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Storage Ideas: Make Your Living Room More Organized with These Storage Ideas

Living room is an important space of every room. This is the room where you will entertain guests. But more than that, the living room also functions as a space to gather with your family. And make it look neat and attractive is the important thing. Completing your living room with some accessories and ornaments will liven up your living space. But it’s not enough, you need living room storage ideas for sure. The storage is very important to store your things. It comes in various types, sizes, and designs that can be selected according to your tastes and needs. Even, living room storage comes in unique designs that can compliment the rest of your room’s decor. But keep in mind, before buying storage for the living room, you have to make sure the space you have so that your storage does not take up space in your living room. Especially if your living room is narrow.

And when it comes to living room storage ideas, there are a number of living room storage ideas to get your space looking tidy and organized. The key is to choose pieces that look stylish but also do the job of storing and stowing stuff. They can be either formal or informal and they have to fit in well with the overall design of your living room. Below, we have some living room storage ideas to inspire you.


Bookcases can offer a great amount of storage in the living room. This type of shelving can be used for everything from books to DVDs and CDs. This is a versatile storage solution that can add function and style to any space. Display a variety of items on the shelves, including photos of your family, awards and favorite novels. Adding a bookcase to the living room can be a solution if you are a book collector. So that, your books are not scattered in the living room which will disturb the aesthetics of the room. To get more interesting, you can use varying heights to create interest, and consider color co-ordinating your books.

An empty part of the living room wall can be used as an area to apply a bookshelf design. Install this bookshelf vertically by using natural wood that has been repainted white so that it has a color harmony with the wall paint used. This will make the living room look more elegant. Bookshelf Wall from @kamillaheick

If you are a book collector, then it is better if the living room decoration is perfected with a bookcase that is attached to the wall vertically. This bookcase design is right behind the use of the sofa so it’s easy to take to accompany your relaxing evening. Spindle floor lamp is additional lighting that can be used. Wall Mounted Bookcase from @lychgate_interiors

Built-in Storage

If you have a bay window, framing it with built-in storage is a smart way to maximize wall space. It also gives you slimline storage that’s perfect for your living room layout changes. Consider painting it in the same color as the walls to create a more cohesive look and give the space a more intimate feel. Alternatively, paint it in a darker shade to make it more stand out.

No need to worry when you have limited living room decorations. Because now you can use part of the wall as an open storage decoration. What you can try right now are wall mounted shelves that have been repainted in gray so they look more modern and will never go out of style. Gray Wall Mounted Shelves from @greygateinteriors

So that the existence of these built-in wall shelves can be used as the focal point of the room, then you can use a different design or shape according to what you want. For example, you can try the built-in wall shelves design with an arched design which is perfected by the wallpaper pattern that covers this open storage section. Arched Shaped Built-in Shelves from @jointhebandd

Besides being able to be used as an open storage area, the use of built-in 3D wall shelves is ready to add texture to the room. Now you can repaint it with a touch of neutral white for an elegant touch that will never fail. Other interiors with a touch of gray will work well together in the same room. 3D Built-in Wall Shelves from @x_homedesigner_x

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the classiest ways to add storage to your living room. They don’t take up too much space and can be styled in a variety of ways. For example, you can display your DVD collection or use them to showcase decor items like plants and ornaments. They can also be a great place to hide clutter that might be too out of sight. For added storage, consider incorporating baskets into your shelving unit. This will help keep your space organised and prevent it from feeling cluttered.

The wall is always the best place for you to apply floating shelves. Choose and use this storage rack material with a choice of iron which has a harder surface so that it is more sturdy to use all year round. To avoid rusting, you can repaint the outer surface of the shelf with a splash of solid black. Floating Iron Shelves from @compactor_it

Who would have thought that the corner of the living room in 2018 would be of maximum use. Yes, you can use it as an open storage idea by installing mini floating corner shelves that can be stacked vertically. On this shelf you can put books and green plants as a natural decoration. Mini Wall Shelves at the Corner from @designlivinginteriors

Use Side Tables

The right side table can add a touch of elegance to your living room decor while also providing a place for storage. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your living room space. If you need a storage solution for a living room with limited space, opt for a small side table that has a footprint under 24-inches in height. These will nest neatly underneath a sofa, and can hold blankets, pillows or other decorative accents you want to keep off the floor. For a minimalist look, opt for a contemporary end table with minimal design and geometric shapes in neutral color tones. You can also get rustic tables with farmhouse charm for a more earthy vibe.

Don’t just choose furniture for a comfortable living room decoration. Currently you can choose a side table design that is equipped with a storage drawer that can be pulled outward when it is used. The material used is wood so that it can present a farmhouse theme instantly, you can try it right now. Multifunction Side Table Design from @nikolacolemanhome

Look at this side table design with open shelves, isn’t it a smart living room furniture? Just choose and use a side table design with a choice of wood materials that have beautiful fibers and of course have splashes of color that make the room have a warm touch of earth tone color. Side Table Design with Built-in Storage from @iva_drk

Add Some Baskets

Baskets are a classic solution for organizing your living room without taking up too much space. They come in many sizes and shapes and can fit on a bookcase, under a table, or in cubbies. Using baskets to store miscellaneous items like throw blankets, toys, books, and remotes can give the room a tidy look and help you keep it that way. If you have kids, designate a basket to their toys so they can easily put them away after playing.


The use of woven baskets in the living room cannot be separated from farmhouse or rustic decorations. You can have quite a lot of them to be used as a more organized living room storage. Each different basket can be used to store different items as well, making it easier for you to get back what you need. Woven Basket Under Coffee Table from @juleshomecollections

Not only is it a touch of farmhouse style, but the use of basket storage is also able to present a coastal theme. Use three storage baskets to place under the table so that it is tidier, more organized and doesn’t use up too much floor area in this room. These baskets can be purchased online or at the nearest handicraft store. Coastal Look Storage Basket from @homedecor.inspo.ideas

Not only using woven basket designs, now you can use DIY living room baskets with wooden pallets as the main ingredient. The materials used are easy to find and easy to make yourself with a low budget. Take advantage of the existence of a pallet basket in the living room to store your favorite books. DIY Pallet Basket Storage from @compactor_it

There are many benefits that you can get from having a basketball in the living room. One of them is that it can be used as storage for your throw blankets so that the appearance of your sofa looks tidier and free from clutter. So that it is not easily damaged, you can use natural woven materials in the basket you are using. Natural Woven Basket Storage from @clickandlove

TV Stand

TV stands can be one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture in a living room, but they offer lots of storage space. They can also be an easy way to change up the look of your space. A modern TV stand can feature open shelves that are a great way to store small objects. Adding baskets and bins underneath your entertainment center is a good idea for keeping the area tidy.

Try to choose a TV stand design that is full of functions. For example, apart from being used as an area to place a TV, its existence can also be used as an open or closed storage area. Just choose a TV stand with a choice of colors that match the color tone of the room so that it blends perfectly and looks more elegant. TV Stand with Built-in Shelves from @sauderusa

The design of the TV stand which is perfected by the existence of cubbies storage can be added with several storage baskets which make the existence of your goods more well organized and perfect. Choose and use a TV stand with the main ingredient of wood to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. TV Stand with Woven Basket Display from @lovely.cuppa.tea

Opt for Double-Duty Furniture

One way to avoid clutter and keep your living room tidy is to use furniture with double-duty furniture. This means ottomans and coffee tables with extra shelves or drawers built in can be your option. Besides functioning to give an aesthetic appearance to your living room, this furniture also functions as a storage area.

The minimalist appearance of the living room decoration will never fail when perfected with multifunctional furniture designs that will serve double duty. For example, you can use a coffee table design that is equipped with open or closed storage. Try to choose it with melamine wood to match the minimalist touch you want. Minimalist Table with Drawer from @goodhomesmag

Besides being able to be used as a coffee table, furniture with a surface that can be lifted can also be used to design a laptop table whose height can be adjusted comfortably. This natural wood material combined with black iron legs is suitable for decorating a farmhouse living room. Finish off this room with some mix of different textile patterns. Nesting Coffee Table Ideas from @sauderusa

A coffee table that is equipped with storage underneath is a furniture decoration idea that can do double duty. When you are going to do storage, you just have to slide the surface of the table to the right and left, isn’t it easier and more effective? Yes, you can have this table to minimize the mess. Coffee Table with Underneath Storage from @structube

Choose a Chest of Drawers for Storage

A chest of drawers is a great furniture option for small living rooms because it provides plenty of vertical storage space, making it ideal for storing decorative items such as trinkets and mirrors. Look for a large chest that is sturdy enough to support heavier, larger items.

To minimize clutter in your living room decor, use a furniture design that can work with two different activities. For example, you can use a chest as a side table design that can also be used as a storage area when opened. The outer surface of this chest can be used to place a vase and some of your favorite books. Stacked Chest Storage from @thelittleyellownest

This coffee table design which is equipped with pull-out drawers is one of the best furniture ideas that can be used in a living room decoration with limited space. You can use this pull out drawer to store small items such as books or remote AC so that the room is free from the existing clutter. Pull-Out Drawer Storage from @sauderusa

Ladders for a Low-Maintenance

If you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with, consider leaning a ladder on the wall of your living room as a low-maintenance, stylish storage solution. Hang coats, blankets, throws, or other accessories on it for a rustic chic look or against a clean white wall for a modern vibe.

Ladder storage placed in the corner of this room is the best offer for an open storage design. Use plywood material with a touch of earth colors which will make it easier for you when combining it with other interiors around it. Its existence is suitable for Scandinavian living room decorations DIY Wooden Ladder Storage from @vonhaus.uk

Besides being cheap, ladder storage that is placed right next to the sofa is also easy to make yourself. At this time you can use wood so that it can stand more firmly. No need to repaint for a more natural look and of course save more on the budget. Its existence will never fail for modern decoration. Teak Wood Ladder Storage from @groen.house

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