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8 Kinds of Kitchen Backsplash Design and Material You Can Choose

The backsplash is only a small part of the kitchen. However, it is interesting how the backsplash can have such a big influence on the kitchen’s beauty. Well, it can’t be doubted that the backsplash is such a point in the kitchen. It is facing the kitchen area so that the backsplash is exposed really well. It becomes the reason why you should think of the best backsplash treatment. In this case, not only for the function but also for the beauty.

It can be said the backsplash can be beneficial for your small kitchen space where you can’t put too many things there to beautify the decoration like ornaments. You can put your best effort into choosing the right backsplash treatment so that it can be pretty enough to increase the value of the kitchen even without too many details and ornaments here and there. Anyway, in having backsplash treatment, there are two things that you should consider:

1. The material

Basically, it is quite tricky to choose the right material for the kitchen backsplash because you should make sure to make the backsplash durable enough even with all of the water splash, oil splash, and any other splash from the food preparation and cooking process. Also, you have to choose a material that is easy enough to clean without any difficulty or special treatment. In this case, the point is not only on the beauty or decor impression but also the functionality and the maintenance factor. For example, the wood material is great and loved by some people because of its decor impression. However, the wood won’t be as durable as the ceramic. Also, the maintenance will also different. Talking about the material, it will be surely based on your readiness to face the risk of each material.

2. The design

Talking about the design, you can beautify the backsplash by combining different materials, patterns, or colors. You can even create a certain figure or object for your backsplash. Additionally, applying texture to the backsplash will also be possible. It will be such a great one to have a dimension on the backsplash. However, the textured backsplash has a gap or space to hide some dirt. Here, you should be more careful when cleaning it.

We will show you some possible materials to be applied to the backsplash. It will show you how the material can create different design impressions. The beauty and the treatment of each material will also be different. Get the ideas now.


Marble is known for its luxurious impression. You can have it if you want something rich and sleek in your kitchen. Anyway, there are so many different marble line patterns and colors. You can choose the one based on your needs and the design style that you apply to your kitchen. For example, if you have a masculine modern kitchen decor, you can choose black marble with a bold pattern.

Looking at the furniture and other items provided in this kitchen, it has a classic design. The marble backsplash makes this classic kitchen be seen as more valuable. It can’t be doubted that this kitchen looks expensive and has a high value. Marble Backsplash from @coletteinteriors

Teak Wood

The teak wood is a kind of durable wood material. It becomes the reason why we recommend it to you in case you really want the wood material for your backsplash. However, even when the teak wood is durable, you should layer it by using polish or waterproof paint. Then, you can seal it well to make it last for years. Also, be careful with the maintenance. The point is that you should treat it well.

his wooden backsplash is really aesthetic with the design. It has texture for the visual interest needed. Even when it doesn’t have a special color, but you can rely on it for your kitchen beauty.  Wooden Backsplash from @thedpages


Zellige Tiles

The zellige tiles are handmade that is designed by artisans. It becomes the zellige tiles that have their unique impression. It can be your kitchen charm in case you use it for your kitchen backsplash material. Commonly, the zellige tiles come in a sleek and shiny look with an uneven surface. However, it becomes the special characteristic of the zellige tile itself. The tiles are organic and timeless you can use them for years with pride.

The zellige tiles come in green material like a moss which is great and can bring the natural atmosphere inside the kitchen. It really matched the organic impression that the zellige tiles bring. Zellige Backsplash from @cementocollection

Textured Tiles

The textured tiles are able to give dimension to the kitchen decoration. We all know that dimension has its function of bringing beauty and uniqueness to a decoration. Besides, the patterned tiles can also feed your visual interest in the room. If you don’t want to put too many details or if you apply a certain decoration style that won’t allow you to do the color combination or use patterns in the decoration, the pattern will help you a lot to beautify the decoration.

The backsplash is in white with a wavy texture. It is interesting to implement this texture. Look at how you can see the beach or the cloud in your backsplash. Textured Tiles Backsplash from @kaminskiydesignandremodeling


It can be said that the peel-and-stick is the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your backsplash. You can even remove it and get a new one if you are already bored with the design. Commonly, people use peel-and-stick tiles for their DIY backsplash decor. In case you lack of budget, we do recommend you use it for your backsplash. No need to be worried about the beauty aspect because the design is really varied and you can choose one to fit your kitchen decor style.

White is the color of this backsplash. It has an aesthetic floral pattern in a blue color that makes the backsplash look fresh and clean. You can also see the pattern arrangement which is not boring and not too much. Peel-and-Stick Backsplash from @betterhomesandgardens


The wallpaper will be another cheap and easy choice for the backsplash treatment. However, you should choose the right wallpaper material. It should be waterproof and easy to clean. Choose also the high wallpaper quality only because it will influence the durability of the product. It will be exhausting if you change the wallpaper again and again because it is already damaged.

The wallpaper has a soft pattern and color that makes the kitchen have a pretty decoration without looking too much. The patterned wallpaper also makes the room doesn’t seem boring since there are no details and patterns applied beside the wallpaper itself. Wallpaper Backsplash from @oodlesofwallpaper

Mosaic Tiles

Since a long time ago, the mosaic has been known for its artistic impression. It comes in colors and patterns where both are random but can be seen as artistic and pretty. Because of its special impression, the mosaic is made into tiles so that it can be installed easily in more modern way.

The mosaic that is installed on the backsplash is in a blue color that can create a fresh impression. It is interesting how the random pattern can even have a unique impression. Mosaic Backsplash from @annmdennis


The herringbone pattern is already known to be implemented to the backsplash. It is a kind of pattern that is timeless so you can use it in any year, any design style, and any season. The herringbone pattern can be made by arranging the tiles. To get the best version of the herringbone, you use the tiles’ colors that you want.

The tiles that are used to make this backsplash are in marble pattern which is interesting and make the herringbone design be seen as more impressive. Herringbone Backsplash from @christinalandsman

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