer won’t dominate the space or overwhelm the decoration because it is simply completing each other.

A good layering technique is about balance, scale, and instinct to create a good decoration without making it look overwhelming and overserved. You should be able to select the right spots to bring in bolder patterns and colors. There will be visual interest through the combination of different fabrics, finishes, materials, and textures. You will also deal with the paint, wallpaper, lighting, flooring, soft furnishing, furniture, artwork, and home accessories where all of them can be said as a layer. To help you get the ideas of doing the layering for your maximalist home, here are the references.

1. Color Layering

When talking about colors in maximalist decoration, you can simply be concerned with bold and vibrant colors. Those two will be surely able to create a maximalist decor impression. what you should do is choose the main color to be the scheme then after that you can layer it with other colors. It is functional not to make the decoration look overserved.

Here, the main color that is applied is orange which is one of the vibrant colors. Then, it is layered with green carpet, wall, and door color, You can also see the color of pink and peach there. The color combination is in a good portion without feeling overserved. Vibrant Color Layering from @valuevillage_thrift

2. Pattern Layering

The pattern is also able to be layered. It is meant that you can apply different patterns at once in a room decoration. You can play with geometric patterns, living thing patterns, figure patterns, dots, lines, etc. But, make sure to give a balance here. Don’t be overwhelmed and use your instinct.

This decoration uses lines and a combination of geometric patterns for the pattern layering. You can see how the patterns are able to make the decoration feel energized and alive yet fun at once. Pattern Layering from @brunschwigfils

3. Artwork Layering

What is meant by artwork layering is about putting the different kinds of artwork in a room. It won’t only be about painting that is displayed in a wall gallery but also other artwork products such as sculpture. Talking about the wall gallery, you can be concerned with the frame besides the artwork itself. You can choose whether you want a matching frame or want to make it eclectic. Back again, it’s all about your taste and personality.

There are some paintings on the wall with different genres to make the wall even already layered with the painting product. Then, there are also sculptures provided near the painting to add the layer that will be surely aesthetic and maximalist. Artwork Layering from @themaximalistdreamer 

4. Rug Layering

Rug layering is commonly used to make a standout living room decoration, but you can surely have it in your bedroom, kitchen, or just anywhere. In this case, the layering can be about the color, pattern, material, or design style.

Wow! It is great how this room does the layering in such a great way. Look at how everything is compiled in one pack. The rugs provided there are in different materials, patterns, colors, and styles. Such a perfect one! Rug Layering from @dkrenewal

5. Curtain Layering

Since the curtain is also part of the home decoration that will have a big impact on the beauty of the decoration, then you should do the layering for the curtain too. You can do the curtain layering by installing different curtain types, functions, sizes, patterns, and colors.

There are two different kinds of curtains used here. The first one is the blinds for the privacy reason and to control the light that enters the house. Then, the second one is the main curtain in such a pretty design with a colored floral pattern. Curtain Layering from @peter_kleijnenburg_interior


6. Lighting Layering

We all know that there are varied different kinds of lighting available and this one can be surely used for your maximalist decoration. You can do the layering to create a statement and for lighting purposes. It means that you can install different color lighting from dim to bright so that it will be functional. Then, talking about the style, you can install different lamp types in one room. Some of them beautify the decoration and some of them function as the lighting.

The limps provided here are not only varied but also stand out with the design. They are artistic and luxurious to show their value. The gold standing lamp looks expensive and the old-style sconce looks antique and valuable. Lighting Layering from @kim_dti

7. Texture Layering

What is meant by texture here is the one that we can feel with our skin when we touch it. It comes from the materials being used for the product or from the designs especially when the product is made by woven. It will be able to create the texture that characterize the product.

Look at how great the texture layer is provided in this decoration. There is a brick wall that can’t be doubted about its texture. Then, there is a sisal rug, furry cushion, basket, blanket, and even the bed frame that has its own texture. Texture Layering from @colourfulleopard


8. Shape Layering

Don’t provide a typical shape on your decoration if you want to create a maximalist decoration. You should provide different shapes in one room that we can say as shape layering. It will be really simple. Check the idea below.

Look at how the circle, round, square, and rectangular come together in one room. This room looks complete and fun with all provided there without being too much. Shape Layering from @elliegooder

With all of the layering references above, we are really sure that you are already being lightened. Doing the layering is easy, right? Don’t wait too long, prepare for your home layering projects, now!

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