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Kitchen Decoration Parts You Should Consider

The existence of a kitchen in a house is not only for those who love cooking but it is a must as it is said as the heart of a house. To have a proper kitchen decoration, you should take your concern about the parts of your kitchen such as the countertop, kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, kitchen floor, and even for backsplash. Those things will influence your comfort while doing your activities in the kitchen. Also, your safety can also influence by the right kitchen decoration. Imagine when you have a slippery floor, you can get slip and fall which is really dangerous. We will explain more about the things you should consider when decorating your kitchen. Check the ideas below!


You will get difficulties if you don’t have a countertop in your kitchen. This is an important part of the kitchen that you will always use when you are cooking. The countertop is used to prepare the ingredients when you are cooking and to put some kitchen appliances. For the countertop, we recommend you choose the material that can be cleaned easily because there will be some waste there.

There are many countertops that you can apply to your home decor, one of which is a granite countertop. By using this granite countertop, it makes it easier for you to clean water, oil and cooking residue. In addition, this granite countertop manages to present a beautiful and creative look. Granit Countertop from @boyarskitchencabinets

Look at this kitchen! We use a countertop made using ceramic so it will present an attractive appearance. Having a white color makes it easy to get dirty but still easy to clean because it has a smooth and slippery surface. This time you can pair it with a gray cabinet so it will look attractive. White Ceramic Countertop from @aydahadihome

Marble countertop is one of the right choices for your kitchen decoration ideas. This is because marble has the same texture as ceramic, which makes it very easy to clean from various kinds of dirt. In addition, using this marble countertop will present a modern look. Marble Countertop from @galleria_of_stone

This kitchen uses a countertop made using epoxy material that looks perfect. This epoxy countertop is a type of countertop that is very easy to clean from various dirt so you will never fail to apply it to your kitchen. Apart from that, it also has a choice of many colors and lots of motifs so it’s easy to match with your kitchen decoration theme. Epoxy Countertop from @sivita_art

Interesting right ! This kitchen uses a countertop made of glass so that it will present an attractive and more luxurious appearance. Equipped with lighting underneath will make it successful in giving a very extraordinary appearance and succeed in stealing attention. Glass Countertop from @cbdglassstudios

Cheap but still perfect! Vinyl is one of the materials that you can use for countertop ideas in your kitchen. The reason is that it looks like marble, but in a cheap version. This vinyl countertop is quite easy to install and manages to give a luxurious appearance and most importantly it is very easy to clean from various dirt. Vinyl Countertop from @hannielynn1

Kitchen Island

Basically, the kitchen island is not that important but will be great if you have it. It means that you won’t get into any trouble if you don’t have it but you will get the benefit if you have it. You can use the kitchen island to serve the food or do the food preparation. Even more, you can use it as a bar or dining spot if you don’t have enough space in your dining room. The kitchen island can be multi-functional just based on your needs and how you function it.

This kitchen is equipped with a kitchen island so that it will provide benefits for you. This time we are using a kitchen island which is equipped with lots of drawers underneath so that it will provide additional storage space in your kitchen. Therefore this kitchen island is very multifunctional, that is, you can use the upper part for serving and the lower part as storage. Wooden Kitchen Island Storage from @emilypueringerdesign

We complete the kitchen decoration with a kitchen island in the middle so it looks more perfect. This kitchen island is equipped with several chairs so that it can function as a place to eat and make your dining room more spacious. Not only that, here you can still use it as a serving or cooking area. White Kitchen Island from

Interesting right ? The kitchen island that is used in this kitchen decoration is equipped with a bar table so that it is very multifunctional. It has a sleek and white design, making it look simple and doesn’t make your kitchen look full. Therefore using this multifunctional kitchen island will never fail for you to try. Bar Kitchen Island from @kasia_ma_dom

By presenting a kitchen island in your kitchen area, maybe you can get several benefits at once. Here you can use a kitchen island which is equipped with storage underneath and equipped with chairs to make it more multifunctional. Apart from being a comfortable cooking area, it will also be a dining table as well as a practical storage idea in your kitchen. White Kitchen Island from @l.h_home

Take a look at this one kitchen island! Made using wood and equipped with a shelf at the bottom will make it perfect for your kitchen decoration idea. The reason is you can use the bottom shelf to store various recipe books and other objects. In this way, this kitchen island is very multifunctional and is liked by many women. Kitchen Island with Shelves from @the_brewhouse_home

Not too big in size, but this kitchen island is perfect for your kitchen decorating ideas. This is because this kitchen island is equipped with several hooks underneath and you can use it to hang various kinds of pots and other kitchen utensils. In this way your kitchen will look neater and not reduce its original function in the slightest. Pans Storage from

Kitchen Cabinet

There will be some choices for the kitchen cabinet. The first and most common one is the kitchen cabinet that is installed under the countertop. Then, you may also have it over the countertop. If you have a kitchen island, you can also have it under the kitchen island. In case you have a spacious kitchen space, you can also have a standing kitchen cabinet.

Bringing cabinets to your kitchen decor is the perfect idea for storage ideas in your kitchen. This time you can use the cabinet under the countertop so that it is simpler and easier to access. This under counter cabinet can hide the clutter inside because it is equipped with a door. Therefore, this cabinet will be an attractive choice for your kitchen. Cabinet Under Countertop from

Talking about kitchen cabinets, there are many options that you can use, one of which is the kitchen island cabinet. With a simple and minimalist appearance, this type of cabinet is capable of storing various kinds of kitchen utensils or cutlery. Not only that, at the top it can function as a serving place. And this kitchen island cabinet will make your kitchen more perfect. Cabinet Kitchen Island from @jeni.ntrealty

This time we used a countertop under cabinet and a countertop top cabinet with the aim of providing more storage space. The led lamp that is added to this kitchen cabinet will present a bright appearance and present its own charm. This cabinet design is perfect for those of you who have lots of items in the kitchen and want to hide clutter. Cabinet Above the Countertop from @jades_home_style

Look at this kitchen! The owner used floor to ceiling cabinets for storage ideas in his kitchen so he has the perfect storage space. Having a sleek appearance makes it successful in presenting a luxurious look in your kitchen. Therefore, this floor to ceiling cabinet will never fail for storage ideas in your kitchen. Floor to Ceiling Cabinet from @techaspro_llc

We use countertop cabinets for our kitchen decorating ideas. Made with wood material will make it look natural and successfully present an aesthetic appearance in your kitchen. Because it is in the wall area, this kitchen cabinet is perfect for saving space in your kitchen. Therefore you will never apply it to your kitchen decoration. Cabinet Above the Countertop from @michaelmckenziedesigns

Talking about kitchen storage, a cabinet is a storage idea that is suitable for decorating your kitchen. If you have a large enough kitchen, this standing cabinet is the right choice. The reason is that it will provide quite a lot of storage space without fear of making your kitchen cramped and your lack of space for movement. Standing Kitchen Cabinet from @lid.mar


Kitchen Floor

We recommend you choose a flooring material that won’t be slippery. You can choose the one with texture so that the floor can be rougher and not slippery. We all know that oil spills on the floor sometimes and it can be dangerous. Anyway, when changing the flooring material is too pricey, then you can simply add a mat or rug there.

We use stone flooring for our kitchen decoration so it will bring the perfect touch of nature. In addition, this stone floor has a textured and rough surface so it is not slippery when splashed with water and oil. Therefore you can never fail to use stone floors for your kitchen decoration. Stone Floor from @countryhomejourney

Instead of replacing the kitchen floor with a textured one, adding a mat there is a simpler solution. By using this mat, maybe splashes of water and oil won’t hit your kitchen floor and keep it safe. This method will never fail to be tried by anyone because it is cheap and very effective. Bohemian Kitchen Mat from @neatobsessions

Carpet is an accessory that can save your floor from splashing water and oil. Here you can lay a large rug in this kitchen area so it’s safer. This method is quite effective and efficient in keeping your floor safe and not slippery. Monochromatic Carpet from @inspi___deco

If you have a problem with a slippery floor in the kitchen area, let’s follow our method. Here you can add a mat and rug on your floor so that splashes of water will hit the rug and mat so it doesn’t reach the floor. Place mats and rugs in positions that are often exposed to water and oil splashes such as under stoves and sinks so they will work effectively. Grey Mat and Rug from @amysfarmhousestyle

The kitchen floor is covered with a rectangular carpet so it can protect the floor from various possibilities. This method is very effective in keeping your floor from being slippery and causing it to slip. In addition, this carpet will also make your kitchen floor look more beautiful and attractive. Kitchen Rug from @ashleigh_james_interiors

The use of textured floors is highly recommended for kitchen decoration so that they will not be slippery and cause slipping. Brick floor is one type of floor that is suitable for decorating your kitchen. Apart from being non-slip, this brick floor will present an aesthetic appearance and manage to steal attention. Brick Kitchen Floor from @bethlindseyinteriordesign


What you should take concern about the backsplash is how you can make it always clean. The backsplash will be in a wet condition, especially for the part that becomes the backside of the sink. For the backsplash, we recommend you not to use the textured material because you will make it difficult to clean.

Choosing to use a backsplash that has a smooth texture is a perfect idea that will never fail. This time you can use a marble backsplash so that it will make it easier to clean and manage to present a luxurious look. Paired with white and gold tones will make it look amazing. Marble Backsplash from @jadelundgren

Besides marble, granite is a type of backsplash that is suitable for decorating your kitchen. With a very smooth surface, it will be very easy to clean from various kinds of dirt. In addition, this marble will also provide an attractive appearance and is suitable for modern kitchen decorations. Granit Backsplash from @oldcountrytile

Look at this kitchen! Equipped with a ceramic backsplash will make it look always clean. The reason is that this backsplash is very easy to clean, so it makes the owner very diligent in cleaning it. Having a white color will be suitable in combination with black cabinets so that it will present a monochromatic appearance. Ceramic Backsplash from @devolkitchens

Extraordinary ! This backsplash is made using refined stone material so that it will present a very extraordinary appearance. Because it has a smooth surface, this backsplash is very easy to clean and makes your kitchen look more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, using this type of backsplash is the right choice. Bold Stone Backsplash from @annemichaelsendesign

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