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10 Ways to Bring Kitsch Touches to Your Kitchen Decor

Commonly, kitchen decoration is made to be simple with minimum details. However, for those who love details and something more colorful, to have a simple one will be too flat and not impressive. Well, it will be okay to have the colors, patterns, and any details that you want for your kitchen decoration. As long as it won’t disturb the main function of the kitchen and won’t replace the space for the appliances or items you need for your kitchen activities, then it will be fine.

Anyway, there are some styles that you can have to create details and colors for your kitchen and one of them is the kitsch design style. It might not be too familiar to you but it doesn’t matter because we are here to show you how interesting this design style can be. The kitsch-style design tries to bring the old-style items into the decoration that will be eccentric and have its own beauty. It will be from small items such as a pepper shaker to the big ones like the stove. The design might be seen as tasteless but that becomes the main point of this decoration style. Your decoration will be seen as anti-mainstream, eccentric, and aesthetic for sure. It can create the impressions of fun, nostalgic, and odd juxtaposition.

To help you get accurate kitsch kitchen decoration, we have the list below that will explain to you ways that you can implement kitsch decoration in your kitchen.

The Touch of Maximalism

Since the kitsch design style brings old-style items into the decoration, then in a simple word, you can implement the maximalist design style into the kitchen. You can use the principle of the maximalist style which is combining the different eras into the decoration.

You can see that there is a classic style chair in the kitchen, and there are also plates collection with classic designs displayed. The colors and patterns come together at once to bring the maximalist impression. Maximalist Design Touch from @color_place_interior

Rich of Pattern

The kitsch decoration style will let you have the patterns in the decoration. It can be in many different choices with the same color or in different ones. Here, we recommend you apply the classic patterns to bring the accurate kitsch decoration style to the kitchen. It can be in the backsplash, kitchen island, curtain, rug, or just anywhere.

The patterns are implemented on the backsplash and the countertop. There are two different patterns but in the same color scheme. It can be functional for you who want to have a simpler version of kitsch design. Patterned Design from @theriothome

Vintage Furniture

Providing vintage furniture will also help you to have a kitsch style in your kitchen. It is because the vintage furniture has an old style that will fulfill the need for the kitsch kitchen style. Well, there won’t be too much furniture available in the kitchen where there will be cabinets, kitchen islands, or stools. However, you should see the example below that will show you the possible vintage furniture for your kitchen.

The most seen vintage furniture in this kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. Look at the carved design that represents the vintage style really well. Then, there is also a vintage stair design and a table that is functioned as the kitchen island with wheels leg. Vintage Furniture from @notsomodernvictorian

Vintage Appliance

It will be really interesting to do the vintage appliance hunting. It’s like looking for the antiques. The patterns and colors are really adorable and unique. Mostly, the vintage appliances will have details on their items which become the interesting part of the appliances.

The pink toaster is really eccentric with its vintage style. You should also see the thermos designs provided in the top rack in the corner. The patterns and colors are unique and eccentric. Vintage Appliances from @letscoloryourworld

Color Choice

The color choices for the kitsch decoration won’t be limited. You can adjust it based on your taste and personality. If you love the calm and soft one, you can choose the pastel colors. Otherwise, if you want the kitchen to be seen as a standout, you can have bright bold colors. Here are the examples of the color choices you can take.

Bright Bold Color

This kitchen uses red color as the main color that will stand out and steal the interest. The red color looks bright and bold at the same time. The color of red will give the decoration a strong characteristic. Bright Bold Color Scheme from @thewonderfulwhimsical0z

Pastel Color

Using different pastel colors to be implemented together won’t make the decoration be seen as too much because the pastel colors have the soft impression. You can see the example of this kitchen decoration where the pastel colors can be pretty and not overserving at all. Pastel Color Scheme from @thepinkbohemian

Concern on Details

Detail is the one that becomes the basic characteristic of the kitsch decor style. You should be concerned about this to make you able to bring the old-style impression. The details can be applied to the appliances displayed, dishware, furniture, or accessories. There should be some sweets provided there such as pots, vases, or small ornaments.

The details are provided on the small animal figures on the countertop, the curtain pattern, the dishware, and the pots. The colors are soft and impressive without making it look overserving. Detail Touches from @wrenkitchens

Animal Touches

The animal pattern or figure is really familiar to be added to an old-style decoration. That is why, for the kitsch decoration, animal touches should be provided here and there. It can be in the form of dishware patterns or ornaments. The type of the animal will be varied. You can have an owl, cat, ladybug, rabbit, anything!

The animal implementation here is varied. It has an animal pattern on the jar and cup. Then, there is also a mouse ornament made of wood. Animal Touches from @willabirdfinds

Classic Dishware

The classic dishware has unique designs with patterns and colors. The designs are really special that you can’t find these days. Mostly, it has small details which is really interesting. Commonly, the color will also standout but not overserving at all. Even when it looks tasteless, it has even become the aesthetic side of the classic dishware.

You can see the dishware displayed on the cabinet and on the top of the cabinet. The patterns and colors are impressive. The dishware display can also give a pretty impression to your kitchen. Classic Dishware from @littleredhousevintage

Granny Touches

The granny touch won’t only be functional to bring the old-style for the kitsch decor needs but it is also able to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere into the kitchen. Well, it can’t be doubted that the granny touches are the effective ones to create a peaceful impression inside the kitchen.

The apron has granny touches as it is commonly made with hands. The pattern and design are really classic. There is also a classic napkin pattern that gives a granny impression. Granny Touches from @littleredhousevintage

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