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7 Implementations Needed for an Aesthetic Italian Home Style

When talking about fashion, Italian is known for its capacity that won’t be different from the interior impression that Italian has. The decoration of the Italian style will be aesthetic with many artisans. It is also amazing how the Italian interior can be both aesthetic and relaxed at the same time. It brings an impression of warmth and calm that makes us travel into the old century in luxury and warmth. It is not surprising that Italian-style interior becomes the major source of inspiration in decorating a house.

Basically, the Italian has two different kinds of types for decoration. It is the old and the new one. So, when you love a modern interior style but need the impression of relaxation and aesthetics from the Italian style interior, then you can apply the new Italian style. Or, you can also have it in combination. It means that you can mix between the old and new styles of the Italian interior to make it more capable for this era.

Anyway, even when the style is already modified and adjusted, there are still some principles or main basic characteristics of the Italian interior style. Those characteristics are things that you should follow so that you can keep yourself on track in building the Italian style for your house. Here we will show you the things that should be implemented if you want to have an Italian home style.

Fresco Mural

Basically, fresco is being used in ancient times. But, surprisingly it is still really proper today. Especially for the Italian interior where fresco is still being used to beautify the house. As we already talked about before the Italian interior is known for its aesthetic value and the fresco is one of the things that makes an Italian home style look aesthetic and expensive. The fresco commonly represents nature which can be trees, flowers, or animals.

You can see here where the fresco is applied on the wall in the form of a nature painting with trees. The color choice is really identical to create Italian luxury and aesthetic characteristics. Fresco Mural from @eclectic_territory


The terracotta can be the medium to bring the traditional Italian characteristic. It is useful to bring warmth to the house so that it can be both aesthetic and welcoming with the warm atmosphere provided. The terracotta can be in the form of a planter, vase, or any decorative product. It means that the terracotta is used not only for its functions but also for aesthetic reasons.

There are some terracotta products provided here, those are the vase and decorative items on the rack. Terracota from @being.designs

Ceramic Plate Display

The beautiful ceramic plates can be used to characterize the Italian interior of your house. The plates will have patterns in pretty colors and unique designs. In this case, the plates are used in the dining room to have the meal and to display it as decorative items.

If you look at the plates, they have natural patterns such as trees and greeneries. The color is blue which is really identical to the luxury character when it comes to ceramics. The concept of the ceramic is quite the same as the fresco which is natural. Ceramic Plate Display from @sblonginteriors

Raw Materials Use

Basically, the Italian interior is all about the mix of raw natural materials. Let’s say that we can have wood, stone, metal, etc. The point is that the materials come from nature and you use it in raw so that the natural impression of the material still can be seen without being polished. In this case, the raw material is the one that can bring the aesthetic characteristics.

The raw materials that are used in this Italian home are the wood beams for the ceiling and the stone for the wall. You can see here clearly that the raw materials give the house an aesthetic impression and uniqueness. Raw Materials Use from @creatingmagicalhomes

Mediterranean Tile

The Mediterranean tiles are already known for their beauty and application in Italian home design. The tiles commonly found in the wall such as for the kitchen and bathroom. Then, it is also used as the flooring for any room such as the bedroom, living room, or even the entryway.

Just like the ceramic plates, these Mediterranian tiles are also in blue color with an aesthetic pattern that can be really identical. The tiles are installed in the bathroom for the vanity wall. Look at how classic and aesthetic the decoration looks like. Mediterranean Tiles from @york_wallcoverings

Neutral Color Scheme

With all of the details that the Italian house has, it uses the neutral color as the background decoration color. It means that the color is applied to the wall and ceiling. Mostly, the color is white or beige. It will be able to bring an inviting and welcoming atmosphere into the room. Also, the good thing about neutral is that it can be combined with any textures and details.

This room uses white color as the background color and the color scheme. Instead of all the details that are applied in the room, the white color works really well to balance the decoration. Neutral Color Scheme from @maison.cotidiano

Statement Dining Table

The dining room is an important room for an Italian home. It can even be said as the heart of the house. For Italian, the heart of the house is the place where you can eat and spend time with your loved ones. That is why, the dining table should be decorated well. It is important to create a statement dining table for an Italian home design.

This dining table has a statement of adding a big greenery on the table. You can see the vase being used which is in raw natural look. Then, the chandelier above the dining table also has a massive effect on a statement. Statement Dining Table from @vivirdesign

For an authentic Italian home style, those are things that you can implement in the house. With the guide that we shared, I do believe that it won’t be too difficult to bring the Italian style to your house.

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