8 Ways to Achieve A Luxury Master Bedroom Of Your Own

We all want a luxury bedroom of our own. Going back home, relax and recharge in our own luxury personal space, NICE! Let’s design the resting space of your dreams today. A luxury bedroom typically includes high-end furnishings, plush bedding, and elegant décor. It may also have features such as a fireplace, balcony, or large windows with scenic views. The overall design and layout of the room is meant to create a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Interested? Scroll down!

Invest In High-Quality Bedding

Luxury bedding can make a big difference in the overall feel of your bedroom. Invest in a high-quality mattress. A comfortable one is essential for a good night’s sleep and can make a big difference in the overall feel of your bedroom space. Look for mattress that provides the right level of support and comfort for your body type and sleeping preferences. Next, use high-thread-count sheets that feel soft and smooth against your skin. Don’t forget to add a plush comforter or duvet and add a variety of pillows to support your head and neck. Don’t forget the throw blanket to add a touch of luxury and warmth to your bedding.

This luxurious and soft bedding set is complemented by several pillows and faux fur accents on the blankets. Choosing this mint green color will also balance your bedroom look. Luxury Bedding Set from @covethouse_.

The bedding set in this luxurious bedroom is complemented by layered blankets to give a warm and comfortable impression. choosing thick blankets and faux fur will also provide extra comfort. Layered Blanket from @thelinenfactory.

Choosing a large set of sheets will give you a luxurious and elegant look. Don’t forget to top it off with a leather headboard and some throw pillows for a cozy look. Large Bedding Set from @luxxumodernlighting.

Add A Touch Of Glamour

There are many ways to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom. First, use a statement headboard! Look for one made from luxurious materials such as velvet or leather. This can also serve as the focal point of your bedroom. Or consider to add a statement lighting such as chandelier that’ll instantly make your space look elegant. Opt for a crystal or gold one. If chandelier is too much for you, incorporate metallic such as gold, silver or copper in your décor items.

Gold is the best choice for decorating your luxurious bedroom. apply to the headboard this can also be the center of attention. Gold Headboard from @ameldecorr.

Adding a touch of luxury in the form of gold color to this sconce lamp successfully gives a glamorous room. besides lights you can also add to your wardrobe for an attractive appearance. Gold Scone Lamp from @simplyjustdesigns.

This table lamp has a golden color which will give the impression of elegance and dramatic lighting. dining panels that have a blend of wood and a touch of gold also provide a charming decoration. Gold Table Lamp from @essential_3d.

Decorating a bedroom with a touch of this golden color will add a luxurious and elegant impression to the entire room. In addition to the walls, you can use a gold chandelier for a luxurious look. Gold Wall Accent from

Create a Focal Point

A statement piece of furniture, such as a four-poster bed or a tufted headboard, can help create a focal point in the room. Or add a large mirror that can be served as a focal point in a bedroom and make the room appear larger. A statement rug can also serve as a focal point and add a touch of pattern or texture in your space that’ll make your space look glamour.

Adding a large round mirror on this dressing table can be the center of attention. In addition, using this type of mirror will also make your home look wider and wider. Large Mirror from

Use this gray tassel headboard to steal the eyes of everyone who sees it. Combined with a soft bedding set and this gray color scheme will also give a warm and comfortable look. Gray Tufted Headboard from @sheetal_interior_design.

This blue tassel headboard will be a focal point and steal the eye. Combined with a complete bedding set of pillows and blankets, this is able to make the look warmer and safer. Blue Tufted Headboard from @covethouse_.

This marble accent on the wall above the headboard makes the perfect centerpiece. choosing this white color will also balance the appearance of your luxurious bedroom. Marble Headboard from @co.concept_.

Having a large tassel headboard in pink can be an interesting bedroom decoration idea. This type of headboard can be the center of attention and gives a luxurious appearance. Tufted Headboard from

Opt for Rich Colors

Adding a glamour feel to bedroom space can be achieved by incorporating rich colors. One way to do this is to use a bold, statement color on an accent wall or in an unexpected place, such as a ceiling. Another way is to layer different shades of the same color to create depth and interest. Adding metallic accents, such as gold or silver, can also add a touch of glamour. Additionally, using luxurious fabrics, such as velvet or silk, can add a sense of opulence to a space.

The peach color in this luxurious bedroom décor gives a warm and serene touch to the room. Combined with this gray bedding set, it is the perfect room contrast. Peach Color Scheme from @manvi_vakharia_designs.

The choice of a neutral color palette in this luxurious bedroom gives the impression of a comfortable and calm room. These wall color models, bed sets and some furniture will never fail you to try. Neutral Pallet from

The white color scheme will also give your luxurious bedroom a serene and spacious look. blending with wooden floors will also give a contrast and warm impression to the whole house. White Color Scheme from @covetcollection_.

Add Texture

Use a variety of fabrics, such as silk, velvet, and suede, which can add a sense of luxury and opulence. Another way is to incorporate textured wall coverings, such as grass cloth or shiplap. Using textured paint techniques, such as a rag roll or sponging, can also add depth and interest to a wall. Incorporating textured accessories, such as a fluffy faux fur throw or a beaded pillow can also add glamour to a space. Additionally, using natural materials like wood, stone, and metal can add an elegant and sophisticated feel to a space.

This green velvet fabric for my brother will add aesthetics and a luxurious impression to your bedroom. Apart from giving the impression of a luxurious room, this bench has a comfortable appearance for you to try. Velvet Bench from @julia_baya.

This layered blanket uses silk material which will add a luxurious and elegant look to your master bedroom. Pairing it with pillows that have the same texture will also create a comfortable and elegant design. Silk Blanket from @elitte_sofa.

Don’t forget the soft fur accents in this bedroom décor. In addition to adding a warm impression on the blanket above the bedding set, it also gives a luxurious appearance. Furry Accent from

Choosing velvet in this bedroom decoration changes the look to be luxurious and elegant. you can apply to the headboard and bench for maximum design. Velvet Headboard from @shabbu_furniture_art.

Add some plants

Adding some green plants can make the room feel more alive and fresh.

Adding a monstera plant in a pot to this luxurious bedroom adds a fresh and natural room decoration. placing it beside the bed will also make the perfect focal point of the room. Monstera Plants from @jozefstancik.

This green plant in the form of a palm tree manages to give a natural touch and a fresh impression to the whole room. You can put it beside the bed to give a luxurious home design  Palm Tree from @home_inspiration_ideas_blog.

Adding a touch of greenery to this bedroom will add a fresh and natural impression. complete with blooming flowers in a vase placed on the bed this jug can be an attraction. Flower Vases and Plants from @ruuth.nahmias.


Good lighting is essential to create a luxurious ambiance. Use a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting for a well-lit and balanced space.

The right lighting in this luxurious bedroom decoration adds a dramatic and romantic impression to the whole room. the selection of scope lamps and ceiling lamps succeeded in giving a bright room. Scone and Ceiling Lighting from @j_and_d_architects.

The pendant lights to the right and left of the bed have yellow lights that will make your room warmer and more dramatic. Also, adding track lights to the sky can also be a perfect addition. Dramatic Lighting from @homes_society.

Hiding the lights on the ceiling managed to steal the eyes of everyone who saw it. This light beam from inside the ceiling gives a luxurious and dramatic bedroom design. Ceiling Lamp from @artificer_aj.

Two views hanging to the right and left of the bed provide dramatic lighting. This type of lamp also succeeds in providing an elegant home design that steals the eye. Hanging Lamp from @studiogild.

A large chandelier just above the bed gives a luxurious feel to the room. Choosing this tea drop style will also create a sophisticated and dramatic room design. Tea Drop Lighting from @luxxumoderndesignliving.

The crystal chandelier lamp that is placed above the luxury bedroom bed adds an important point to the room decoration. Having yellow lighting successfully gives a romantic and dramatic impression. Crystal Chandelier from @luxxumodernlighting.


Make the room feel like your own by adding personal touches, such as family photos, artwork, or collectibles.

You also need to add art to this bedroom decoration. choosing to use wooden art which is placed above the headboard can also be the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden Art Headboard from @homes_society.

This large painting in the form of a blooming flower will be the center of attention of many people. Placing it on top of a headboard combined with a white color scheme will make your art stand out more. Flower Art Headboard from @dwellings_designstudio.

This large painting in the form of a blooming flower will be the center of attention of many people. Placing it over a headboard combined with a white color scheme will make your artwork stand out even more. Family Photo from

Don’t let your bedroom walls look empty and boring. You can decorate it using frame art that is placed above the headboard. Also a black and white appearance will balance your bedroom design. Frame Art from @gregoriuspineo.

The last idea you can do is use two large paintings to spice up the look. Choosing abstract art will also make your home wall look different from the others. Large Wall Art from @instatus_design.

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