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Kitchen Layout: Tips To Find The Right One With Some Examples Included

Kitchen is the heart of the home! From rushed breakfast to family dinner or even sharing a cup of coffee, life happens in the kitchen. Which is why when talking about kitchen, careful planning is required to ensure a kitchen is both beautiful and highly functional. Whether you’re cooking or not, cleaning, eating or even entertaining, kitchen should be a space you enjoy being in. Let’s break down the way to make it happen by choosing the right kitchen layout for your own space.

U-Shaped Kitchen

If you have large kitchen space, the U-shape can be one of your option. The U-shape layout provides ample counter space and storage. It allows you to do multiple work zones and easy movement around the kitchen. This shape is perfect for you who enjoy cooking while entertaining as it allows for ample space to prepare food while still allowing for interaction with family and guests.

The U-shaped kitchen is dominated by white splashes and the use of marble will make it look more minimalist. What you can do here is not need to add additional furniture so you can move freely when doing cooking activities with your family. Minimalist U Shaped Kitchen from @precisejoinery_.

This U-shaped decoration can be applied to large or small kitchen decorations. When you are going to apply it to a small kitchen decoration, using white nuances combined with wood materials is a smart choice for you to present a Scandinavian theme. Indoor green plants are an additional natural decoration that will bring a natural feel. Scandinavian Style Kitchen Decor from @nazzainteriordesign.

The U-shaped kitchen decoration allows two to three people to do activities simultaneously in this kitchen area. Because the sink and stove have a considerable distance to the floor surface which is quite open. The combination of white with gray is the best choice that you can apply. White and Gray U Shaped Kitchen from @kaboodlekitchen.

To support your activities while in the kitchen, use a design that is in accordance with what is expected. For example, when you have a wider kitchen décor, you can use a U-shaped style with a selection of white shades that can be perfected with natural light that is present in the use of larger glass windows. Sleek Look Furniture Kitchen from @nasza.malinowka.

White is a neutral color choice that is suitable to be applied in any room and with any style. Now you can try this color in a U-shaped kitchen decoration with additional natural lighting coming in from the glass window. Sleek countertop with melamine wood is easier to clean using a cloth. Neutral Themed Color U Shaped Kitchen from @go_lo_home.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen layout is quite popular option as it is both functional and efficient. This shape is ideal for smaller kitchens as it makes the most of the available space. This kitchen shape is great for maximizing storage space and to incorporate an island or peninsula.

Arrange the layout of your furniture in an L-shaped kitchen style which will make your kitchen look wider, a kitchen set that is placed in the corner of the room will provide more space in the middle area of your kitchen. Apart from that, you can also apply a classic black theme to get an elegant look and also a kitchen that doesn’t get dirty easily. Classic Black Themed L Shaped Kitchen from @devolkitchens.

Optimize small kitchen decorations by using an L shape that can be dominated by a combination of gray and white. To support your activities in this kitchen, use lighting that can be applied to several different areas to make it brighter. Small L Shaped Kitchen from @remeldyhomes_17.

This L-shaped kitchen is also very suitable for those of you who like contemporary or modern minimalist style. Its simple shape and equipped with lots of storage will make your kitchen look neat and clean. Coupled with the installation of several hidden lights, of course your modern kitchen will be brighter and brighter. Contemporary Kitchen Decor from @ss.cucine.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen layout is a great option for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a more compact and efficient kitchen design. This layout is great for maximizing storage space by providing ample cabinetry and countertop space.

When you design a galley kitchen, the use of window walls can be applied to welcome sunlight into the room as an attraction that makes the room brighter and more open. Adjust the use of furniture with the style you want, domination of the use of reclaimed wood interior adds a classic touch. Get Natural Light  from @thehomepageuk.

Pay attention to the corner of the room from this galley kitchen decoration, you can make good and maximum use of it. For example, using it as a sitting area by adding chairs and some green plants as a natural decoration that can be obtained in the backyard garden for free. Create Cozy Kitchen Corners from @zephs_house.

The vintage furniture that dominates the galley kitchen adds a different atmosphere with a different look. This kitchen design is like having a long hallway that can be used for cooking activities in a more efficient way. Of course, this kitchen decoration is not too narrow either so that it becomes one of the favorites that many people are interested in. Vintage Furniture Design from @hayes.cottage.

This galley kitchen decoration, although it has limited space, can be used by two to three people to carry out activities simultaneously in this kitchen. Add pattern to this room by using terrazzo patterned floor tiles with neutral color choices so that they blend perfectly when combined with your kitchen cabinet. Terrazzo Tile with Light Gray Paint Kitchen Cabinet from @the_seaburn_house

Single Wall Kitchen

Single-Wall layout is perfect for smaller kitchens as it maximizes the available space. It is an efficient layout as it allows for easy movement between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, also known as the ‘work triangle’. Consider adding an island or peninsula for additional counter space and seating, if space allows. One more thing, make sure that the design allows for proper ventilation for appliances and proper lighting for the work areas.

You don’t need to worry when you have a kitchen decoration with limited space because here you can still use the room according to its function. Install and apply a kitchen cabinet to just one part of the wall complete with bright lighting. Plywood is the material of choice that is highly recommended for you. Plywood Material with White Scheme Color from @mags_diary.

The kitchen is a room that is often used for daily activities. Therefore you can decorate it as comfortably as possible, take advantage of a special wall section to install a single storage cabinet that is complete with a backsplash area for cooking convenience. The white marble material on the backsplash adds a touch of modern style. Single Wall Kitchen with Marble Backsplash from @deanmarkhomes.

Maximize the use of your small kitchen by using the right and smart interior. Now you can use a single wall kitchen cabinet with neutral color choices. The kitchen island that is placed right in front of the kitchen cabinet can be used as a dining area while preparing food. Single Wall Design Combined with Kitchen Island from @sheratoninteriors.

Open-Plan Kitchen

The open-plan layout is a combination of the kitchen, living, and dining area into one large open space. It is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining, as it allows for easy interaction between the cook and guests. Another great thing about the open-plan kitchen is this layout allows for ample natural light and can create a sense of spaciousness.

This open kitchen decoration has a predominance of white which makes it look brighter. In this room you can add patterns using natural materials, for example applying herringbone floor. Backsplash tiles that have abstract patterns add color to the room instantly. White Themed Open Space Kitchen from @mickpritchard_building.

Perfect the open kitchen décor with a high ceiling for a wider view. This kitchen allows you to move more freely, besides that this kitchen decoration can be used by several different people. Skylights allow sunlight to enter the room. Open Space Design with High Ceiling from @sheratoninteriors.

Use only the main furniture in the open room decoration. This is intended to present a touch of modern and minimalist style. This living room combo kitchen has a combination of brown, white and gray colors that blend perfectly. Luxurious, that’s the final look that will be obtained in this open kitchen. Kitchen Living Room Combo from

There is nothing wrong with the open kitchen concept being combined with the existence of a living room area beside it without a room divider. The marble material that dominates the kitchen area can be combined directly with wood materials in the use of several interiors that are used. Proper lighting makes this room brighter all day long. Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room Design from @interior.designer.carmen.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a great addition to any kitchen layout, providing additional counter space, storage, and seating. First thing first, consider the size of your kitchen and choose an island that is proportionate to the space. Choose a shape that best fits your kitchen layout, whether it be a square, rectangular, or circular shape. Also make sure that the island is easily accessible from all sides and that there is enough room for movement around it. And, if it possible, consider incorporating additional features such as a sink, dishwasher, or cooktop into the island for added functionality.

Organize your modern kitchen to make it look neat by using multifunctional furniture, for example by using a kitchen island which can also be used as a dining table. Complete your kitchen island by adding some stools to sit on when eating, you can also decorate the kitchen island with potted plants so it doesn’t look empty. Multifunction Kitchen Island with Dining Table from @kitchen_posts_daily.

In order to make it easier for you to maintain, you can choose marble material on the kitchen island. This marble kitchen island which is equipped with a sink is perfect for those of you who have a small kitchen at home, a combination of functions which is right and will facilitate your activities in the kitchen. Marble Kitchen Island Design from @kitchen_posts_daily.

In order to get more functions from a kitchen island, you can also combine a kitchen island with storage. Add a pull out drawer at the bottom of the kitchen island so you can easily store or find items you need when doing activities in the kitchen, implementing a pull out drawer is the safest way to add storage in a narrow room. Kitchen Island with Pull-Out Drawers from @kitchen_posts_daily.

Don’t always use bright colors to apply to the kitchen, you can also use dark accents to get a masculine and cool look. Also apply to your kitchen island to make it warmer and more multifunctional, you can add a wooden board for cutting and preparing ingredients to be cooked. Cool Wooden Kitchen Island from @sheratoninteriors.

Storage in a kitchen is an important thing that cannot be missed. If you have a small kitchen, try using a kitchen island to add storage. Take advantage of the bottom of the kitchen island by adding storage drawers, you can also add open shelves on the side of the kitchen island to store important items so that it will be easier for you to find these items. Open Shelves on the Kitchen Island from @ccdreamhouse.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen layout is similar to the L-shaped layout, but with a peninsula or island that extends out from one wall of the kitchen. The peninsula or island can be used for additional counter space, storage, and seating. This layout is often used in smaller kitchens and can create a more open and social atmosphere. It can also provide a convenient space for food preparation and serving. The peninsula or island can also provide a visual break between the kitchen and the rest of the space which can be beneficial in open floor plans.

There’s nothing wrong with adding aromatherapy candles to the peninsula kitchen countertop area to add to a more relaxed atmosphere in the room. Just place it on a mini marble tray along with a textured ceramic vase that can be filled with blooming flower plants. Add Aromatherapy Candles from @mynorthernabode.

The black and white that dominates this kitchen presents a monochromatic theme instantly. You can try it throughout the interior evenly. Furthermore, this peninsula kitchen decoration also has a double function because it can be used as any kitchen activity according to your needs. Monochromatic Themed Peninsula Kitchen from @babeldevelopments.

Additional wooden stools in the peninsula kitchen area allow you to enjoy food and drinks in this room. Choosing stools made of wood is a smart idea for you to instantly present Scandinavian style, just paint the walls completely white. Scandinavian Style from @almafied.

Adjust the use of stools with the use of color nuances in this peninsula kitchen decoration. When the kitchen cabinet is dominated by black, you can use this peninsula in black as well so that it blends perfectly. Choosing stools with iron material is a smart idea. There are Iron Stools in the Peninsula Area from @renovationliving.

The surface of this peninsula kitchen design can be used optimally, one of which is used as a dining table decoration that can be combined directly with high stools with a selection of colors and materials that can be adjusted to the style of this room. Isn’t it more double function and suitable for small kitchens. Used as a Dining Table from @loverenovate.

The addition of this beautiful pattern to the peninsula kitchen design adds texture to the room instantly. You can carve it yourself according to what you think. The countertop with the selection of white marble material can be used as an area for preparing food as well as eating it with the family. Textured Peninsula Kitchen from @blackbanddesign.

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