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The Best Laundry Room Layouts for Small and Large Spaces

The success of your laundry room remodel is heavily dependent on various factors, including your choice of appliances, wall finishes, floor coverings, storage, and organization. However, the key element that can make or break the functionality of your laundry room is the layout. Laundry rooms typically feature large appliances, countertops, cabinets, and even a sink, which is why they often take inspiration from kitchen layouts like the L-shaped, U-shaped, galley, or open plan designs. To ensure that your laundry room maximizes your efforts and minimizes your workload, it’s crucial to select a layout that works within your available space.

Galley or Corridor Laundry Room Layout

The simplest, most basic, and cost-effective laundry room layout is often the only option available due to limited space. This layout, commonly known as a galley or quarter-style laundry room, is typically found in long, narrow spaces adjacent to kitchens or mudrooms. As the area is narrow, sometimes only 5 feet wide, appliances, utility sink, countertops, and large cabinets are arranged on one side of the room. The other side is usually just a wall, and may have a few hooks or narrow shelving, which should be kept to a minimum to avoid interfering with the washer and dryer operations.

This white minimalist laundry room ideas is so gorgeous. To add more color, you can combine it with a patterned floor and ceiling wallpaper so you won’t feel bored during the chores. Galley Laundry Room from @lindseygilleyinteriors

The layout of the laundry room with an all-white color scheme in one line, makes everything look simple and neat. The white color will create an airy atmosphere in this laundry room. White Galley Laundry Room from @laundryrenovations

By choosing a galley layout for laundry room, it will produce a neat and minimalist appearance. This laundry room design idea always maintains the beauty and uniqueness of your room. On one of these walls you can apply a cabinet to store some stuff to make it less clutter. Corridor Laundry Room Layout from @freedom_kitchens_wardrobes

To make laundry room more attractive, place washing equipment such as washing machines, sinks and irons in one line to decrease your movement. Also consider to beautify it by applying attractive wallpaper just like in the picture above. Blue and White Galley Laundry Room from @jmainteriordesign

L-Shaped Laundry Room Layout

The L-shaped laundry room layout is quite similar to the galley-style layout as most of the laundry room services are positioned on one long wall, known as the long leg of the layout. The short leg of the L-shaped layout typically has a washer and dryer, a short run of countertops and cabinets, or a laundry room sink.

In general, there is only space for one service on this short leg and sometimes it can only accommodate storage and folding small items. The location of the water supply, drainage, and electrical receptacle or gas for the dryer play a significant role in the design of this layout. If these components are situated on the short leg of the layout, it is advisable to position the washer and dryer here as it provides more space to open and close the washer and dryer doors.

Don’t hesitate to choose L-shaped decorations in your laundry room. Using white tones and a touch of wood in this cabinet will be even more attractive. Layout like this will also make your room more spacious and airy. L-Shaped Laundry Room from @interiorsbyssb

You can apply an L-shaped laundry room to make your laundry room look spacious. It can also create a seamless impression and make your laundry time more comfortable. Laundry Room from @agent_ivette_cervantes

The laundry room in this L-shaped layout is placed against one long wall, also known as the long leg of the layout. Add a washer and dryer, short countertops, cabinets, and sink if possible to make your work easier. Large L-shaoed Laundry Room from @mmlighting

U-Shaped Laundry Room Layout

If you were to expand an L-shaped laundry room by adding another long leg, you would end up with a U-shaped layout. This type of layout provides additional storage and organization space, as the two long legs already carry most of the main functions of the laundry room.

The second long leg of the U-shaped laundry room layout can be used for various purposes, such as adding extra storage, organizers, shelves, hooks, or clothes racks.

To ensure that this type of layout is practical, it’s recommended to have a minimum width of 90 inches, which would allow for countertops on both long walls and a 42-inch wide aisle.

Implementing a U-shaped laundry room will make it easier for you to fit in more appliances and furniture. Plus you have decent space to move around. The U-shaped laundry layout can be used for many purposes, such as adding extra storage, organizers, shelving, hooks or clothes racks Minimalist U-Shaped Laundry Room from @interiorsby.nicky

Applying a U-shaped laundry room design will enhance the appearance of your space. This method requires a large space so you have more space for movement. Green Pastel Laundry Room from @houseliftdesign

You can use the other side of the U-shaped laundry room layout to wait for the laundry to dry. Add a mudroom on one of the wall to make your laundry room more practical and functional. U-Shaped Laundry Room from @houzzpro

Open Plan Laundry Room Layout

The most versatile laundry room layout is the open plan, as it allows for maximum design flexibility. However, a large space is required to accommodate appliances and storage, which can be placed anywhere around the perimeter of the room depending on the location of doors, windows, and utility services.

Similar to open plan kitchens with islands, open plan laundry rooms often have a folding table in the center of the room. They are also typically flexible, with space left empty to be filled in later for a variety of purposes. For instance, sports and camping gear storage cabinets can be added, a water heater can be tucked away, or a small utility shower can be installed in unused areas.

An open plan layout is perfect for your who have small laundry space. Consider to choose minimalist style to make your space free from clutter and everything has their own place. Open Laundry Room from @nestingplaceinteriors

If you have large space for laundry room, an open laundry room layout is perfect for you. You can add a small kitchen island, so folding or ironing is easier to do. Large Laundry Room from @glucksteinhome

Hidden or Invisible Laundry Room Layouts

If you do not have a dedicated laundry room, but you still want to keep your laundry appliances out of sight, an option is to integrate the laundry room into an existing room in your home.

Kitchens and laundry rooms have many similar requirements and characteristics, making the kitchen a suitable space to conceal a laundry area. Bathrooms, with their access to water supply and drainage, are also occasionally used for this purpose. However, bathrooms are usually not equipped with the 240V power outlets required for dryers.

Put the washing machine and the drier behind the custom cabinet so your space look tidier. And when it’s not used, you can use the space to iron the cloth. Create the same theme to the overall space to make it look attractive. Hidden Laundry Room from @gothamcabinetryanddesign

If you do not always want to see your washer and dryer, consider hiding it behind the door that look like a cabinet. This hidden cabinet has an ironing table and open shelves that can load many items. Hidden Cabinet Laundry Room from @crownimperialkitchens

This washing machine and dryer is hidden in a cupboard. If it possible, add many storages for your laundry room to store stuff or even the clothes. This idea will spruce up your laundry space and give it a presentable look. Hidden Laundry Room from @dado_custom_millwork

Hiding the clutter in cabinet results a cleaner and more stylish appearance of your laundry room. Apart from the washing machine, you can add shelves as storage space to make the space more functional. Built-in Laundry Room from @whyteinteriors2022

Utilizing a space to place washing machine, dryer, and other stuff is one of the best way to maximize small space. Besides ordinary door, adding a sliding door is the best options that you can consider to save space. Sliding Door Laundry Room from @warnersstellian

The high curtains in this laundry room works to hide the washing machine and dryer. This ideas also another great options for a small space laundry room and it also make the space prettier. High Curtain Hidden Laundry Room from @cottageonthecove

In some cases, a side-by-side washer and dryer can be tucked under the kitchen countertop with a sliding door or curtain to conceal them when not in use. Alternatively, a stacking washer and dryer can be placed in a kitchen pantry and covered with a door.

As storage for laundry items is typically limited in this setup and may be shared with kitchen items, it is generally not the ideal solution if you have the option to create a dedicated laundry room elsewhere in your home.

So, which one suits your space best?

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