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7 Best Ways to Install TV Wall to Your Living Room

Providing an entertainment facility is such a must for a living room. Of all of the entertaining choices, installing a TV is the easiest one. You can use it to watch Netflix, YouTube, karaoke, play DVDs, or even play games. It is great how the TV can be used for varied kinds of entertainment. It can be said an all-in-one pack! There are varied sizes of the television. We advise you to choose the right size not only for your satisfaction and prestige but also to fit with the room space. In case the distance between the seating area and the television is too close, we don’t recommend you purchase the big-size television. It will irritate your eyes and is not good for your eyes’ health.

Besides the sizes, you should also consider the installation of the television. You may put it on the console table or cabinet, but we recommend you hang it on the wall. It will let you have a more spacious room impression since it won’t need any space in the room. By hanging it on the wall, the look will also be simple and efficient. You can even make the wall not be seen as empty at once so that you don’t need to think about purchasing some ornament to be installed on the wall.

Don’t think that hanging the television on the wall will be boring because there are some ways that you can do it. It won’t only be about hanging it that way on the wall. You can have the panels, background, rack, and more. Here are some of the best ways that you can choose to install the television on the wall.

Charcoal Concrete Panel

Charcoal Concrete Panel from @sunitayogeshstudio

The concrete panel is built from floor to ceiling. It looks masculine, cool, and stylish. The concrete has a charcoal look and color with a soft random pattern created. It can be such a great choice for your industrial decor style, Scandinavian, or modern. The television was then hung there without any additional details so as not to make decoration be seen as overserving.

White Marble Panel

White Marble Panel from @interiorindori

This TV panel is really unique. It combines the luxurious marble material with the wood slats that have the farmhouse style. Not only unique but it is also seen really balance where the glorious marble is calmed down by the wood material to make it look more welcoming and warm. You should try this kind of material collaboration!

Lighted Rack Panel

Lighted Rack Panel from @kaelynschmidtdesign

Even when the rack panel looks simple in white color and without any details, it is impressive with the LED installed on the back side of the panel. The LED creates light radiance which is adorable. Not only pretty, the lighted TV panel can also be the lighting of the living room at night. It will light up the room beautifully.

Wood Pallet Panel

Wood Pallet Panel from @studiosthaptya_by_siddhi

If you want to have a natural element in the decoration, this wood pallet panel can be your choice to hang the television. It will give your living room a welcoming impression and warm at the same time. The wood material will fit the farmhouse, rustic, Boho, and Scandinavian decoration styles. Not to make the wood pallet look boring, you can install the different sizes of wood panels and arrange them to create an aesthetic design.

Wood Slat Panel

Wood Slat Panel from @regalokitchen

The wood slat has the same impression as the wood pallet and fits the same decoration style as the wood pallet. The difference will be in the impression since the wood slats have smaller and thinner sizes. With that size, wood slats will have a detailed impression. You can have it if you think that the room is too empty and flat. With the wood slat, your living room decoration will be seen as more contained.

Stone Panel

Stone Panel from @asanja_architects

The stone will have a stronger natural impression than the wood. It is because the stone will be less treated to make it as natural as possible just like its real condition outside. This stone TV panel is installed from floor to ceiling. It is such a great idea to have stone as the panel material so that you can watch the television while looking at nature as if it is exactly right in front of your eyes.

Room Divider Panel

Room Divider Panel from @inspospira

It is great how the TV panel can be created to be multifunctional. Not only to store things where the panel is completed with the rack and storage. But, the TV panel can also be used to be the room divider. If you have a small home space and still need to put a divider in the room to keep the privacy, you can choose this divider TV panel. This product is really smart and functional.

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