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Different Kinds of Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Choosing the right kind of lighting for your home can have an impact on its overall design and mood. From recessed and track lighting to table lamps, there are a lot of options when it comes to lighting your space. Lights should accentuate your home’s aesthetic and elevate the room. Take time to consider what you’re trying to achieve before making any lighting decisions.

Then, how about your dining room? As one of the important places in your home, you will certainly provide good lighting. Don’t let the time of gathering and eating with your family become uncomfortable because there is no proper lighting. Moreover, a dining room lighting can also be used as a focal point of your room. Therefore, you have to think carefully when choosing a lighting fixture for your dining room.

For your dining room lighting ideas, it is important to provide ambient lighting. Ambient lighting, also known as general light, provides a soft level of overall illumination to the entire space without focusing on any one item or object. It can be achieved through various kinds of light fixtures, including chandeliers and pendant lights. Floor lamps are another option for ambient lighting.

Well, there are many different kinds of dining room lighting ideas you can use to evoke the kind of mood you want for entertaining or just relaxing in your space. The key is to choose fixtures that work well together. You can also balance the impact of a bold option by pairing it with pieces that echo its color, shape, and texture. Here are some ideas.


A chandelier can make an incredible style statement in any dining room, bringing a showstopping centre-piece to the decor. It also helps to illuminate your space in a way that is both warm and soft, perfect for a cozy meal or an elegant dinner party.

When choosing a chandelier, size it to the dining table that you are going to hang it over. A good rule of thumb is to get one that is about half to two thirds the width of the table you are going to hang it over. This way, the fixture isn’t too large for your space and doesn’t look out of place.

If you’re looking to create a more dramatic lighting effect, try selecting a sculptural chandelier. These fixtures often come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that’s right for your space. You can also choose a chandelier that features refractory prisms, which reflect light around the room in a rainbow fashion. This style is great for a modern dining room with lots of different elements.

Chandeliers are the main lighting that can be applied to your room decor to add an attractive focal point and be able to illuminate the table gently. Currently, you can use crystal chandeliers designs that are enhanced with a touch of shiny gold. You can also choose the size of these chandeliers according to the size of the dining table so that they work well together and also determine the right style for your dining room. Crystal Chandelier Design from @littlelattihouse

Look at the design of the chandeliers which are dominated by this glass material, doesn’t it look modern and contemporary? Its large size is ready to be used as the main lighting. Yes, now you can combine it with modern-style interiors, such as a walnut dining table and white chairs covered in linen with a smooth and soft surface. Use chairs according to your family members or can also be adjusted to the size of the dining room. Modern Chandelier Look from @daniellahofferinteriors

The chandeliers design with a touch of gold looks more classic and is suitable to be applied to the farmhouse or mid-century style dining room. Hanging chandeliers can be hung using a chain with a height that can be adjusted according to the lighting needs of the room. These two wall paintings with a touch of bold color are complemented by a red rug that makes the room more pleasant. Gold Accent Chandelier from @allisonelefantephoto

Adjust the color of the chandeliers with the nuances of your dining room to make it look more elegant and appropriate. For example, when the bookshelves in the dining room are dominated by white, you can also use ball chandeliers with matching colors. These chandeliers are perfected with round accents which are dominated by gold so they look contrasting and attract attention. White Ball Chandelier from @helenehoue

Adjust the style of chandeliers with the theme of your dining room. This dining room with a classic theme is complemented by classic chandeliers and candle-like designs. The lighting produced is also very dim and suitable for those of you who like a dramatic atmosphere when enjoying a meal on the dining table. The candlestick centerpiece adds a warm ambiance to this dining room decor. Classic Chandelier Design from @playingwithstags


Pendants are a great way of adding drama to your dining room without it feeling over-the-top. They can be hung at different heights and used in multiple areas to create visual interest. Generally, it’s best to hang pendants lower over your table than the top of the table. This will help create a soft, welcoming feel to the room and also helps create flattering pools of light around your table.

You can also choose pendants that are shaped to suit the shape of your table. Round fixtures work well over circular tables, while linear pendants are perfect for rectangular tables. Another benefit of pendants is that they are available in a variety of styles, so you can find something that will match any style you’re going for. They’re also very affordable and can be a great way to add some extra glam to your dining room decor.

The dining room and combo kitchen, which is dominated by a touch of plain white, is complemented by a glass pendant lamp that can be hung in the middle of the ceiling in this room. The glass material used in this pendant lamp is transparent so you can see the type of lamp used inside. This glass pendant lamp can be used as the main lighting. Glass Pendant Lamp from @lifeat_rosecottage

When the dining room furniture is small, you can also use a mini pendant lamp as the main lighting. Hang this pendant lamp right above the dining table, you can only use it at night because during the day you can take advantage of the sunlight coming in through a transparent glass window which is quite large and open. Mini Pendant Lamp Design from @lifeat_rosecottage

The black matte lampshade pendant lamp which is applied in the modern farmhouse dining room has color harmony with the solid iron dining chairs. Now you can combine it with a walnut dining table with a dominant red-brown color which gives a warm and inviting impression. These pendant lamps can be hung parallel for a neater and more elegant look. Hanging Pendant Lamp Ideas from @lime_lace

A textured pendant light has a unique look that is ready to be used as lighting as well as the focal point of the room. The frame of this pendant lamp is covered with a beige linen material that looks simple and is ready to be combined with a round shaped dining table and several dining chairs made of velvet. Hang it according to the height required by the room lighting. Textured Pendant Lamp Ideas from @decofromablondie

If you want a different look in the dining room decoration then use lighting with a different look. For example, you can use a pendant lamp with a fish scales design which is dominated by plain white. Perfect the decoration of this dining room with furniture made of wood with spindle table legs repainted in white too. Green plants and flowers are natural decorations that can be applied to floors and console tables. Fish Scales Pattern Pendant Lamp Ideas from @newhome_oldhouse_

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to add ambience and extra lighting to your dining room. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them an ideal choice for many different spaces. They’re also a great option for adding warmth to darker rooms, especially those with darker color schemes. You can pair them with pendants to create welcoming pools of light. These lamps offer a great alternative to table lamps for illuminating the dinner table and other focal areas in a room, particularly when there isn’t much direct overhead lighting.

You can find a variety of floor lamp designs in various colors and styles, from traditional to modern. Another great thing about floor lamps is that they are an easy and inexpensive alternative to other lighting solutions in your home, such as wall-mounted lights. They require no installation, and you can skip all the hassle of contacting professionals to help you install, clean up afterward and even pay for their services.

Additional lighting in the dining room decoration can be done to make the room look brighter, wider and more open. Now you can combine crystal chandeliers with two floor lamps placed symmetrically adjacent to the wall molding. Use these two types of lights together when your dining room decor looks dark. Symmetrical Layout Floor Lamps from @hotpink_interiors

This large standing floor lamp is ready to be used as lighting as well as a focal point in this dining room. Choose and use a spindle stand floor lamp with stone material repainted using a deep black color for a dramatic look. To make it look contrasting, you can combine it with a set of dining tables and chairs which have a choice of orange. Statement Floor Lamps from @stonesideofficial

This floor lamp with the main material of metal has a surface that is quite shiny when exposed to light reflections from the area around it. This lamp has three lights that can be used optimally at night. Apart from that, the materials in the hanging chandeliers design also have the same materials and colors that are able to work together in one room perfectly. This beige velvet wooden dining table and chairs are a comfortable seating area that can be used to enjoy your meal. Sleek Metal Floor Lamps from @interiorukiye

The corner of the dining room which is perfected with this industrial floor lamp will be of better and maximum use. The existence of this floor lamp is perfected with a cage lampshade which is made of iron so that it is safer when touched. Not only in industrial dining rooms, but this lamp is suitable for use in farmhouse-style dining room decorations with a touch of neutral room nuances. Industrial Style Floor Lamps from @mary.glam.decor

The screw stand on this floor lamp design looks very classic and can be combined directly with crystal chandeliers that are hung right above your dining table. The corner of this table lamp can be used simultaneously with other lighting so that the room can look brighter to the fullest. Hexagon shaped dining table with a choice of wood materials ready to be perfected with four dining chairs. Screw Stand Floor Lamp from @annmdennis

Industrial-Style Lights

There are many kinds of dining room lighting ideas, and one that is becoming popular is industrial-style lights. These are fixtures that use dark-toned metal and wood to create a look that is both industrial and timeless. This type of light can be a perfect addition to your dining room, especially if it is designed in neutral colors. This kind of lighting is also great for creating a sense of texture and depth in your space.

You can even get a few of these lights installed in a twisted frame to add a bit of a modern twist to the space. This is a very simple yet very effective way of adding industrial-style lighting to your dining room. Another thing to consider when choosing an industrial-style light fixture is its size. Large fixtures can be too overwhelming in a small space, so make sure to choose one that is scaled to match the rest of your decor.

The design of this lantern made of iron and glass is one of the characteristics of industrial-style lighting. Just use more than one of these lanterns with a choice of large sizes so that they can be used as the focal point of the room as well. Other lighting that can be used is recessed lamps, table lamps and floor lamps which can be used together when you need brighter lighting. Industrial Lantern Lighting from @iwona_moj_kawalek_podlogi

The industrial bulb model, which features an iron design, enhances the functionality of this stunning lamp. Because this industrial lamp is equipped with three bulbs, it can be used as the main lighting and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Attach it to the ceiling firmly and right above the dining table used. Industrial Bulb Lighting from @bordoodlemanor

This simple pendant lamp features three lights mounted on industrial tubing and surrounded by an open bottom cage. You can adjust the amount of lighting or lights used according to the size of your dining room decoration. Its presence is enhanced with a dining table set furniture which is dominated by wood and iron which has been repainted with a choice of solid black colors. Metal Cage Lighting from @homestylemaguk

Metal is one of the materials that is suitable for use in industrial-style lamp designs. Currently you can use it more than one or can be adjusted to the length of your dining table. Simply hang this black matte lamp high enough to provide an eye-catching lighting capable of providing a warm and inviting feel. Black Matte Metal Lighting from

These two large industrial pendant lamps can be hung right above the dining table to be used as the main lighting. Repaint this pendant lamp with a choice of gray which can be combined with a wooden dining table and rattan dining chairs which are repainted in black and brown. The glass wall with black iron frames adds an instant industrial touch. Industrial Pendant Lamp from @shokodesign

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