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Kitchen Lighting: 10 Chandelier Designs for Your Valuable Kitchen

A chandelier is one of the lights that has a high value to enhance the kitchen decoration. It can also be a simple addition to the room to beautify the decoration without too much effort. Basically, the chandelier is created to bring a luxurious impression to the room. It has a glamorous and expensive impression that will boost the decoration easily even without any additional ornaments. However, those impression becomes the reason why people avoid using the chandelier because that will look too much and can’t fit the home decoration concept that they are trying to build in the room. To deal with that problem, people finally tried to bring varied chandelier designs with varied design impressions by adjusting the material and the arrangement of the items. Now, you can have farmhouse chandelier design, rustic, Bohom Scandinavian, etc.

With so many lighting choices, the chandelier is rarely used in the kitchen. In fact, the chandelier can be such a great addition to let you get a pretty decoration without too much effort. The chandelier can also strengthen the design impression you want to bring to the kitchen. There are so many chandelier designs that you can choose as follows

  1. Sputnik Chandelier
  2. Crystal Chandelier
  3. Lantern Chandelier
  4. Lampshade Chandelier
  5. Candle Chandelier
  6. Rattan Chandelier
  7. Glass Chandelier
  8. Waterfall Chandelier
  9. Industrial Chandelier

Basically, there are still so many other chandelier choices. It can be anything. You can even make it yourself and name it based on the style or the material that you use. Now, we want you to know some chandelier applications to the kitchen that will be adorable and can boost the kitchen decoration value. Get them out, now!

Sputnik Chandelier

When commonly the Sputnik comes in a simple or glamorous design with the material used, here the Sputnik chandelier comes in a fun design. You can see the colors which are standout, fun, but not overserving at all. Colored Sputnik Chandelier from @sazerac_stitches

Glass Light Shade Chandelier

For elegant but with a more calm impression, this white glass light-shade chandelier can be a great choice for you. It’s not too shiny but able to bring an elegant and luxurious impression. In this case, the white color is the one that calms down the standout impression. Glass Light Shade Chandelier from @lindsay.nagley

Faceted Crystal Chandelier

Basically, the crystal chandelier is the classic design but it can’t be doubted that it has its charm and beauty that makes it timeless and proper to be used until today. The crystal will refract the light around the room which will make the room bright, pretty, and inviting. Faceted Crystal Chandelier from @asouthernpreppy

Archive Chandelier

This kitchen with the archive chandelier can enhance the kitchen really well. It is aesthetic in nor overserving version. It also has a high value, which means that even when it isn’t seen as luxurious but looks expensive. Archive Chandelier from @seedsofhome


Tiered Glass Rod

The tiered style can create a majestic impression. It can function if you have a simple common kitchen decor but want to have a luxurious touch. The tiered glass rod can be the best solution for you. This one is framed with a gold color material that makes the chandelier be seen as more luxurious. Tiered Glass Rod from @strikeme_pink


Chandelier with Shade

Talking about the design impression, this chandelier is luxurious with crystals. Then, it is added with the lamp shade to make the chandelier have a farmhouse and country design impression. It is such a great style combination to bring the best impression. Chandelier with Shade from @hedsanddeks

Glamorous Crystal Chandelier

If you want a perfectly glamorous chandelier, this one is the best choice. The shining crystal chandelier combined with the golden holder is the perfect combination. Glamorous Crystal Chandelier from @johnrichardcollection


Bubble Chandelier

The bubble chandelier design can bring a dramatic impression. The surface of the bubble which is textured even makes the chandelier more special. The texture gives a dimension and visual effect to level up the value of the chandelier. Also, with the bubble arrangement, the light will brighten the room beautifully. Bubble Chandelier from @julieneilldesigns

Candle Chandelier

This kind of chandelier is perfect for the farmhouse or rustic decoration style. The candles will bring a warm and welcoming impression into the room. It will be perfect for your kitchen. Candle Chandelier from @provencehomes

Masculine Modern Chandelier

The chandelier is made to bring glamorous touches to the decoration. But, what if you have a modern kitchen and the glamorous style won’t fit the decoration well? Look at this black crystal chandelier that will be both luxurious and masculine at the same time for your modern kitchen decor. Masculine Modern Chandelier from @bauformatusa

Now that you already know about some kinds of chandelier applications for your kitchen, it’s time for you to know about maintenance because it is really important. The dirty chandelier will be a nest for the dust that can affect your health. However, we should say that it is difficult to clean the chandelier. Well, you don’t need to clean it too often because that will be exhausting. At least, you should clean it once in 6 months. Besides, for health reasons, it will also let the chandelier keep its spark and can light the room well. You can clean the chandelier by using a microfiber cloth and spray cleaning liquid. Well, it is true that each material will need different treatment, but, as a whole the microfiber and sprayer are the best one.


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